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My Girlfriend's Sextape

by Abrank

08/08/2016 00:22 in cuckold

"See you tonight," I say and kiss my girlfriend goodbye. She's off to work in the café, and has just come by to drop some stuff off. We don't live together, but we have been seeing each other for four years, so we probably are soon. I take her backpack and watch her ass as she runs down the stairs with her bleached blonde hair dancing around her shoulders.

A few hours later as I'm watching a Simpsons episode I have seen a thousand times before, she texts me. She wants me to charge her computer for her so her unsaved documents won't disappear. I chuckle a little about how little she knows about computers, but text her back that I will. Someone who didn't know my girlfriend would perhaps think she is a bit of a bimbo, but I know she is smart as well.

I connect the charger to her laptop and open it up. Maybe there is something other than old Simpsons episodes here, I think, and start searching for something to watch.

"Jesus!" I mutter to myself, "Why can't you just keep all the tv-series in the same folder?" They are spread all over the harddrive. A cluster on the desktop, and the rest scattered all over. I just put in a search for video files over 20 minutes instead and wait as the results start popping up.

I scroll down. Massive amounts of things I wouldn't watch. Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl and so on. I scroll through the entire list and can't find anything of interest. Checking again, I see one strange filename under a long list of Sex and the City episodes: sMu0K1QWuE.mp4, 21 minutes 3 seconds.

Having no idea this video will change my life, I double-click it with mild curiosity.

It starts with my girlfriends face in the frame. Saying, "I think it's on now!"

Oh my god, I think, please let it be a karaoke video or something! I laugh a little.

Then she moves her head, and I see a table littered with bottles and glasses. Two guys sit in the couch behind her. I think I have seen one of them before, but I have never been able to keep track of her friends.

She giggles a little and says "I'm not sure, are you guys really sure you wanna do this?

They laugh, which seems to calm her a little. She's a tall platinum bleached blonde girl With too much makeup. She is clearly drunk, her nipples are slightly poking through her black top, and she is my girlfriend.

"But this video stays private!" She demands. "You afraid someone you know is gonna see it?" One of the guys ask. "No," she says "But I don't want it all over the internet."

Definitely something embarrassing! I smile and feel a little guilty for watching it behind her back.

She heads back to the couch and sits between the two men. One of them grabs her head and starts kissing her.

My heart sinks and my jaw almost hits my chest.

The other guy grabs her head and pulls her away from the other guy "Don't romance the bitch! She's here for cock!"

What the hell did he just call my girlfriend? What the hell is this video, by the way? I struggle to think clearly.

"The second you came here, you started flirting and grinding your ass against all the guys in the party!" The guy on the screen continues talking roughly to my girlfriend.

She bites her lip and watches the guy with an innocent yet flirty look.

"You've already made out with four guys after you came here! We all knew you were after some dick!"

She laughs excitedly at the guy "Be Nice!" She says with a little slur in her voice "I'm not a slut!"

At home, with her computer in front of me, I can't believe my fucking eyes and ears. I pause the video.

"Nonononononononono!" I mutter silently, "this can't be happening." I can feel the beat of my own heart coursing through my entire body. Throbbing in my temples as my sight blurs with pure shock. This has to be some kind of joke, right? My girlfriend isn't cheating on me so there is no point in watching any more of this video! I should just close the video right away... But I don't.

My left hands goes down to my cock, I start rubbing it absentmindedly through my pants as my right hand hits the space bar and starts the video again. I tell myself that I just want to make sure nothing happened, that it was all a joke or a stupid misunderstanding.

"Well," the guy who I think I have seen somewhere before says, "if you're not a slut, then how come you are dancing for us?"

"Hmmmm..." My girlfriend looks mischievously at the two boys, "you want me to dance for you? ...okay, but no touching."

The guys just smile and lean back in the couch while my girlfriend starts fiddling with a computer. A song starts playing, Britney Spears "Toxic".

I bring my hand halfway across my eyes. I don't want to look, but I do. I don't want to rub my cock while I'm seeing my sluttily dressed girlfriend dance in front of two other men, but I do.

She starts by rolling her hips seductively toward them. She pulls her skirt up so the bottom of her buttocks is just showing. Her red lace thong is barely visible between her round asscheeks. She turns around and starts shaking her ass slowly. When she does, I can see her face. She is smiling and biting her lower lip. Working to make her ass as inviting and hypnotic as possible. It works, the guys' eyes are glued to her backside. She starts pulling her top upwards. Baring her back to the two guys first. She is gyrating her hips and sliding the garment upwards slowly in rhythm with the music.

I pause the video again. "No, why the fuck are you doing this?!" I say under my breath. Why is she teasing those guys like that. Dancing like a fucking stripper. I consider calling her, but she is always too busy to pick up when at work. At least that's what she told me. I glance at my phone. What the fuck would I tell her if I called her. It isn't exactly like she has cheated on me... I think.

"I need to know!" I say, surprising myself with how loud I say it. My left hand is still rubbing my cock as I swallow hard, take a couple of deep breaths to steady my heartbeat and press play with a shaking hand.

Her top comes off. Her back is bare toward the two guys. I know they can see the butterfly tattooed on her left shoulder. Her bra is cut low and in the same red lace fabric as her panties. Her nipples are clearly showing through the bra. She turns around to show off in front of the guys. Her skirt is halfway up her asscheeks now. From behind, I can see that she is squeezing her tits together and leaning forward, thus giving a closeup of her ass and pussy to the camera. She walks closer toward the two guys. They are still leaning back in the couch, but I can clearly see that their pants are bulging.

"No, please stop!" I mutter half heartedly as my girlfriend opens the zipper on the side of her skirt. It drops past her buttocks and falls along her long legs to the floor. She steps out of the bundled garment. Bra, panties and black high-heeled pumps is the only thing she is wearing now.

The sense of betrayal is sickening. She is so intensely hot, so dangerously sexy as she stands there letting the two guys ogle her nearly naked body. And I'm so fucking hard. My dick is straining painfully against my pants as I sit there and rub it with two fingers. I unbuckle my belt and zip down my pants to relieve the pressure. My boxers are wet with precum. I start slowly rubbing my cock through them instead. I have to see more. I don't want to, but I have to.

"It's not fair if I'm the only one undressing," she says as the song dies out.

The guys lean forward on the sofa as my girlfriend walks up to them. Her tits are right in front of the face of the guy who I have seen before, just hanging in front of him as she bends over and start pulling his t-shirt off.

God, no!! I think as I keep rubbing my cock. The other guy uses the opportunity to grab her ass. My girlfriend lets him for a few seconds, and I can hear her sigh pleasurably before she pushes his hand away, "No touching, I said!" She looks at him a tad too long before she pulls the other guy's shirt off.

The guy who just grabbed her ass is wearing a buttoned shirt. My girlfriend moves on to him. She sits down and gently spreads his thighs and positions herself between them on her knees. Her breasts are touching the guy's crotch as she leans forward and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

I can see on her back that she is breathing heavily as she leans into the guy's crotch. She stands up and makes sure that her breasts trace all the way up his naked upper body and presses them against his face for a couple of very long seconds before she stands up.

"Maybe you should lose the bra?" The guy says, it's the first real thing he has said in the video.

"What?" My girlfriend says, "but you haven't gotten out of your pants yet. Get rid of them!" She finds the clasp of her bra with one of her hands and unhooks it but keep it on.

The guys start taking off their pants. Their movements are a little awkward, but my girlfriend looks at them in an interested fashion.

I stare at them, terrified at what is going to happen next. My boxers' frontside are completely soaked with precum by now. I keep staring at my girlfriend's ass, my eyes almost touching the screen as I stand up and pull my own pants down and sit with them around my ankles.

"Please," I mutter, "please!" And I keep fondling my cock unsure of what I am really begging for.

The guys are sitting on the couch in only their underwear, My girlfriend stare at their crotches. Both are standing up like sails. The guy on the left looks big, bigger than me. This is the guy I haven't seen before. The guy on the right, who seems familiar, is even bigger.

My girlfriend drops her bra and bares her firm breasts for the two guys.

"Nooooo!" I clench my teeth and grip my cock painfully. "You fucking bitch!" I say and keep on pulling my dick through my boxers. I have never been so hard nor felt so betrayed and angry in my life.

She drops down her knees, supporting herself with one hand on each of their thighs. I can see their cocks twitching beneath their underwear.

Then something strange happens.

I hear the familiar sound of my girlfriend's phone. She pauses what she is doing and picks her phone up from her purse. She sighs a little annoyed sigh, mutes the music and signal for the guys with on finger over her lips. She pushes a button on the phone, and puts it in the couch between the two men.

"Hiya!" She says in a singsong voice.

My heart sinks in my stomach and I stop rubbing my cock as I hear my own voice come out of the speaker.

"Hey babe, how's the party?"

Fuck, I think, this isn't happening, this hasn't happened. My mouth becomes dry and my heart feels like it's going to jump out of my chest.

My girlfriend sits down on her knees in front of the guy on the right.

"Oh, it's pretty much over now. Just hanging out with Suzy."

"Aha, cool! Are you still coming over later? I miss you."

The two guys look like they are going to crack up with laughter, but manage to stay quiet. My girlfriend doesn't miss a beat and with her mouth inches away from the guy's cock she says "Sorry, I don't think I'll make it tonight."

"Why not!?" I blush at hearing how whiny my voice sounds. My girlfriend is actually touching the guys erection with her lips as she is speaking.

"Suzy is having some boyfriend trouble, and she really needs to talk to me. I think I'll have to spend the night at her place." She grabs the guy with her hand and places a little kiss on his cock. The guys are still looking like they can burst out in laughter any second.

"Okay babe, see you tomorrow morning then." My voice sounds disappointed.

"See yah!" My girlfriend hangs up.

With my mouth wide open, I stare at the video.

The two guys finally burst out in laughter. My girlfriend joins them with her hand still around the guy's cock.

"You are such a fucking slut!" One of the guys say while shaking his head.

"What?" My girlfriend smiles and look at him innocently, "I just have some needs, that's all."

My face turns completely red at the comment: I'm not able to satisfy her. She's here with her tits out in front of two men, both have bigger cocks than me. Once again, I don't want to see what happens next, but I keep watching and absentmindedly pull my rock hard dick out of my boxers and start stroking.

In the video, my girlfriend pulls the guy's boxers down and releases his cock.

"Mmmmh!" She exclaims with hungry excitement as she stares at the erect rod. She sticks her tongue out and slowly licks a drop of pre-cum off the bulbous cock head. She squeezes it hard and gives it a couple of slow jerks.

"Ngh!" The guy groans with satisfaction as he looks at her. She licks the underside of his shaft slowly a couple of times, seemingly while keeping eye-contact with him. I know how dirty she looks when she does this. How absolutely horny and hungry for cock the look in her eyes is.

"You know," he clears his throat, clearly struggling not to groan from pleasure again "I saw your boyfriend at work just yesterday." My girlfriend doesn't stop, she just says "mhmm," concentrating on spreading her saliva on the underside of the guy's erection.

Boom! It hits me, clear as daylight, that's the guy from the supermarket! The guy with the annoying smug smile! Fuck, now it makes sense!

My girlfriend twirls her tongue around the edge of his cockhead a couple of times before taking all of it in her mouth. She starts bobbing her head slowly up and down. Takes him a little further each time. She brings the hand she's not using on the guy between her legs inside her panties and starts rubbing her pussy.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?" The other guy grabs my girlfriends hand and guides it toward his dick. She looks up for a couple of seconds and breaths heavily while drooling over the first guy's cock. She pulls the second cock out and starts jerking it slowly while she gets back to sucking on the first.

"Fffffuuuck!" I wheeze through gritted teeth while I keep angrily stroking my rock hard cock.

My girlfriend's panties are visibly wet now that she is using both hands to satisfy the two guys. For several minutes I hear their pleasured grunts along with her soft, humming moans and sucking noises as she alternates between sucking and jerking them off. She always gives attention to both of them. She seems to revel in the sensation of having two dicks at her disposal.

One of the guys leans forward and slips his hand inside her panties from behind. "Mmhmmhh!" My girlfriend moans with pleasure over the cock in her mouth and I can clearly see how she's wiggling her ass to get the guy's fingers further into her cunt.

"Damn, the slut is wet!"

I just stare at the video. To these guys, my girlfriend is nothing but a cockhungry party slut. Just a set of holes for them to use. And she is loving it!

With her lips on the guy's balls, his big dick resting on her face, my girlfriend brings both hands to her panties and pulls them down to reveal her pussy.

"What the fuck?!?" I wheeze through gritted teeth. She's practically presenting her cunt to the fucking stranger! I continue to jerk off furiously.

My girlfriend looks back at the guy who is standing on his knees behind her. Her face is a mask of slutty makeup and arousal, she is biting her lower lip and the look in her eyes is hungry. I can see her grip on the big cock in front of her tightening.

The sound she makes when the guy plunges into her pussy is one I have never heard her make before. It has an almost animalistic and desperate quality to it. Instinctively she takes the other guy's cock deep into her throat and starts thrusting back and forth between them. All the time she is grunting and moaning like a pornstar.

The guy sitting on the couch rises up to be able to pound his big cock into her face. The two guys high-five over her back. Her sounds of pleasure amid the slapping noises of bodies coming together are all I hear.

"Fuck her!" I snarl at them, "Fuck her like the whore she is!" I have to slow down my stroking to avoid blowing right away. I try to steady my breath and jerk off with long slow strokes while watching the two guys double team my girlfriend mesmerized.

"Ahh, ahhh!" She pulls off the cock in her mouth to be able to catch a couple of deep breaths. I can see strands of drool and precum still connecting the dick and her mouth. She gently places a hand on the hip of the guy behind her to slow him down.

"Let's, mh, switch!" She says before giving the cock in front of her one last lick, "I want to taste my pussy!"

I clutch my cock as if trying to strangle it. My breath comes out in furious short bursts as I see my girlfriend turn around and face the camera. Her face is a complete mess of running makeup, drool and flushed cheeks. She has been sucking cock with desire and vigour, that is for sure.

The man who until a moment ago was fucking her pussy grabs her hair and turns her head upwards. My girlfriend sticks her tongue out submissively. Her heavy breathing stops and is replaced with soft, humming moans when her mouth is plugged with the guy's big cock.

Her eyes suddenly grow big for a moment. She stops working on the dick in her mouth and her lips just forms an "o" around it. She grabs it in her hand and turns around with a slightly insecure smile on her lips.

"You... want to, mh, fuck me the-re?" Her voice is trembling with tension and arousal.

"Don't pretend you don't want it!" The guy behind her says and moves slightly.

"Ha-ah!" My girlfriend lets out a high-pitched squeal, "just be- be- careful at first!". She keeps stroking the dick in front of her steadily while she leans her head against the guy's thigh and squeezes his buttock with her free hand. Her eyes are wide open and I can see clench her teeth as she is being stretched.

I stare transfixed into her eyes on the computer screen. She is in pain, but she is also in a whole lot of pleasure, so to speak. The knuckles on her hand are whitening and I can see that her jaw is shaking. He is slowly, slowly penetrating her tight ass. A small thrust, pulling a little back, then another small thrust just a little deeper. It feels like it goes on forever. She makes a tiny short breath through her gritted teeth each time he thrusts.

"Four years," I mutter. Four years I have been with her, and I have never fucked her ass. She has never gritted her teeth like that, I have never heard those whimpering little sounds as a cock is being forced inch by inch through her puckered little anus.

He seems to have gotten his whole length in when my girlfriend opens her mouth and lets out a desperate moan.

"Ooooh mmm- yesss!" There is something primal in her voice, as if having her ass stuffed has flipped a switch. "I had forgotten how good that could be!"

She greedily wraps her lips around the other guy's cock again and starts pushing her face against him. Bobbing back and forth as she is fucked slowly up her ass.

My stroking follows their rythm. Slowly at first and then faster and faster as she seems to have fully accomodated the thick cock in her ass. Her muffled moans become louder and I can hear the slapping of skin against skin again, he is fucking her ass hard now. She puts one hand between her legs and starts fingering her pussy while being fucked from both ends.

It goes on. I mindlessly jerk off while watching the intense display. The two guys grunting, my girlfriend's desperate moans around one of their cocks fill my ears. When she once again pulls the cock out of her mouth I see her drooling like a mindless slut.

"I need the big one in my ass!" She shouts now. There is a desperate snarl in the back of her throat, begging but commanding. She quickly turns around again and spreads her asscheeks with both hands. I can see her ass now, gaping, welcoming. It's a fuckhole for the two strangers, a way for them to pleasure themselves. The guy with the biggest cock leans down and lets a big glob of spit hit my girlfriend's gaping asshole.
"Mmmmh- come on!" She begs.

He pushes the head of his huge cock towards her anus. This time I can see as she is penetrated. It goes faster. Three thrusts, and he has buried his member inside my girlfriend's ass.

"Oh yes!!" She shouts "You're ripping me apart!" She aggressively pushes her ass back on his cock and arches her back.

The guy delivers two stinging slaps to her soft buttcheeks and grabs her hair. The other guy has sat down on the sofa, and just keeps himself hard while watching. After a little while, he gets up and slaps her face with his dick a couple of times.

It seems like she proceeds to suck on his balls while his cock rubs against her upturned face. I can hear the wet sucking noises as my eyes keep watching her ass being fucked.

"I want this one in my cunt!" She says through gritted teeth. "One big fucking cock in each hole!"

"Yes, fucking do her!" I whisper, "Stretch her holes!" My entire cock is slick with my own precum it's dripping onto my chair.

She quickly, as if in a hurry, leads the guy that had been fucking her ass to the couch and sits him down. While biting her lip, she eases herself down on him with her back to him and her legs spread. I can clearly see the huge cock stretching her ass. I place my face right in front of the screen and squint to get a better look. The other guy blocks the view, but I can barely see him penetrating her dripping pussy.

"Yes!!" My girlfriend shouts. "Fuck me, guys! Fuck me!!" I can see her face over the shoulder of the guy in her pussy. She seems delirious. She moans and cries and seems to desperately want to move to make the penetration deeper and harder, but she is really not in control. The guy fucking her ass holds her hips firmly and the guy doing her pussy holds her head by her hair.

She closes her eyes and screams in pleasure. Cumming with two dicks inside her, none of them mine. It seems to last forever, I can see black mascara tears running down her flushed cheeks as she pants with her tongue literally hanging out of her mouth.

My stroking intensifies. I can feel myself going over the edge soon. I clench my teeth and watch my girlfriend go insane from pleasure. Pleasure I have never seen before.

"Oh shit I'm gonna-" the guy sitting on the couch says before giving her asshole a couple of powerful thrusts. Her head shakes on her limp neck as he shoots his load deep into her colon. The guy doing her pussy just pushes her off his friend leaving her on her back in the couch.

"Open your mouth, bitch! On your knees!" He says. Almost crosseyed from all the endeavours of the night, she slumps off the couch and onto the floor. She stands on her knees with her mouth open and her tongue out.

"AAAGH!" The guy groans as he lets it fly.

His moan is drowned out by my own, though. As he sprays my girlfriend's face, tongue and tits with his sperm, mine shoots out all over the computer screen and the keyboard. I feel my entire body shudder with each powerful shot. I have never experienced anything like it.

I sink back into my chair while watching my girlfriend scoop up a rope of cum and greedily licking it off her fingers.

My mind is completely blank. I don't want to think about what I have just seen or done. After a short while, my girlfriend goes over to camera, ropes of cum still dripping from her face and tits, and turns it off. A droplet of sperm hangs off her chin as the picture freezes on her smiling face.

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