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Lucille and Mrs. Miller Pt. 02

by Gary

08/08/2016 06:59 in voyeur

This story is total fantasy and has no relationship to real life or experience. There is no under-age sex or cruelty.

Over the next few days I kept hoping and praying and crossing my fingers that Mrs Miller and her son would turn up at our door. I could see that my wife Lucille was seething. She needed Mrs Miller to come and made no bones about the matter that it was my fault. I knew this and prepared myself to visit the Millers. They only lived about half a mile away. The walk would hopefully clear my head. It didn't.

I reached the house which was in a poorer area than ours but it was neat and well cared for. I tentatively knocked the door and after about a minute Mrs Miller herself opened it. When she saw me, there was no smile. Simply "Hello Mr Ross, what can I do for you?"

I stuttered a little "I wondered if I could come in Mrs Miller so that we can have a chat?" She didn't answer but simply stood aside and beckoned me in. At least I had got in.

The Living Room was very simply furnished but very neat and cosy. I asked where Brian was and she explained he was down the Animal Sanctuary helping out. She added pointedly "He is a very kind boy Mr Ross and always wants to help people." I nodded in agreement.

She was waiting for me to explain myself. I wasn't sure where to start but she just waited knowing I must be uncomfortable.

Eventually I managed "I have come to apologise Mrs Miller for my behaviour and attitude to young Brian. Lucille and I have had a long chat and she is very angry with me and we had hoped you and Brian would start back with us. We both miss you very much and would do anything to make up for my stupid mistakes."

She shook her head slowly "I don't think that is possible Mr Ross. You hurt Brian very much. He was simply expressing a fantasy. As I have told Mrs Ross, we all fantasize from time to time and it is not worth getting upset over them, or to upset anyone else."

I bit my lip. I needed to explain my mistake but felt rather clumsy as I said "It just came as a shock when Brian said what he would like to do to my wife."

She shook her head slowly. "As I said Mr Ross, we all fantasize. You like to think of yourself in pretty little girl's clothes and watching your wife being mounted by her father with his big penis. It is probably an embarrassment and humiliation because you have a small penis. But just think what your mother in law would think if she knew your fantasy."

I thought for a moment. It shocked me to think what Lucille parents would think if they knew. I murmured "I agree. I do have fantasies like that and as you say, they don't do anyone any harm."

She wasn't prepared to let me off so easily and went on "I have noticed Mr Ross that you look at me sometimes quite intensely when I am doing my cleaning tasks, especially when I have to bend over. Please be honest with me now, what are you thinking about?"

I gulped some air in. She seemed to be aware of everything. I wanted to lie but knew she would know straight away and all hope for their return was lost. I panted a bit but decided that the truth was best.

I was embarrassed but confessed "I am sorry, Mrs Miller but my imagination runs away with me. I am thinking about what sort of underclothes you may be wearing under your dress."

She nodded. "It was not difficult to work that out Mr Ross. You could see that there was no tights on so you must have known that I would have a brassiere and panties on underneath my dress."

I murmured "Yes Mrs Miller but it was wonderful to think about them."

She half smiled for the first time and said "So is it any wonder that young Brian often thinks about your wife's lovely breasts and drools thinking about her knickers and what he would like to do to her with his big penis, knowing full well, you are very small?"

The way she explained things was so sensible. I felt I could kick myself for being so stupid in the first place. I tried to explain myself and made it clear that I blamed myself.

For the first time I felt she was softening to me and that I had a chance.

She wasn't looking so grim now and said "What you must understand Mr Ross is that you are a very clever man with a wonderful job and all the money you could possibly want. You are so lucky in life. Additionally you have a really pretty face and with your small build and small penis you are very attractive in your own right. It is no wonder you imagine yourself in a pretty little dress and a brassiere and little knickers and being a little girlie."

I gasped. Her words brought my fantasy to life. I knew Lucille had shown her pictures of me dressed. I wanted to ask her if she liked my dress but I knew I daren't. I simply said "Thank you Mrs Miller. It does excite me and it also embarrasses me and humiliates me."

She nodded. She seemed to know my innermost thoughts. "You don't really understand yourself Mr Ross but it probably excites you to be embarrassed and humiliated." I nodded. She knew.

She was actually smiling at me now. I realised that my honesty was paying off. I wanted to be truthful. I looked at her soft floral dress with just a hint of cleavage and settling down so softly just below her knees. I could see the shape of her big thighs and I felt my embarrassment and excitement rising.

She smiled knowingly "Your penis is stiff isn't it Mr Ross?"

I nodded and said truthfully "I am sorry Mrs Miller."

She knew exactly "You are thinking about my panties aren't you Mr Ross?"

It was almost like a Confession that my wife had told me about. I wanted it. I confessed again "Yes, Mrs Miller and I am very sorry."

She seemed gentler now towards me "Don't be sorry, Mr Ross. Just don't embarrass my lovely Brian again."

It was the first sign that she may return to Lucille and myself. I thought this was my chance and told her "My wife and I would love you to come back to us Mrs Miller and would like to increase your wages, if you would only accept."

She smiled "We will come back Mr Ross, but there is no need for any increase. You and Mrs Ross have been more than generous. I just want to be sure that you will be a good boy and behave yourself."

I felt such huge relief. Her expression about me being a good boy was a little diminutive and gave me a funny feeling but I was so anxious to please I immediately said "Yes Mrs Miller, I promise I will behave myself."

She smiled at me "Alright Mr Ross, I accept your promise and will return."

I wanted to jump for joy and knew that Lucille would be over the moon. I managed to contain myself and said "I am so pleased Mrs Miller. I know my wife is anxious for you to return and would like you to start tomorrow if possible."

She shook her head. I am afraid not Mr Ross. I have to check with Father Flynn first to settle a few more details about her Confession and what sort of Penance I will impose."

I knew she was very devout and there was no way could I persuade her to return before she saw Father Flynn so I just accepted the situation and asked her to telephone my wife when she was ready. She nodded and wished me 'Good Day' and I went home exultant.

As I thought, Lucille was so happy but disappointed that the Millers would not be starting sooner. Like me she was pleased. She did warn me in much the same manner of Mrs Miller "And don't forget Bruce, you have to behave yourself and don't upset Brian."

I was falling into a sort of pattern in this, and promised I would behave myself.

It was a week before Mrs Miller and Brian turned up. During this time both Lucille and I were climbing the wall with anxiety wondering if we should telephone or not.

Mrs Miller explained that she had to obtain Father Flynn's approval and unfortunately he had been away at a seminary. Lucille just told her not to worry and sent me out into the kitchen to make tea and bring in some biscuits for us all. We then all sat down and chatted until Mrs Miller said "Well I had better start my cleaning tasks, Mrs Ross or it will never get done."

We all laughed and I took Brian out into the Work shed. He was very quiet and neither of us mentioned the previous episode.

I was surprised how adept he was using his hands and looked for better ways to do things. I was very pleased and over the next few days he opened up a lot more and we became more chatty.

I did catch him looking at some of the naughty magazines a few times but just joked about it and he relaxed more. There were lots of pictures of older women in short clothes and men with their penises out showing off. I laughed and broke the ice with "There are some big boys there, Bri."

He knew I was joking and responded with a slight smile "I am bigger than those Mr Ross." I laughed with him but could see he was serious. I told Lucille about it in the evenings and she was as pleased as I was about how things were going. I knew she was telling Mrs Miller about lots of private things but so far Mrs Miller hadn't given her a full Confession.

During the second week, things were going so well that on the Wednesday I suggested that I take them all out for a nice lunch at a nice local restaurant. Lucille thought it was a wonderful idea although she had to persuade Mrs Miller as they weren't used to such events.

When we were all seated I made sure we all had a nice glass of wine and Mrs Miller seemed very happy. Lucille looked radiant and I did notice Brian looking at her in that special way a few times. Lucille was enjoying the attention. I just accepted it that it didn't do any harm.

Then he politely asked where the toilet was and as I needed to go as well I volunteered to go with him.

The toilets were very nice and well equipped and we stood in front of adjacent stalls and undid our trousers. I couldn't help seeing how big he was. It was like a donkey. Over the last week we had spoken a little rudely and I had helped him relax by telling him it was just 'men talk'.

It made me seem infantile but I joked "You were right Brian. You are a big boy. Much bigger than those men in the mags."

He also laughed and then said "I like to shove it up Mrs Ross. I think she would like a big cock up her,as it is twice as big as yours."

I gasped. It was out of the blue. I knew that Brian didn't realise the enormity of what he said and simply murmured "Yes I expect she would Bri."

I didn't intend to get all uppity and make the same mistake as last time. Also I felt strangely pleased that my wife was so desirable to a young man. It also drew attention to my relatively small penis which did embarrass me but also made me feel stiffer. I didn't really understand myself.

We washed our hands and made our way back to the dining room. Lucille and Mrs Miller were deep in conversation but stopped to say "Well here are the men back. I expect they gave been talking boys talk but will have to be more careful now."

I smiled. She didn't realise how near the truth she had been.

We all started to chat again and as we had our meal I said how pleased I was with Brian and how good he was with the circuit boards. Brian was quiet for a moment and then said "I have been thinking about the connections a lot Mr Ross. The hardest job is that small screw on the bottom right, as we can't get a screwdriver in and it takes such a long time to fasten it."

I knew what he meant and agreed with him saying I had been trying to work out other ways to complete it but it seemed impossible.

Brian looked very thoughtful and I encouraged him "What do you think we could do Bri?" Mrs Miller and my wife looked pleased.

There was a Menu Card on the table and Brian pulled out a pencil and said "If we connected it to the screw a bit further down it would be simpler."

I liked the thought of him trying to work out different ways but had to say "But the connection wouldn't be correct then Bri."

He said "I can see that Mr Ross but we could swing that bottom link over very easily and that would make it right again."

It stopped me in my tracks. It was so simple what he was suggesting and all the connections would be quite correct. I smiled and said "That's brilliant Brian. Simply brilliant. It will save me a lot of money. I think I will have to appoint you as an official Apprentice."

We were all so pleased with ourselves. Obviously Brian looked proud but his mother looked wonderfully happy. Lucille leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and whispered "Wonderful."

We went home about mid-afternoon and put in some work for a few hours and then the Millers left at the normal time. I carried on for a while in the shed testing Brian's idea and it worked perfectly. It really would save me a lot of time and money.

When I spoke to Lucille in the evening and told her what Brian had said in the toilet. She was concerned in case I had reacted badly. When I reassured her she just nodded "It really is only men's talk."

She took it very well and explained that Mrs Miller had told her that Brian had a large penis. It all seemed a little strange as it seemed almost common knowledge how big Brian was and how small I was, but I did feel myself getting stiffer.

Lucille also told me that she was still hoping for full Confession but in the meantime she and Mrs Miller had exchanged some very private thoughts and she had been told some exciting things about Father Flynn.

She also asked me to tell her again about what Brian had said about her. I had the feeling she liked hearing it and emphasized how big his penis was. I even mentioned the comparison to a donkey which made her giggle. It made me stiff repeating it.

That night we both felt quite randy and Lucille and I had some exciting role play situations which didn't involve our parents but did have a religious flavour about them involving another older lady and a young man. It was so exciting and we were both left gasping for air. It was like one of our older fantasies brought to life. It was mind blowing.

The next day Brian really set to the task of making the connection boards even easier to assemble and came up with some more ideas.

Then Lucille brought out some tea and biscuits for us and I noticed that she had one of her shortest skirts on.

She did tease Brian a little by saying "Have you impressed Bruce today Bri? He was amazed by your ideas yesterday."

Brian blushed a bit as she moved his papers off the bench and then accidentally dropped them on the floor.

I say accidental as when she squatted down to pick them up she was very careless with the positioning of her knees as for a few seconds her panties were visible. She was squatting directly in front of him with her knees spread.

I could see Brian getting very hot under the collar and a distinct stiffening elsewhere which was obvious to me and my wife. I was fascinated just watching. Lucille knew what she was doing and just stood up and left saying "I had better leave you men to do men things."

Brian hadn't opened his mouth but after the door had closed her squeezed himself and muttered "I could really fuck her."

As soon as he said that he blushed and apologised profusely. It was a tense moment for me. I knew that one wrong word and he would leave. If he left he would be followed by his mother and there would be no coming back. I had to defuse the situation.

I said "Don't worry Bri. We are only men together. We can talk to each other like this without getting offended."

I could see him start to relax and he nodded. He said "She is gorgeous though Mr Ross. Do you go to bed with her every night?"

I felt relaxed now and quite proud of myself and said "Yes Bri, I go to bed with Lucille every single night."

He was curious and asked "Does she wear pyjamas or a nightgown or anything like that?"

I felt like a fountain of knowledge bestowing information to a less fortunate being as I told him "She never wears anything much Bri. It's usually nothing or she may leave her panties on."

He was lost in admiration as he muttered "Just a pair of knickers."

I enjoyed that I had him panting with a few simple word and enjoyed adding "It's nice when she takes her knickers off Bri."

He was speaking quietly "I would love to see that."

I suddenly thought about the pictures in my wallet. I wanted to show them to him but thought it may be disloyal. Then I remembered that Lucille had shown my Girlie pictures to Mrs Miller. Her words were that it didn't harm anyone.

So to show Brian a few pictures of Lucille wouldn't harm anyone either. I opened my wallet and handed over a picture of Lucille.

She was standing in front of me almost naked apart from her high heels and a pair of panties stretched between her parted knees.

I was rewarded by some gasps from the young man muttering "She is so magnificent."

I laughed and said in a joking manner "She is getting a bit fat now Bri."

He spoke strongly "She isn't fat Mr Ross just look at her big Tits. Do you play with her Tits and her Nipples?"

I knew I had gone a little too far and put the picture back in my wallet. He must have sensed my change and said "I have said the wrong things again Mr Ross. I am sorry."

I could see all the danger signs. I didn't want him to be upset. I had to retrieve the situation somehow and blurted out "Of course not Brian. Its only men talk. We can talk about anything we would like to do. I suppose there are things we both want but are a little self-conscious about."

He nodded and then concentrated on adjusting the circuit board. I went back to some drawings I was altering. Although it seemed very normal I think we were both thinking about the same subject. Suddenly I realised how aroused I was. Although I thought I was leading him on to some extent, it was exciting me as much as the young lad.

We carried on working for a few hours and then Lucille brought us out some sandwiches and cups of tea. She still had the short clothes on although nothing was on show. I could see Brian looking at her in that special way but nothing out of the way was said and she went back into the house.

Brian and I relaxed for a few minutes over our tea. I could see he was thinking something quite deeply. I was quite tense myself wondering what on earth he might say. Suddenly he murmured "Mr Ross?"

I was breathing heavily as I tried to answer normally "Yes Bri?"

"Does she always wear panties?"

It was so obvious who he was talking about but answered a bit stupidly "Who, Bri?"

He answer so simply "Mrs Ross! Does she always wear panties in the day?"

I answered a bit weakly "Yes of course Bri. All women wear panties during the daytime."

"But you said she sometimes wears her knickers in bed as well. Does she keep the same ones on next day?"

I had this strange feeling again. I wanted to tell him and also didn't think I should. I had a raging horn on and I just caved in and said "No Bri she takes them off in the morning to have a shower and puts clean ones on for the day."

I knew he was picturing the scene of Lucille taking her drawers off. I could read his mind. My own excitement and anxiety was increasing as I just waited for the next question. I knew it would be personal. I was pulsating as he muttered "I wish that was my job."

I sensed what he was saying but I wanted him to say it.

I half whispered "What job are you talking about Bri?"

He was in a dream as he said "I wish it was my job to take your wife's knickers off every day."

Again I could see his imagination working overtime and wanted him to tell me, but I was also protective of Lucille. "You wouldn't hurt her would you Bri?"

He seemed shocked at the suggestion and said "Of course not. I would just lie her on the carpet and gently ease her panties down."

I think we were both dwelling on that imagery until he suddenly asked.

"What does she do with the old ones?"

I was almost feeling faint as I muttered "Her old ones Bri. I don't understand what you mean?"
He was looking very intense as he said "The panties she took off. Her used knickers?"

I repeated almost robotically "Her used knickers?"

"That's right Mr Ross. What does she do with her dirty knickers?"

I couldn't prevaricate. The question was unmistakeable and very direct. I had to answer or make a fuss.I knew I couldn't make a fuss. I said "She usually puts them in the dirty laundry basket in the bathroom."

It was very quiet now as I pondered over what I had just said and Brian was thinking.

Nothing was said for about 5 minutes and then he said "Mr Ross, I would like to have them?"

I felt afraid but aroused. Quite stiff. My heart was pounding. Trying to sound casual "What would you like to have Bri?"

"I would like to have her panties."

I nodded, not knowing how to respond.

He asked me politely "Could you get me her dirty panties Mr Ross? I will bring them back to you."

I gasped. I didn't pretend to be upset but I was genuinely gobsmacked and tried to control my voice as I put him off "I am not sure Bri. It could be difficult."

He nodded. He also seemed to accept my answer as he turned back to the circuit board and did a few more connections. I turned back to the drawings and tried to concentrate. Not very well but it was almost finishing time.

That evening after tea, Lucille and I were having a quiet glass of wine and chatting. She was quite aware that her squatting in front of Brian would have provoked some sort of reaction, so it wasn't an innocent question when she casually asked how my day with Brian had gone.

Slowly, I explained what had been said. I didn't leave anything out. Although it was serious I could see she enjoyed me telling her and asked me to repeat some of the things. In all fairness I was enjoying telling her. It was like a semi fantasy for both of us.

She did say several times "So it appears he would like to have my used panties?"

I nodded "He would also like to mount you."

She was breathing heavily and murmured "He wants to ravish me."

The thoughts and the words must have affected us both as that night we had one of our most exciting Fantasy Role Plays ever. It was one involving Lucille being forced into submission by a young lad and I was her husband watching helplessly. She climaxed many times and I held on as long as I could, conscious that my little penis was the source of such ecstasy.

When we awoke next morning we were still in that very pleasant state of mind and we chatted about silly little things before getting out of bed.

I was curious and asked her "Would you object if I let Brian have your panties? Would it upset you?"

She didn't answer immediately and then said "Well Bruce, that seems like something you and Brian have to settle between yourselves. It is a man thing and I don't want to be involved."

With that she got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I was left to contemplate what I should do. I had come to the conclusion that Lucille and I should keep our private affairs to ourselves and the question of Lucille's underwear should be restricted to ourselves.

When I got up, I went into the bathroom. The first thing I saw was the laundry basket. We are both extremely neat people and the basket is usually tucked away inconspicuously in the corner. This morning however it had been pulled out to be more noticeable. What was even more obvious was that Lucille's panties were draped openly on the outside of the lid. Normally they were well hidden inside amongst the other clothes.

Even the fact that they were well used was very obvious. It was an open invitation. I took her panties and put them into a small bag and went back into the bedroom and put them in my brief case. I made up my mind I would give them to Brian later in the day.

When Mrs Miller arrived on her own I felt disappointed. She explained to Lucille and myself that the animal sanctuary where he sometimes helped out had an emergency, and had sent for his help.

We both nodded understandingly as Mrs Miller told us "Brian is so kind, so he has gone in for just one day."

Lucille took Mrs Miller into her office to explain some of the things she wanted done and I just drifted back out into my Work Shed. I can't explain it but I felt a little jealous of Lucille being alone with Mrs Miller. I remembered when I had talked to Mrs Miller in her home and she knew I was thinking about her panties and big thighs. I ached for her. She was so ordinary and matronly, I wanted to have her myself.

I imagined nestling between her big thighs and just thinking about her large breasts almost made me cum. I felt lost not having Brian to work with and chat with. I was really looking forward to giving him Lucille's panties. I didn't enjoy being on my own.

That evening as I chatted with my wife she was eager to tell me that Mrs Miller had now received permission from Father Flynn to give her full Confession and it would start the following week. Lucille could hardly contain herself.

She told me that she thought of Mrs Miller in the same way she thought about Mrs Grace.

When she had explained to Mrs Miller her exciting feelings about Mrs Grace, the older woman had smiled and said "It's nice to have different fantasies Mrs Ross. They do no harm."

The conversations we were having about Mrs Miller and her son were very enjoyable to both of us. It was a sign of how much we loved each other that we were so honest and open about things.

She asked me outright "Do you fancy her Bruce?"

I nodded "Very much Lucille. As much as Brian fancies you."

My wife giggled and I felt so happy. That night we had the most wonderful orgasms together. They were even better that the ones we used to have when we were first married. I know my smallness causes me to slip out of her from time to time but we don't let that spoil our enjoyment.

The following day, I was on tenterhooks waiting for Brian to turn up. When he did he was very apologetic and so polite. I told him not to worry and relax. We settled down to work. I was hoping he would ask me about Lucille and things. He didn't though, as he seem so engrossed in some connections he was making.

After a while I could wait no longer. I tried to sound casual as I told him "I have a little present for you Bri." And handed over the small bag containing my wife's panties.

He looked puzzled but as he opened the bag and drew out Lucille's knickers he gasped and murmured "They are so lovely."

I was pleased with his reaction but just watched as he opened them out and turned them inside out which showed up the marks. He breathed heavily and murmured "I can see she has worn them Mr Ross."

I smiled. His reaction made me feel good. I said "She had them on all day Bri and most of the night."

He nodded and pondered "Did you take her knickers off Mr Ross?"

I really enjoyed his questions now. They didn't shock me so much but they surprised me. I told him "No Bri, she took them off herself."

"Did you fuck her last night?"

"Yes Bri, I fucked her."

"Did you spunk up her a lot?"

His questions were always so genuine, they made me want to be truthful with my answered "Yes Bri, I did spunk up her but not a lot."

He was a nice lad and he nodded understandingly "I expect it's because you have a small Dickie?"

I felt a bit embarrassed but just agreed "Yes Bri, you are probably right."

He nodded and then slipped Lucille's panties back into the bag saying "I will have some wanks with these over the weekend."

I was surprised how honest he was and didn't say anything.

We both settled down to work. Later on Lucille came out with some cups of tea for us and some nice toast. She had her short tight dress on but didn't do any squatting. She did squeeze past him to set the tea down on his bench and even I could see his huge donkey cock tenting in his trousers. She must have felt it as she squeezed by him.

She sat down for a few minutes looking so innocent but with her short dress, it did reveal her stocking tops. She knew what she was doing.

Nothing out of the way was said or done but her actions excited me as much as Brian.

After she left neither of us commented and we really settled down to do some work. I had some contracts to fulfil and found Brian's help invaluable.

He left for home at about 4 o'clock with his mother with the words "See you on Monday, Mr Ross." Mrs Miller smiled at me. She had a lovely knowing smile.

Lucille and I were very busy over the weekend. On the Saturday we both had to deliver some completed work to our sponsors. They were well pleased and paid us handsomely.

On the Sunday we both attended a service in our Baptist Chapel. I enjoyed going there and Lucille sang in the choir. After chapel we met some friends and went down to the coast for a few hours.

It was really enjoyable although I must admit my thoughts frequently strayed to Brian and his mother.

On Monday, Mrs Miller turned up alone and my heart sank. Where was Brian? She explained that he wouldn't be long as he had just called into the Animal Sanctuary to do something for them.

At about 11.o'clock he turned up. So polite and apologetic. Obviously I didn't mind him being late. I was just anxious to know how he had managed with Lucille's underwear.

Nothing was said for about an hour but eventually I couldn't stop myself asking if he had enjoyed my wife's panties.

He breathed so heavily it was almost a gasp as he explained "They were gorgeous Mr Ross. I had 5 wanks over them. By Sunday they were stiff with my spunk, but I have brought them back for you."

I panted to think of him being so aroused over my wife's dirty knickers, but really didn't know what to expect as he brought out a nice pretty bag which presumably contained her underwear. The bag wasn't the same one that I had given him.

He opened the bag and handed me the delicate item. They were spotless and smelling of delicate perfume. I was astounded and murmured "They have been washed and ironed Brian. You have done very well."

He smiled "I didn't wash them Mr Ross. My mother told me that I couldn't return Mrs Ross's panties in that state and she washed and pressed them and put special scent in the water."

I was gob smacked. Brian and his mother seemed to come up with surprise after surprise. I murmured "Your mother washed them Bri?"

"Yes Mr Ross. She said that I couldn't give them back full of spunk." I nodded weakly. Even the thought of it all made me aroused.

He seemed to think it was the most normal thing in the world. I just wanted to keep him talking about it but knew I had to be cautious and just remarked "She doesn't mind you wanking then Bri?"

He hardly raised his head as he said "No, Mr Ross, she doesn't mind at all. She taught me how to do it best."

I breathed again and asked "She taught you how to wank?"

"Yes, she sort of showed me how to hold on a long time. I like her wanking me."

"She actually wanks you. She doesn't mind?"

"No she likes doing it for me. She makes my prick really big and loves making me shoot my spunk in the air and sometimes over her face. She told me she likes the taste of my spunk."

God, it was wonderful. As he was telling me this so nonchalantly I had to cross my legs to stop myself cumming.

I spoke normally "Your mother is a fine woman, Bri. Nice and plump."

He again accepted the statement literally. Yes she is Mr Ross. She has nice big Tits."

I spoke softly "Have you seen her Tits Bri?"

He chuckled "Of course I have Mr Ross. She likes me to play with her Tits and make her Nipples big. Her Nipples taste lovely and milky". I wanted to cum again as I thought of him sucking his mother's breasts.

Suddenly he stopped his work on the connection Board and asked me directly "Would you like to feel her Tits, Mr Ross?"

I had to be careful now. We were talking about his mother. I didn't want to offend him and said so.

He smiled "Don't worry about that Mr Ross. As you said when I say things about Mrs Ross. It is only men to men talk."

I felt relieved so I simply said "Yes Bri."

He again asked "So would you Mr Ross. Would you like to play with my mother's Tits?"

I nodded. "Most men would Bri. She is a nice big woman."

He made a few adjustments with his screwdriver on the board and then continued "What about the rest of her Mr Ross. Would you like to feel there?"

Carefully I replied "Feel where Bri?"

"You know. Up her dress. She doesn't usually wear tights. Would you like to feel her knickers?"

I decided to play it straight and said "Yes I would Bri."

He hesitated "She is older than your wife Mr Ross and a lot bigger."

"I like that Bri."

He was trying to warn me not to be disappointed "She wears quite big panties as well."

"I like that Bri."

He went into his bag and showed me a picture. It was of Mrs Miller standing above him with her dress unbuttoned and pulled up showing her white panties.

I said "She looks nice, Bri."

He nodded but then added "No one else has seen those pictures Mr Ross apart from us and Father Flynn."

I gasped. It was another shock for me to absorb. I had to look natural and said "I understand Bri. I won't tell anyone and I really did like that picture."

He seemed to be satisfied and asked "Do you want to see some more that I took of my mother, Mr Ross?"

I nodded. I felt they may shock me but I had such a horn on now I wanted to see anything he would show me.

He rummaged around in his bag but seemed to be having difficulties in locating them.

He did said "I took some pictures of her with her knickers down."

I gasped "I would like to see those Bri."

He finally found one. It was mind blowing. It was a picture of Mrs Miller just standing there with her dress pulled up to her waist and her panties pulled down to her knees.

There was a mass of hair between her legs.

He saw me looking there and half apologised "It's hard to see her cunt Mr Ross as she is so hairy there."

I wanted to show my appreciation and said "Thanks for being so nice to me Bri. If I can do anything for you I will."

He shook his head. You have already been very kind to me and my mother Mr Ross. You have given us a job and Mrs Ross is so wonderful. And you even got me a pair of her knickers to play with,"

I breathed heavily. This was so exciting and I knew Lucille found it exciting as well. Our fantasy nights had reached a new peak. I knew I could help Brian more.

I said "If you like Bri, I can probably get another pair of Lucille's panties for you to use this weekend." I could see the gratitude written on his face as he excitedly thanked me. We had had enough excitement for a while and we both quietly returned to our tasks.

In the afternoon we were doing some easy work which didn't require much concentration. We started to chat bout different things and suddenly he said "Do you really fancy my mother Mr Ross?"

I gulped some air in. Then deciding honesty was the best policy told him "Yes I do, Bri. I have always liked older women but your mother is exquisite." He smiled. I had clearly given him the answer he liked.

He asked "Would you like to fuck her." This was going again. I nodded.

He persisted "So you really would like to fuck her. Fuck my mother?"

I answered plainly "Yes Bri. I really would like to fuck your mother."

He hesitated for a moment as he tightened up one of the screws and said innocently "Father Flynn, fucks her." I tried not to sound surprised but didn't know how to react.

We went quiet for a few minutes and then he came out with it "I would really like to fuck your wife, Mr Ross. What's it like to fuck her?"

I knew I was more aroused than he was and simply said "It is exciting to have it up her Bri?"

He queried "Your cock up her?"

"Yes Bri. My cock."

He nodded and then said "You're little cock?" I felt devastated but knew he was not being derogatory, just factual. I felt embarrassed but just nodded.

He must have thought about it beforehand as he said "Does it ever come out when you are fucking her?"

I blushed "Sometimes, it slips out."

He just commented "If I had my prick up her, it wouldn't slip out. My knob would be jammed right up her. Once I stick it up her, it will only come out when I pull it out." I nodded. It wasn't difficult to imagine.

Just then the internal phone rang. It was Lucille saying that Mrs Miller was ready to leave and could Brian get his things together.

I passed the message on and Brian sorted himself out and met his mother in the garden. As Mrs Miller left she gave me a wave and a sort of secret smile. I had the feeling we were all in a sort of intertwined private conspiracy. It was exciting.

That evening after tea, I could hardly wait to tell Lucille about all the things that Brian had said. She was even more eager than me to listen. The events and the conversations were exciting us both so much. We didn't actually do anything then but both knew we would be into a magical fantasy land at bedtime.

Although she liked me repeating all the things he said, she also liked me asking her about the things Mrs Miller told her and her thoughts about Brian.

She told me that she had had some conversations with Mrs Miller which involved Brian and herself. It wasn't as blatant as my conversations but there was clearly a suggestion of Brian mounting Lucille.

"Did she think it was wrong and a bad idea Lucille?"

My wife shook her head "No, Bruce. She just talked so sensibly about who could get hurt."

I could see the logic in it all "What did you say Love?"

She looked at me seriously and said "I told her that as long as it was not against my will and you would be agreeable and want it to happen then we wouldn't be hurt."

I simply said "I agree with that Lucille. What did she say?"

Mrs Miller said that "She would be pleased for Brian as she knew he wanted to do it to me."

The conversation was getting complicated so we just stopped there. She just asked "What did you think about me coming down your shed this morning with the tea and toast?"

Knowing what she was talking about I asked her "When you squeezed past Brian in the shed, I wondered if you could feel his cock pressing into you?"

She giggled "Gosh Bruce, I couldn't fail to feel it. It was immense and I could feel the heat of it on my tummy through my clothes and the shape of it."

God, this was incredible but I said "What do you mean about 'the shape' Lucille?"

She looked puzzled "I don't really know Bruce. It was obviously long and thick but the top of it seemed to have a huge lump in it."

I gasped "That was his knob, Lucille. At the top of his cock. He said that when he thinks of you, his prick gets huge and the knob at the top of his cock grows into a sort of golf ball."

She panted "When he thinks of me?"

"Yes, he said he still wants to stick his knob up you and fuck you."

I had problem not ejaculating in my trousers but I wanted to wait. I was pretty sure that the talk was causing Lucille to cum, but she was better at controlling it. She was able to do it quite a number of times.

That night it was ridiculously exciting. At the end I was exhausted but so happy. I had the feeling that Lucille could do it many more times but had stopped to suit me. I felt I was letting her down but she simply said "I love you so much Bruce."

I knew that once I started my little dribble, my penis would go soft and that would be the end of Lucille's enjoyment. A few times she had started to carry on her own. She called it her 'after dinner, dessert'.

Strangely this excited me and I asked if I could watch her having her dessert. This little twist seemed to please her and I would stand at the bottom of the bed as she would lie naked on the bed with her legs wide open doing it to herself.

I could get myself stiff again but I couldn't get any more dribbles. Over the weeks we used to have our ecstasy sessions and then I would watch her having her dessert. She would ask me questions like "Do you like my cunt, Little Brucie?"
At the end of our games I had now regularly become Little Brucie and to be honest I loved it and wanted to be obedient and say things that she wanted. It was like a double ecstasy.

Even after our dessert ecstasies I still felt I was letting her down but she simply said "I love you so much Bruce."

We just lay there for several minutes and then I asked "Would you like Brian to have you, Lucille?"

She didn't answer for a minute and then said "But I am married to you, Bruce and I love you. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you."

She was such a good wife, but I wanted to increase her happiness if possible. I said "Well you know in our fantasies I am your cuckold and you enjoy those very much."

She started to say something but I just carried on "And I enjoy those fantasies as well Lucille. With your father or Uncle or whoever we choose and although it is only fantasy I like watching."

She went quiet before saying "Would you like to be my cuckold and watch Brian have me in fantasy?"

I breathed heavily. It was a moment of truth. I just said "I would like to watch." I didn't say anything about fantasy.

We both went silent. It almost seemed as if we were both being transported by a gentle breeze into a very pleasant land. I felt wonderful. Lucille must have been feeling in exactly the same way as she kissed me gently on the forehead and whispered "I love you so much Bruce. You are the ideal husband.

With that she cuddled up to me and we both fell into our usual deep sleep. Tomorrow would be another day.

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