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Mrs. Carter

by Goose

08/15/2016 12:22 in oral

It was hot out. It was summer. I was done with cleaning my room and listening to music. I was in the back yard trying to get my record of keeping up the soccer ball into the hundreds. This was the summer before college, but friends had gone off with families to special vacations and I didn't have a whole hell of a lot to do.

As my mind wandered to the plans for college, to packing, to leaving home my concentration dipped and the ball took a heavy bounce off my knee, floating over the eight foot high fence into our neighbor's yard. It wasn't the first time—though it might be the last. Booting balls over the past few years generally involved walking all the way around, knocking, and waiting, though with the upside of potentially seeing Julie and her friends. She was a couple of years older than me and had now left for college. She was really athletic and when she had her "Going to College" pool party at her house it was a very special day for an impressionable teen who could just peek out from his bedroom window and see into the neighbor's yard and watch, in secret, the youthful frolicking in their pool.

But I barely saw Julie now, and she didn't show me much attention anyway, so it wasn't like I was losing out on much.

I jumped up and grabbed on to the top of the fence, my knees and feet banging into it with noisy force, and pulled myself up so I could peer over. I was getting in a mini work-out on my biceps, so that was a bonus.

But I nearly dropped straight down when I finally peered over the fence. Julie's mom, Mrs. Carter. But more specifically, her ass decked in tight yoga pants. It was pointed straight at me. She was bent at the waist and I barely noticed her head, peering between her knees back at me as she maintained her pose.

"Sorry, sorry, Mrs. Carter...didn't mean to disturb. Ball. Fence... Pool." I blurted nervously as I noticed my soccer ball bobbing idly, coming to rest next to an inflated blue lounger.

I dropped back to the ground.

"Sorry again. Will come around later. Sorry...sorry."

My voice trailed off.

"Ty, come fetch the ball, don't be silly. I'll unlock the front door," her voice trilled from the other side of the fence.

Nervously I walked down our driveway, hopped the bushes separating the properties, and heard the lock click on the front door. I was nervous just because it was awkward. Mr. and Mrs. Carter had always been friendly in a neighborly way. It wasn't like our families went on vacations together, but there was an occasional Fourth of July barbeque or Halloween jaunt over the years. And on those occasions I would perv on their daughter, Julie. I will neither confirm nor deny whether my buddies and I sometimes purposely threw a baseball into their yard when we heard her with her friends in the pool.

The front door was slightly ajar and I pushed it forward gently, yelling a soft "hello?" as I did so.

I heard Mrs. Carter's trill voice peel back at me.

"Come on through, hon, you know where to go."

I slipped off my sneakers on the front mat and tip-toed through the lush carpet towards the large kitchen.

"There's lemonade on the counter top if you're thirsty," I heard her say, "...or a beer in the fridge, help yourself."

I thought it best to retrieve the ball and be done. But on this hot day both the lemonade and the beer sounded like appealing options.

I slid open the meshed door leading to the back yard. Mrs. Carter was straddling her chaise with her back to me. A floppy weave sun hat now appeared casually tossed on her head.

"It's stopped in the middle!" she said with a smirk, nodding towards the pool where my ball sat almost motionless about as far from all the edges as it's possible to get.

As I stopped to assess the situation Mrs. Carter pointed to the chaise next to hers. "Relax, Ty, all good. I was done with my workout, so now enjoying my reward..." as she held up a pint glass full of yellow, orange, and brown colors, a cherry, little umbrella, and straw.

"Nothing like a perfect mai tai on a day like today. Stick around a bit and I'll make you one. My specialty, a party hit!"

I smiled. I know it was an awkward smile. Mrs. Carter chuckled lightly as she sucked deeply from the straw into her ideal cocktail.

Seconds into the silence that followed Mrs. Carter leaned back on her chaise, let out a deep, contented sigh, and hit what appeared to be ideal relaxation state. I now immediately started to scan for ways to leave, even if without the ball.

"Oh, damn, what am I thinking?" Mrs. Carter suddenly exclaimed as she sat up and swung her frame around me in a surprisingly nimble manner. I was startled a little and looked straight at her as I finally realized she was wearing just a hefty sports bra with those yoga pants. Her breasts rolled inside, and the line of her cleavage deepened as she squashed them together with her arms as she leaned forward with an earnest look.

"I have a job for you, if you want it. Mr. Carter suggested asking you, and here am I, sweaty and now relaxing, nearly forgot."

I remained bemused.

"You see that pile of dirt over there," as she pointed towards the far corner of her extensive yard, "we need it spreading down that fence...for the veggies. We'll pay, of course, probably take a few hours, but if you want something to do other than boot soccer balls into our pool, then it's yours."

I could use the cash, that's for sure, with college looming and the fear-mongering of all the reports on its long-term financial implications. And I'd be outside. And I'd get a workout. Why not?

"Sure thing, Mrs. Carter. Thanks for the offer. Do you want me to start now?"

"If you want, get going. The shovels, tools, whatever it is are all over there already. Just spread it as evenly as you can. If you need anything, you know where it all is, and I'll be topping up the tan."

Two hours and what felt like two tons of dirt later I heard Mrs. Carter call out, beckoning me to come over. I was ready for a break and one of those beers or a mai tai sounded awfully good right about now.

After replacing all the tools, mopping the sweat from my head on my sodden, soaked t-shirt, I lumbered towards the pool. Rubbing sweat from my eyes I looked up to see that Mrs. Carter had evidently changed. She was wearing a blue one-piece bathing suit that, as I got closer, evidently had a mesh oval in the middle of the chest that provided clear view of the inside curves of ample breasts. It was a surprisingly sexy look that I recognized soon enough to remind myself to keep my eyes up on hers as we were about to talk.

"You've put in a great effort today, Ty. I was watching, expecting you to quit ages ago. You most definitely deserve a drink—what'll it be?"

She lifted the straw of her mai tai to her freshly painted lips and sucked, keeping her eyes locked on mine the entire time. Maybe it was just her way, but I could have sworn my innocent eyes witnessed for the first time that enigmatic glint of a flirtation.

"If you don't mind, I guess I'll have one of those," I said, nodding towards her glass.

"Back in a sec," Mrs. Carter beamed as she elegantly jumped to her feet, placing her glass on the side table, and dashing to the kitchen.

That was, I thought, quite an enthusiastic response to fetching a drink, and evidently the fact that I was under-age—and she knew it—didn't bother her in the slightest.

Mrs. Carter was in her mid or late 40s in my estimation. She had a medium build, a bit of a tummy, but a well-cared for face free of wrinkles that glistened under what I guess was expensive sunscreen. She was undoubtedly attractive by any definition, a fact only reinforced as she walked back to the chaise holding a pint glass in one hand and a pitcher in the other. She positively beamed as she placed them on the table and repositioned herself on the chaise, hoisting the shoulder straps of her suit as she did so, which I couldn't help but noticed lifted her breasts before they settled in place.

"That's my special mai tai," she said, pointing to the pint glass filled with a golden liquid that merged into brown, topped by a small paper umbrella and a cherry. "And that's the pitcher of the mixer that isn't quite so carefully crafted, but does the trick...if you know what I mean." A devilish grin crossed her lips.

I took the glass and sipped at the straw. Wow, that was refreshing. So fruity, so interesting, and quite probably with quite an unexpected kick on its underbelly.

"Before too much of that, you should retrieve your ball, it's still stuck out there...and looking at your shirt, you should lose that and the dip should be quite refreshing."

"I don't have my trunks," I said coyly.

"Don't mind me. You wouldn't be the first, you certainly won't be the last to skinny-dip in this pool," she said with a wry giggle. "Oh, I'll look away if you're shy!"

She was teasing me, I knew it, but I did want to get rid of this shirt, and the pool would be refreshing, and I was wearing my boxers. I was clearly convincing myself. I stood up and tiptoed across the hot concrete to the edge of the pool, pulled my shirt over my head, and unbuttoned my shorts. I just let them drop, quickly stepped out, and dropped into the pool, not looking back or wondering what Mrs. Carter was staring at or thinking. I dipped under the water—it was so cool, so perfect—and took a few strokes to reach the ball and headed back to the side.

Mrs. Carter had stood up and was now at the edge of the pool holding a towel and my drink. I looked up as I reached her and she cut an imposing figure. I lifted myself out and stood awkwardly close to Mrs. Carter as she held up first my drink. I took it and gulped down a large sip...and stood there, ball in one hand, drink in the other as Mrs. Carter didn't move.

"Let me give you a hand," she said, as she started to pat dry my chest, "turn around, let me get your back."

I did as commanded, slowly, taking another deep gulp on the delicious mai tai.

Her hands patted down my triceps, across my back and then over my butt as I tensed slightly, but she continued down the back of my legs, and I sensed her kneeling down to be thorough, I assumed.

"Back around, Ty," Mrs. Carter said, maybe even cooed.

I looked down and yes, she was on her knees right in front of me and I became instantly conscious of how the soft thin cotton clung to my skin. I could feel it on my thigh, up around my abdomen, and down the shaft of my penis. I could barely look. Surely Mrs. Carter could see the outline. God, she's close enough she could almost certainly make out my glans and head. I tensed as she brushed the towel lightly down my shorts with a touch soft enough to open whatever channels resulted in blood making its way down there. I was mortified as I started to feel the arousal emerging.

Mrs. Carter rubbed the towel down the front of my legs, then looked up at me from her knelt position.

"You should get out of these wet things, let them dry...and let it free!" She raised a single eyebrow in the way I'd practiced and failed to perfect for years.

My mind raced with outcomes. Drink in one hand, ball in the other, I felt paralyzed. It never occurred to me just to drop the ball. So my first response was to gulp down the remainder of the mai tai as I felt Mrs. Carter's fingers hook into the eleastic of my shorts and start to pull them down. She had them at mid-thigh, fully exposing my growing manhood when I finally slammed the glass on the table, awkwardly hauled my shorts up-which only succeeded in pointing my penis out towards her as my testicles caught over the elastic-and bolted for teh driveway.

"See you same time tomorrow" was all I could hear above the cacophony of my heart pounding so hard it felt like it would explode out of my ears.

Leaping across the divide between the houses I flung open my front door and slammed it behind, leaning my back against it as I finally took a breath. After a few seconds later I opened my eyes to take stock of the situation. Under one arm was the rescued soccer ball. My other hand was still tightly clenched around the elastic of my shorts, pressed against my waist, but my entire tackle was still exposed over the top of the band, so I loosened my grip and pulled out the shorts so it could all drop into place.

I looked up, and this time my heart stopped.

Four gaping mouths was all I could see as my mother stood next to my sister, her best friend Becky, and Mom's best friend Maisy.

As their faces began to shift from shock into stifled laughter I instinctively bolted for the staircase, racing upstairs, yelling "it's not how it looks... I mean..." before slamming my bedroom door behind me as the four women burst into hysterical laughter. I didn't show my face the rest of the day, and waited until Mom and Becky had left for work the next day before daring to step foot outside.


It was just after noon when I finally ventured outside. Whatever the embarrassment of yesterday's predicament I'd made a commitment to finish a job, and that was an important factor in the work place that had been drilled into me by my dad on a regular basis...until he passed away a few years ago. But I was thinking ahead this time, as much as I could, and figured my swim shorts and a spare shirt should help avoid any awkward situations.

Awkward situations. I skipped over the driveway divide and looked towards Mrs. Carter's garage.

They were both there. Mr. Carter was loading a suitcase into the trunk of his expensive SUV. They both heard me and turned to see what may have created that noise. That caused me to stop in my tracks. Mrs. Carter leaned in and tenderly kissed her husband on the cheek, and as they looked into each other's eyes, reached out and gently rubbed, then squeezed his forearm. Mr. Carter's eyes remained fixed on his wife as she glanced towards me, then pulled her silk robe around her chest and hustled inside.

I didn't know where to move, which Mr. Carter seemingly recognized.

"Come on up here, Ty, great to see you," he said enthusiastically, holding out his hand.

Was this a bluff? A method to get me close, pull me in, then pummel me for whatever transgression Mrs. Carter may have suggested? Trying not to show my nervousness I grasped Mr. Carter's firm handshake. He looked me dead in the eye, and I tried to stay with him, attempting to read the situation.

He had a huge grin on his face.

"Great job out there yesterday, Ty. Thanks so much for agreeing to do that. Helps a lot. Helps Mrs. Carter, and that's always good in my book!"

He winked. What did he know?

"Just a bit to finish up today, so hopefully won't take you too long. I'm off on a trip for a week, so let me make sure you're paid now. How much were you told you'd get for the job?"

"I didn't ask."

"Business, Ty. Always make sure you're getting a fair deal before you start anything...but I get it. Here, let's see what we can do."

With that he pulled a folded wad of notes from his jacket pocket, all secured by a gold money clip etched with his initials. He counted out one, two, three, four, five, and pulled them out.

Sweet, $100, I thought, assuming they were all $20 bills.

"$500 should cover it, right?"

I looked down. They were all Benjamins. I did a double-take.

"You're heading to college soon, I'm betting you could use it!" Mr. Carter continued to smile enthusiastically.

"That's...that's...very...well...generous. Thank you, Mr. Carter. Thank you."

"You're welcome, Ty. Now, have another little thing to chat to you about..."

His comment hung awkwardly in the air. Here it was; here comes the hammer. What had Mrs. Carter said?

"Man-to-man, Ty. Man-to-man."

Could it have been any more ominous.

"I hear that you, well, you turned down Mrs. Carter yesterday after you'd finished work..."


"No, let me finish. Let me get right to the point." He took a deep breath. Here it comes. "I'd consider it a personal favor if you didn't say..." He finger quoted in the air... " Mrs. Carter.

"Now, now, if it's not your thing, grosses you out, no problem, no pressure..."

"Er, no, no, it's...well.."

"I've seen you peeking at Julie over the years, so I didn't think you batted for the home team."

I instantly blushed.

"Oh, it's okay, I get it. So anyway, personal favor...and let me help you out."

He went back to the money clip and counted out another five bills, pulling them out and stuffing them in my hand. I was slack-jawed, unable to respond.

Mr. Carter chuckled under his breath.

"Good point, " he said as a non-sequitur, and pulled a further two bills from the pile, looked me in the eye, smiling broadly, and with a flourish yanked another note, and tucked them into my t-shirt, under my chin.

"You kids have fun. I have to get to the airport."

With that he jumped in the driver's seat of his new SUV and started to back out of the garage, leaving me stunned and about $1,300 richer. That...all that was unexpected. This day should be interesting.


I cautiously opened the fence door leading to the back yard. Mrs. Carter looked up as she set a glass on the table next to her familiar chaise.

"Nice to see you, Ty, Here to finish off the job?"

I simply nodded, put my eyes down, and hustled to the pile of dirt that still needed shoveling. I kept focused on the job, which helped it only take an hour or so, but it was plenty enough time to work up quite a sweat and a thirst. As I wrapped up and replaced the tools back where I'd found them I finally looked towards Mrs. Carter. Not surprisingly she had removed the silk robe I'd seen her in this morning and was laid back, seemingly dozing in the summer sun.

Maybe this was a chance to skulk out and go shower back at home, and avoid any potentially embarrassing confrontations. Not so lucky. As my feet padded over the hot concrete around the pool Mrs. Carter looked up, shading her eyes, and asked simply "finished?"

I nodded and she pulled herself upright. She was wearing a brown strapless bikini top and brown high-waist bikini bottoms. To be fair the top seemed to be straining a little as those breasts rejected the notion of being confined. She straightened her back and sucked in her tummy that bulged a little bit in this less than flattering seated position.

"Beer o' clock?" she asked.

Why the hell not? I nodded mutely again.

Mrs. Carter swung her legs around to the ground, felt the heat on her toes, then jumped up, skipping rapidly towards the kitchen. I took a seat on the other chaise and mopped as much sweat as I could manage. I heard Mrs. Carter call me from the kitchen and did the same tiptoe skip up the pathway. She held a tray with an ice bucket filled with a few beer bottles, a jug of some orange-looking beverage, a couple of glasses and straws. She handed it to me without saying a word, I took it and headed back down to the pool, trying to ignore the heat searing the souls of my feet.

I looked up to see Mrs. Carter taking tiny steps on her toes as she bounced towards me, and couldn't help but notice her breasts jiggling inside the inadequate material of her bikini. They pulled at the top, hoping to keep it in place before finally flopping on her chaise and lifting her feet off the burning surface. There was much jiggling, it couldn't be avoided, and it was really quite sexy.

"Take your pick, Ty. Don't wait for me. You must be parched after all that lifting and shoveling. It looks great, by the way, Mr. Carter will be delighted, I'm sure."

As I twisted the cap from the beer bottle Mrs. Carter's phone buzzed with a message. She read it and immediately started giggling. And again.

"Ah, so sweet," she said, "he's at the airport, already misses me, wants something to remember me by while he's traveling! Not like he doesn't have enough pictures on his phone already."
She lifted her head and extended her arm in that familiar selfie pose and took a couple of snaps. I sat quietly, enjoying a beer without fear of scorn from my mother.

The phone buzzed again. This time Mrs. Carter made a tsk sound, but was grinning broadly.

"He likes the pictures but would appreciate something a little more special. Would you help out here, Ty, and take my picture for him?"

"Er, sure, whatever you need."

She handed me her phone and I stood up and aimed it at her, ensuring to get her faee in focus.

"No, wait a second," she commanded, "he wants something special, which is why I need your help."

With that she reached around the back of her bikini top and unclasped it, then from between her breasts pulled it away from her, exposing herself to me without fear or shame. I tried to hide my face behind the tiny camera, and told myself to keep my eyes up. She lifted her arms and rested them seductively on the top of her head, serving to both pose and lift her breasts so they projected all their impressive size but none of the effects of gravity over time.

"I'm really not sure... I mean, won't Mr. Carter know that I took the picture?" I blurted out.

"Oh, give it here," Mrs. Carter scolded, "Look!"

She snatched the phone and tapped some of the icons, then thrust it back at me. It was on the text message screen. Message from Bill-at least I knew Mr. Carter's first name now.

:Have Ty take it. I'm sure he'll be happy to help out:


I nodded shyly and took the phone back, set the camera, and Mrs. Carter resumed her pose. To be honest, I wasn't unhappy about this development at all. She had curves, for sure, but they were so statuesque, so womanly. She was clearly a mature, confident woman; a far cry from the vapid, skinny girls I'd wasted the past couple of years chasing (with occasional success...I was thinking of you, Maisie, you little pastor's daughter slut.)

I snapped a couple of pictures as Mrs. Carter shifted her pose, finally leaning forward, letting those breasts drop seductively between her arms. I kept snapping.

"That should be enough for now," Mrs. Carter asserted, sitting up and taking back her phone. She leaned back on the chaise, then up at me, beckoning to take my seat back where I had lounged. She tapped away on the phone and moments later giggled.

"Success!" she exclaimed, "That will keep him happy for his flight, even though it's just an hour. Come on, drink up, let's have one of my mai tais."

With that she jumped up, arms and breasts jiggling freely, and headed for the kitchen, seemingly singing to herself as she went.

For the next hour, possibly two we drank through a pitcher of fruity cocktails and chatted through small talk about school, Julie, school, Mr. Carter, his fiery red-headed female boss, and movies. When her phone buzzed again I realized I too had a little buzz going, and closed my eyes as I laid back chuckling lightly as she laughed at whatever message she'd received.

I think I dozed, maybe just for a minute, as Mrs. Carter's shrill "Ty!" startled me back to my senses. "Round two for Mr. Carter."

The sun now blinded me and I rubbed my eyes to try to regain focus, then rolled on my chaise to face Mrs. Carter. My mind stopped working the moment I realized that she was now completely naked. Somewhere she had ditched the bikini bottoms and was sat upright on the chaise, one leg either side, spreading them widely, though I couldn't see anything from my angle.

"Here you go; take it from the bottom there, and make sure you get everything in," she said with an ease that was disarming. I slowly got to me feet and took the phone from her.

"We like to have fun, Ty. Good, clean, adult fun, and if this makes him happy, then so be it. And it makes me feel pretty sexy that he still wants this."

Once again I nodded dumbly.

Now as I looked at the phone screen there was Mrs. Carter, leaning forward, hands on her thighs, those breasts hanging perfectly in their magnificent glory, but now with her legs wide so far that the pale pink of her inner lips contrasted so obviously with the darker coloration of her naked pussy. There was not a pubic hair in sight. As she tilted her head, ran her fingers through her hair, and even took her fingers to spread her lips even wider I kept on clicking away as I felt a stirring in my own shorts. With one hand spreading those pussy lips and the other poking a suggestive finger into her mouth, I finally stopped clicking and lowered the camera, simply staring.

"Okay, that should do it!" she said, giggling, "I'll send these then meet me in the pool, okay?"

That actually sounded like a good idea. The cool water would be refreshing and also serve as camouflage for me engorging manhood. I slid into the water quickly.

Moments later Mrs. Carter walked towards me, still completely naked and sat on the edge very close to me. She slid in and submerged herself, brushing her hair back as she surfaced and the water cascaded over her shoulders and down her breasts. While she looked at me thinking who knows what, she said nothing and spent the next few minutes swimming underwater the length of the pool, clearly not a care in the world.

I wasn't sure what to do, so just waited until finally Mrs. Carter seemed finished with her pool excursion and pulled herself out, casually brushing water from her breasts, arms, and legs, then returning to her chaise and laying out to dry in the pleasant afternoon sun. I returned to my chaise and no words were spoken. I laid back and fell asleep.


The sun had started to dip though the temperature was still very pleasant when I jolted awake to Mrs. Carter laughing heartily next to me. She was still completely naked, and was talking on what appeared to be speaker phone to someone.

"Yes, he's still here...Say Hi to Bill, Ty."

Mrs. Carter turned the phone to face me and I could see Mr. Carter grinning back on video phone.

"H...h...h...hi, Mr. Carter," I stuttered.

"Hey there, Ty. Hope you guys are looking after each other," he said, beaming a broad smile.

"Thanks, honey," Mrs. Carter said as she turned the camera back to her, then pointed it up and down her torso, pausing briefly as the camera no doubt beamed a shot of her crotch back to her husband, "I'll send it when we're done. Thanks," she finished enthusiastically.

As she switched off the phone, Mrs. Carter turned to me. "I noticed something that seems a little unfair, Ty."


"I've been naked all afternoon, and you, well, you're not. That doesn't seem fair, really, does it? Let me answer for you, it's not. Mr. Carter thought it was unfair, and since I'm not putting anything back on, the only option is for you to join me. So there you have it, it's decided. I can give you a hand if you need..."

Oh no. I had promised Mr. Carter I wouldn't say no. But instantly I just knew I'd not be able to stop myself getting an erection. In front of Mrs. Carter.

"Do you want me to call him back and tell him that you're not playing fair?" Mrs. Carter said in a serious tone, but with a wry smile curling on the edge of her lips. "Come here, let me help."

I slowly stood up and stood in front of Mrs. Carter. She reached a hand to my stomach and lightly brushed her nails over my skin in a way that caused instant goosebumps. Then she dragged that tough down to the elastic of my swim shorts, then over the material and down to where my penis was slowly starting to react. I just looked straight ahead as I felt those nails catch my glans, then glide upwards along my shaft again. It was happening.

"Let's do this properly, shall we?"

Mrs. Carter hooked her fingers between my hips and shorts and slowly pulled them down my legs. We had been here before, but this time I didn't make any dash for home. As my shorts hit my ankles I finally looked down and Mrs. Carter was eye level with my growing manhood.

"Oh, I love seeing this," she said, looking back up at me, "I think I may be turning you on, Ty, what do you think?"

Yet another dumb nod.

"You have a beautiful cock, so thick..."

I returned my gaze to straight ahead, letting whatever was going on to simply happen.

"Can I just say one thing, though?"

Dumb nod.

"Trim this," she said, pulling at the dark blond pubic hair that puffed out and around my entire groin, "and shave these," she added, flicking gently at my balls. "Just a suggestion."

Another one I was not allowed to say "No" to?

She scraped those nails from my balls along the underside of my shaft before pausing at the head and with just a couple of light fingers lifted it towards her mouth. I had to witness this and looked down as Mrs. Carter's eyes met mine and the head of my cock disappeared into her warm, wet mouth. That was it. I was instantly hard, possibly as much as I had ever been in my life. My cock was throbbing, and I clenched my ass cheeks to try and ensure I didn't just explode immediately.

Slowly Mrs. Carter pushed her head forwards, her lips slipping easily half way down my shaft before she held that position and with one hand started to knead at my scrotum. As she pulled backwards her other hand grasped at the base and started its own back and forth motion.

While one hand slowly jerked my cock and the other flicked my balls between her fingers, Mrs. Carter nodded towards her phone.

"Mr. Carter would like video when you cum on me, so make sure you don't miss it, though I know keeping a steady hand might be tricky. Do your best, hon, he'll really appreciate it."

It was so confident and matter-of-fact, and I guess I knew where this was ending. Happily!

Mrs. Carter didn't let go as I reached down for the phone and got the video app loaded and ready. As I aimed the device I felt her warm breath as she used the tip of her tongue to flick the underside of my glans; she pursed her lips and kissed the head, then pushed forward, synchronized with her hand pulling back on my shaft. Moment later I got that fateful sense that I was about to pass the point of no return. I tensed and Mrs. Carter pulled her head back.

"Video. Start it now."

I hit the button so the little red dot appeared and focused it on the top of her head, then lowered it so that the frame captured her face from the side with my cock pushing against the side of mouth. Mrs. Carter picked up the speed with both her mouth and hand and in seconds that point arrived and I let out a guttural groan.

Mrs. Carter pulled back and lifted her chin, her eyes focused on mine, her hand now rapidly jerking along the full length of my incredibly hard cock. I tried to keep the camera steady but it was shaking, though I think I had my cock and her face both in focus.

I held my breath and with one last pull back, Mrs. Carter held my shaft and the first stream fired out, hitting her under the chin and immediately dropping in a white, creamy blob into the cleavage of those naked breasts. The next was epic, and lived with me for years, as I saw it fire with as much force as I'd ever felt, and sailed over her head, landing somewhere on the chaise behind her. The next seemed to loop in slow-motion before landing on her forehead, streaking down the side of her nose.

Mrs. Carter cooed with closed eyes as she felt the warm man juice cover her. The next hit the bottom of her nose and pooled in the corner of her mouth, until she opened it and let gravity drop the stream into her mouth.

She restarted the jerking of my cock, eking out the last few drips that dotted her breasts. With her head still back and eyes closed she released my cock and took her forefinger, wiping it down the length of the stream I had deposited on her face, and along her nose, finally pushing it into her mouth and closing her lips around it before taking an exaggerated gulp as she swallowed away the evidence.

Finally, she opened her eyes and a huge grin crossed her face. I was still dumbfounded and had totally forgotten about the camera that had been directed her way this entire time.

"Wow. You young guys. I love it."

She looked down at the streaks of semen trickling over her breasts and nipples and again wiped them up with a finger before licking off the remnants.

My cock was slowly drooping and I could feel a bubble of semen on the tip, but Mrs. Carter also noticed and lifted it to her mouth before sliding the tip of her tongue along the length of my cock slit.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm!" She seemed satisfied with the outcome.

"Did you get it all?"

"The all what?"

"Video. Did you record it? For Mr. Carter."

As though it were burning the flesh on my hand I hurriedly handed Mrs. Carter the phone. She hit a few buttons and a few seconds later held it out so I could see the screen and see—a little shakily—my cum stream over her head, then on to her face.

"Excellent," she proclaimed," he'll love this. I'm going to send it right now. Then we can go in, get a bit cleaned up and get something to eat. Sound good?"

Dumb nod.


Mrs. Carter had wrapped her silk robe around herself, but discarded it after she discovered she had laid in that second burst of sperm that had landed on the chaise, and it formed an awkward stain. So now she had thrown on an almost sheer pink night gown that covered barely to the base of her ass. But she had allowed me to put my shorts back on, but not before brushing against my cock, playfully jerking on it to 'see how long it takes before it's ready to fire again.'

I sat at the breakfast bar while she fixed salad plates and opened a Sauvignon Blanc, which was extremely refreshing it turned out, since I'd never had wine before. But maybe the mix with the cocktails and beer wasn't such a good idea as I felt light-headed and sleepy. The mammoth ejaculation probably contributed to the euphoric, relaxing feeling, too.

It was odd to then engage in small talk with Mrs. Carter as we munched on the rabbit food. Each time I blinked I had a picture of her face receiving my load etched on to the insides of my eyelids. I think Mrs. Carter might have also been feeling some of the effects of the booze in the afternoon sun. She was giggly and flirty. When she retrieved the wine bottle from the fridge for a refill she bent at the waist, her ass pointed straight at me, giving me an unforgettable view of her pussy lips bulging between her thighs.

Mr. Carter called just as we were putting the plates in the sink. She took the call in the living room, which worried me. I know she'd sent the video. Maybe he wasn't at all happy.

"Mr. Carter says 'Great job', he loves it, and thanks you," Mrs. Carter blurted in a high-pitched squeak when she returned. "He said there's a list of tasks on cards in our dresser...and there's a bonus in it for you if you can help me out."

"Help you?"

"Yes, don't worry, it's not spreading dirt...well, not that kind of dirt!" She laughed sexily at her own joke. "I mean, we don't want you to do anything you don't like, of course. But, well..." she went coy for a moment, tilting her head to the side and dropping her chin as her eyes lifted to mine, fluttering them slightly, " do like me, right? I mean, this big old body doesn't gross you out?"

"Oh no, no, no...not at all. If you don't mind me saying, Mrs. Carter, I think you're very sexy."

I caught myself. Did I go too far?

She walked towards me with an exaggerated hip thrust as though she were on a catwalk in Milan and lightly lay her fingers on my bicep before dragging it down to my hand, intertwining her fingers with mine. Then, with her eyes fixed on mine she leaned towards me and kissed me full on the lips. It was soft, she smelled of peaches, I opened my mouth slightly and immediately felt her tongue slip inside and gently caress the tip of my tongue, and the back of my teeth. I'd never felt anything like it; I didn't really know what it was; but I liked it.

She maneuvered our locked hands to rest on my crotch, then let my hand go and continued to rub up and down as I started to get hard.

"I think we should cross a couple of to-dos off Mr. Carter's list. What do you think, Ty?"

Dumb nod.

She took my hand again and started to lead me through the house before pushing open the door of her bedroom.

"Make yourself comfortable...without those...and I'll be back in a sec."

It gave me a moment to ponder the day so far. One that I knew would go down in history, and I had no idea where it was still to take me.

Somewhat brazenly I quickly pulled down my shorts and tossed them on to a nearby chair and slowly started to jerk at my cock so it might be fully hard by the time she arrived.

The clink of glasses on a wine bottle signaled Mrs. Carter's return. She was awkwardly positioned as she walked in and I realized it's because she had her phone pressed into her cleavage and her arms where holding her breasts together while they also held the beverages. I jumped to assist, my erect cock bouncing as I reached for the glasses, and we both giggled about the awkward spectacle.

She poured two very hefty glasses and positioned me seated back at the end of the bed. My cock flopped to the left as it always did, but retained all its firmness. Mrs. Carter stepped backwards to the door, paused, then with all the sultry she could muster took tiny steps back towards me, pulling the night gown over her head as she stopped at my feet. If I wasn't fully hard before, that did the trick.

"It seems you're ready! Now we need to do the same for me! I have all of Mr. Carter's requests on cards, but I don't know exactly what they are, or what order, so we'll find out together, okay?"

Dumb nod.

She reached for the dresser, draping her breasts on my stomach and thigh, opened the drawer and turned over the top card.

"He wants a picture of each of these, apparently, unless it says 'video' okay?"

"Have you ever...erm...ever played this game before?"

"First time for all of us," Mrs. Carter said with a low chuckle, "we sexted of course, but doesn't everyone, and used Skype for video chats that didn't involve a lot of chatting, if you know what I mean... But this game was a new one he wanted to try, but needed a willing partner, which I'm so happy is you, Ty. And I hope you are, too. Maybe you can take some of the ideas with you to college...I bet there are a few girls willing to try anything once as they, ahem, find themselves. You just have to find them."

"I never asked what Mr. Carter did for a living."

"Security. Some sort of security systems installations. Big brain is Mr. Carter. And a big cock. And a big appetite for games, particularly ones that end up with us naked, alone or with others." She paused. "Though this game is real, it's not our first shared rodeo, if you get my drift... Anyway, let's see what this first card says...Oh, this one is easy enough. Maybe they're in some form of order and he's just warming us up."

"What is it?"

"Just a picture of, and I quote, my glistening pink. It's what he calls my cooch when it's spread and lubricated either artificially or naturally. Haha. Grab the camera and we'll knock this one out in a jiffy...if you get what I mean!"

Mrs. Carter lay back on the bed as I grabbed the phone. She spread her legs, put two fingers in her mouth, then moved them down to her clitoris. Her other hand spread her outer lips and I got a real close-up view of the 'pink.' Her eyes closed and she started to bite her bottom lip and squirm as the effect of her fingers on that tiny nodule had the desired effect.

I zoomed in and out with the phone, moved angles, and watched the show that was hot enough to keep me hard, clicking the button the entire time. I thought she was going to cum as her breathing quickened and her fingers flicked rapidly exactly where they needed to be. As she tossed on the bed, her naked breasts flopping from side to side, I was sure she was about to bring herself to orgasm. But suddenly she stopped and propped herself on her elbows.
"I'm not sure what the cards are going to say, but I can guess, and Ty I want you inside me right now. Take a picture with just the tip in, then another when you're balls deep, then forget the camera and give me the fucking that I want right now."

Dumb nod.

Mrs. Carter lifted the knees of her spread legs and I stood in front of her, guiding the tip of my cock towards her glistening pink. The head glided just inside her soft, crinkled inner lips with ease. I paused, pointed the camera down and clicked. It turned me on to see my cock so delicately poised. And from this angle also made me realize that Mrs. Carter was right about trimming. I thought I would look a good inch or two longer if not for the forest of pubes blocking part of the view.

I slowly pushed my hips forward and Mrs. Carter sucked in air as she felt me spread the sides of her love canal. It was so erotic I wanted to go so slowly, but feared I might shoot my load before even getting as far as I could. But I reached that point and leaned back to take those pictures that basically showed my pubes pushed up against her clit. I tried a few angles and then, as instructed, tossed the camera on the bed and leaned forward, propping my weight on my hands, and leaning down to kiss Mrs. Carter. I think she was a little shocked by this, but quickly her hands pulled my face into hers as we swapped saliva while my cock pulsed in the warm depths of her pussy.

When she let go of my face I backed my cock out so that just the head remained and then with a little more force pushed deep inside her causing her to gasp a breathless 'yes.' I backed out again and her hands reached around to my hips and then my butt cheeks, and as I started to thrust forward she dug in her fingernails and pulled, adding more force, adding the sound I'd only heard in porno movies as my thighs slapped against her ass. We picked up the pace and maintained all the force.

Mrs. Carter gulped and groaned loudly with each thrust. She referenced the good Lord who undoubtedly would have been impressed by this performance. As we hit a powerful rhythm she released my ass and grabbed at her breasts and pulled them up by her erect nipples. It looked painful, but she clearly didn't care...or enjoyed it.

Beads of sweat were running down my forehead and I didn't want to drop on her, so I paused a second to get my balance and wipe my face on my arm.

"No, no...keep going, don't stop."

I did as commanded and hooked my arms under her knees, lifting her legs to see if I could eke another fraction of depth as I pounded into her hot wet pussy. Between the thigh slapping sounds and the slurps of my cock deep inside her, the grunts and groans there was a cacophony of sex noise. But I suddenly realized I didn't know where she wanted me to finish, and it wouldn't be long. At that moment, as I thought about my own orgasm Mrs. Carter pushed my chest up so that I was more upright, then reached down to her pussy and as I pushed in and pulled out rubbed furiously across her clitoris. She started to squeal. A long, continuous squeal. High-pitched, and higher, and higher yet as her back arched, her body tensed and she opened her mouth wide letting out a new, deeper, guttural yell as her sodden pussy clenched around my cock. And then she relaxed. I slowed my pace but kept a low impact thrust as her body twitched and her head swished side to side.

She finally opened her eyes, gulped air, and answered my unasked question: "I want you to finish inside me. Give me your load. Oh, and then take a cream pie picture. I bet that's on the list."

I picked up my pace and Mrs. Carter started to slowly circle her nipples with her fingers, teasing them, and me in the process.

"Oh, Ty, give it to me. Your cock feels so good. So big. It's the best I've ever had. Mmmm...Ty, let me feel it."

If her intention was to talk dirty and get me to finish quicker, it was working. I relaxed my control and looked down to see the beauty and eroticism of my cock sliding with ease inside her slick pussy; I looked at her breasts as she cupped them together and teased her nipples; I looked in her eyes, saw her smile, and in seconds felt my balls tighten. I lifted her legs again to push in deep and felt the cum rise into position before with a hard, full thrust I fired it inside her far as I could reach. She yelped slightly with each thrust until I knew I was empty, spent. I lowered her legs and leaned forward. It was incredibly how we could look each other in the eye, and I kissed her moist red lips tenderly as my cock continued to pulse gently in the warmth of her cooch.

I pulled out slowly but easily as her juices and my cum mingled into a slick lubricant. Quickly I grabbed the camera and dropped to my knees to point it at her pussy as Mrs. Carter pressed on her abdomen, causing white blobs of my sperm to escape and drip on to the carpet. I clicked away, capturing the glistening pink covered in my cum. Maybe this was on Mr. Carter's list. Maybe not. Right now nothing else mattered.

I turned off the camera and laid it on the dresser and flopped in a sweaty heap next to Mrs. Carter. She looked at me and grinned, and as if reading my mind again said "Well, if that's not on Mr. Carter's list, it was on mine."

Mrs. Carter rolled over and laid her head on my chest and absent-mindedly ran her fingers gently through the small tuft of hair on my chest. My cock glistened in the dimming light coming through the window and rest on my thigh. I didn't dare or care to move to clean up. We stayed there for a while, not saying a word. Eventually Mrs. Carter sat up and reached for her wine glass, drinking deeply in one sip and draining it in the second.

"I need to download these pictures and send some to Mr. Carter. I'll let you know what he thinks...or he will. Either way, I'm going to shower. You're welcome to stay, get a drink, or whatever, but you kids, I don't want to keep you if you have plans."

"I guess I should be going. Mom will wonder how big this job is and I really don't want to have to explain."

We both laughed.


Back home I dashed once more to my room to avoid any quizzing and took a long cool shower as I relieved every moment with Mrs. Carter. As I dried myself off I heard my phone buzz. I'd left it here since I didn't want to get it damaged during the digging work or wet around the pool. It was a text from an unknown number. I had my share of spam over time so thought little of it as I opened it.

:Ty, this is Bill. Mr. Carter. Sounds like I owe. Like I said, consider it a personal favor.:

Wow. I texted back a simple :thx: and placed the phone back as I lay on my bed and started to doze. It buzzed again.

:Tomorrow? There are cards. Or day after?:

Wow. What else could he want? But it wasn't like I was busy. If I could add stories then why not?

:same time?:

:any time...thx champ...make it worth your while:

Well, Mrs. Carter, guess I'll see you tomorrow.

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