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Wife Confronts Thugs in Lingerie

by sexiest

05/18/2016 00:11 in dick

Wife Confronts Thugs on the Corner in her Lingerie *** Warning - This is a cuckold story, don't read this if you can't deal with that sort of thing. I don't want you to get all upset and post angry comments. *** ***** Marcel and Chloe were driving home from dinner one evening when they noticed a tri

wife confronts thugs lingerie

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My Wife's Sexual Affair

by editor

05/17/2016 23:38 in dick

My wife fucks other men. If that sort of thing bothers you then this account is probably not your cup of tea. This story is an accurate portrayal of how I first became involved in sharing her. A few dates or locations may not be exactly as they occurred but that is due entirely to faulty memory on o

wife's sexual affair

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