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New Sensations Ch. 02

by Goose

07/11/2016 10:01 in cheating

Almost as if by fate, things progressed even further after that.

One day Nikki was getting curious, and brought up the 'top sites' list on my mac's browser, which is just sort of out of character for her. We've always had a great degree of trust and respect for each others' privacy and property. Anyway, she was getting curious, which I really don't mind. But she saw the collection of different cuckold-oriented porn sites I'd been going to.

Just like so many of you will know from your own experience, it started out on here, reading stories of men who let their wives fuck other men. Or of women who forced their men to watch them get fucked by a guy who possessed a superior physique or sexual prowess. Or maybe a room full of guys with bigger cocks than the husband's. I started checking out cuckold porn on a couple different sites. After a couple years of indulgence, it became my sole preoccupation in my sex fantasies. The only stuff I was looking for was cuckolding porn.

Well, Nikki picked right up on this from the history on display, and she was a really good sport about it. She asked me to sit with her so we could watch some of these cuckolding movies together.

"Honestly, honey," she said, "Everybody has their kinks —God knows, we've explored mine a little bit now— I want to experience yours with you and... understand them better." Of course, we both already knew to some extent that our different fetishes tended to neatly overlap. Something told me the little slut in her was looking for excuses to play with some more strange cock.

That first time we watched a cuckolding movie together, it was intense. She started rubbing my cock through my pants —commenting on its unsurpassed stiffness. She took it out, and stroked and squeezed it just once or twice before I came all over her. After a while, she was just tugging absently at my softening cock. She turned slowly to look at me. Her eyes were very strange, as I felt her watch me react to the story unfolding onscreen of indfidelity, humiliation and submission.

"Honey, I don't understand. Do you really want me to do... stuff like this?" She looked at the screen, and then back to me —curious, like on an existential level. "Like, more than I already have?"

I looked at her. I was so hard again. I loved her so much. I didn't know what to say.

"What do you mean more? Like more often, or more... um... sexual?"

"Well, both I guess."

"Um..." I didn't feel totally comfortable with my role in this space. I wanted to make Nikki realize how much I wanted to see her get truly fucked. But it wasn't established enough territory to feel totally secure about what I was saying. "I guess, yes?"

"Are you really sure you're ready to watch me do that? To..." she watched me closely as she said the words. " take another man's cock inside of me? I was kind of worried there might be blowback from the night at the bar... you know, with Andre & I—"

"Honey, I don't know..." I was delaying an answer. I was worried about the floodgate we were about to open, "...I guess, yes."

Her eyes opened suddenly. Surprised, and more than a little hungry... that's the only way I can describe it. "I was almost positive I would be able to tease you to the point that you would change your mind, but you're serious aren't you?"

"Nikki, you want me to say it? Yes. My biggest fantasy? It's to..." I look at her, apprehensive . " It's to... ...present you. to other men. To, like, take off your clothes for them. So they can..."

Nikki watched me carefully as I confessed.

"...So they can touch you..."

I gulped.

"I'd kneel down in front of you, and pull your panties down your thighs, and hold your ass cheeks apart, so he can find your pussy with it..."

"—With what?—" She hissed, and looked at me with a mysterious, dominant regard.

"With his cock."

Now Nikki starts rubbing herself.

"I'll hold your ass open and kiss your clitoris, as he saws at your pussylips with his big cockhead. I want to hold you in my arms and comfort you as he puts his big dick in you. I want to kiss you and tell you I love you as he gives you orgasm after orgasm. I want to see you fucked like I could never fuck you. I want you to have every pleasure you crave, I don't care what it is."

We sit holding each other, slowly caressing each other. I felt such relief after letting all of this out in detail with Nikki. At length, she spoke.

"Well, this sounds totally crazy but now that I know what your fantasies are about, it almost feels like this is how it's... supposed to be?"

I didn't know if I understood her or not.

"What do you mean, Nikki?"

"Well, Malcom, I guess what I mean is that I spend a lot of my time wishing I was getting fucked by other men than you."

I nearly passed out. I think I did, maybe. For a microsecond. I came in my pants. I know that much for sure.

"I think my body NEEDS to get fucked by other men, or something."

"Honey are you just—?—"

"—Sh. Just listen, baby," she says. "I have a problem, Malcom."

I didn't know how to take this. I remained silent a moment.

"Honey, as far back as I can remember... I have fantasized about sucking... and... fucking... probably half the men who cross my path. I think I'm like a closet nympho, or something. It's why I haven't been happy. I've been containing these intense cravings since I was a young teenager. My parents even had me see a therapist after I tried to suck my dad's friend's dick once in high school."

"What the fuck?!" I could not believe what I was hearing.

"Oh I'm so sorry, honey —you're disgusted now, aren't you?"

"No, baby. I'm incredibly horny."

Nikki laughed lovingly.

"I think, even though your dick is just average size, it's not that I don't enjoy it. It was amazing to feel Andre's the other night. I've thought about it a lot since. I think it's psychological. Like, I feel like I'm accomplishing something when I get to play around with a bigger dick"

I just sat there, gulping as my cock stiffened by the second.

"Honey, it's never occurred to me until now but what if we've been living our life together all wrong?"


"Just listen. It's really obvious. Simple. We love each other. There's nobody that can tell me we don't, baby. But you do want to watch me get fucked. Right?"

I hesitated to answer.

"Honey, you do. You just told me. You got turned on watching me make out with Dan. You jacked off while I played with Andre's big fat European dick."

I gulped.

"The ONLY PORN you WATCH is about men watching their wives get fucked by other guys."

"Okay! Okay. Yes. I want to watch you so bad, Nikki."

"Okay. So the next step, as I see it, is I'd... —I don't know, I guess I'd find a guy to bring home and fuck me in front of you."


"Or we could invite Dan over."

"Are you serious?"

She kissed me under each eye. "Baby,"

I looked in her eyes. So beautiful. And, despite the crazy thing we were talking about, I felt more connected to her than I had ever been in my life. Like this area of our shared existence, which had been fraught with so much complication and disappointment, had suddenly opened up before us in a way that made complete mutual sense.

"You'd fuck Dan?" I looked in her eyes, and watch her lips curve into a mischievous smile. Almost shocked at her words, I wanted to know this was really coming from her. Her glittering blue eyes just reflected love and compassion back on me.

"Baby, only if you wanted me to. If it made you uncomfortable, I'd..."

"Oh, god." I kissed her. She kissed me back. "Oh, fuck..."

We started mauling each other. The rest of the night was a bunny-rabbit-esque blur.

She called me Dan that night.

In the morning we approached the subject over coffee.

"So Malcom, I'm trying to imagine —This man I'm going to fuck in front of you, is he a stranger? Or a friend of ours? I've been thinking about it, and I can't decide which would be safer. For us."

"Yeah, I was actually thinking about the same thing. I actually have to say, there's something about the moment you just made out with Dan that was even hotter than watching you play with Andre's dick."

"You think you could deal with that? Knowing your friends know you want your wife to get fucked by other men?"

"Well, it's kind of complicated, I think."

"Complicated how?"

"Well, I guess there's a part of me that is affected just by the reality of it."


"Like if, say, Dan was to fuck you in front of me..."

Nikki grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

"When it was over, you would be mine only —well, it wouldn't really be over, right? I mean, Dan would know that he could have you. Any time he came over, it might turn into that again."

"...Yes, I see. And that worries you? I should just let strangers fuck me, then?"

"No, um, the idea that someone can come and just take you like that..."


"The idea that you make yourself their slut, whenever they want —it really turns me on. Like, if our home just operated like a fucking tribe of Bonobos or something —just anytime we had my friends over they'd be touching you the entire time. Every football game would like end in an orgy."

"Wow, you've actually put a lot of thought into this, haven't you?"

"I keep imagining this scene where my friends come in to watch a game or something, and they walk in and find you dressed in some insane lingerie, just acting like everything's normal. Waiting for them to react to you. Letting them do anything to you they had the balls to try."

"Well that's just what we should do, then, baby!"

A few days later we had set a date for a poker game - though we didn't end up playing much cards that night.

We decided to start out with her just wearing revealing clothing when my friends came over and teasing them with flashes and maybe some dirty-talk. If one of them had the balls to touch her, or to kiss her, or anything —and we were definitely hoping for that to happen— she was going to go along with it and see where it led.

She appeared in the doorway, the form-fitting dress stopping just low enough to conceal the cleft of her pussymound. If she wanted to give them a show, it would take no effort at all on her part.

All the guys got quiet. Except Dan, of course. Dan let out a wolf-whistle almost as quick as the other guys got quiet.

"Oh, do you like my dress?" she asked coyly.

"Beautiful —you're so, —wow." That was Cody. He had a hard time being open with his reaction to women. Dan, not so much.

He looked over at me for the briefest instant, then got up and walked over to her, arms wide for a hug. "Nikki..."

She held her arms up, still cradling the beers. Dan just wrapped his arms around her anyway, and squeezed her tight in his arms. He was the instigator, like we agreed, but I did notice her press her hips hard against his.

I watched as Dan's beefy hands slid down from her shoulders to her waist and to the tops of her hips. He held her back from him partways —they were still rooted against each other at the pelvis— and she smiled submissively at him as he squeezed her hips in his hands.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm kinda losing interest in cards..."

Nikki set the drinks down, and stood there gently pumping her thighs in place.

She fanned her hand against her chest, coquettish. "Boy it's gotten hot in here all of a sudden..."

Dan said, "Well, you could take off that dress..."

Nikki smiled wide and sexy at him. "You'd like that, wouldn't you? Perv..."

"Well, I'm not going to pretend like I can stop thinking about what's happening underneath it, Nikki." He looked at me as if to confirm his suspicion that I didn't mind him flirting so suggestively with her.

"You're baaaad..." She said. And then, "Although, it does sound nice..."

Dan's eyes enlarged a little. Cody and Matt as well.

Then she finally took the initiative herself, and I couldn't have been more excited.

"Honey?" Nikki asks me. "Whaddayou think? Should I leave it on?" She looks me in the eyes. "Or take it off?"

The tension that's been building over the night draws intensely taut at that. Suddenly all three of my friends are realizing that this could go beyond teasing.

I come up behind my wife and pull her backside against me, my hardon lodging against her ass. I kiss her neck, "What do the guys think, I wonder."

Nikki looks up at the three, a wicked smile. She's so sexy when she takes control.

"Do you boys have any problem with that? If Malcom takes my dress off, because it's so hot in here?"

The three just shake their heads no.

Nikki giggles low and sexy. "Do you promise to behave, though?"

"Speaking for all three of them...," I said in her ear. Loud enough for them to hear. "...No."

At that, I reached down to the hem of her tight sexy dress and started drawing it up against the smooth firm flesh of her hips. Her black lingerie was sexy and somewhat sheer, so you could see through it if you inspected closely. I tried to imagine the view my friends were getting as I drew her dress up over her hips, exploring that silky covered cleft between her thighs. I hoped it was oozing.

She got nervous for just a half-moment, before the feeling turned into exultation at the thrill of being exposed.

I couldn't believe what was happening —no matter what we'd fantasized about in our sex life up until now, after slowly getting to know each others' kinkier desires, it had led us, secure in our love for each other, to this moment of actualization. It thrilled me to be exposing my wife to my friends.

They weren't even my friends anymore. They were just some guys she was going to let use her body.

Once this dress was off, I knew she would end up fucking at least Dan. He wasn't the type to slow down or lay off on his own, and he'd already been groping her in front of me, not that he was aware at the moment. She had given her self completely to this role of subservient slutwife fuck doll, and I was going to stand by her side for the duration.

I felt her rotate her hips slowly, excited, her panties shifting across her smooth, firm asscheeks as she writhed against me. She smiled with this radiant innocence and excitement at Dan. I knew she'd let Matt and Cody fuck her any way they wanted. But she only looked Dan in the eye.

I drew the dress up and over her stomach, and paused a moment, looking over her shoulder from behind. She smiled sultrily and looked with me, I leaned in and kissed the corner of her mouth, and she turned her head into me and kissed me, passionately. Her hand went to her pussy, pressing and rubbing herself unconsciously. She looked back out at Dan and Matt and Cody, licking her lips unconsciously before smiling even wider, and laughing low and slow,

"Oh my goodness!" she laughs more, looks back and forth from me to them. I laugh with her, drawing the dress up around her shoulders, after she obediently lifted her smooth, tan arms. "Boys?!"

They immediately look up, guilty.

I pull her dress off of her and hold her wrists in my free hand.

She laughs low and sexy, "What are you doing to me?"

I let the dress drop, and run a finger up from the cleft between her thighs to the swell of her hip and into her stomach. Then on up with the whole hand, to cup her breast in my hand, curling and squeezing the globe, pinching the nipple gently through the silk bra. She closed her eyes and moaned low and quiet.

Dan tried to get in and go for her bra fastener, but she stopped him.

"Dan, no baby, that's Malcom's job. Let my husband undress me for you." She turns her head around to look at me. "Malcom?"

I lean down and kiss her on the mouth before moving around behind her to unhook her bra.

"I love you" I murmured to her as I pulled her bra away.

"I know you do, Mal," She replied, as Cody and Matt close in from either side to suck on her bared breasts.

I rubbed her mound as they suckled and fondled her. She cradled their heads to her and moaned and sighed, ecstatic.

"Get away from her."

Everyone stopped. It was Dan.

"Nikki, I've been fantasizing about looking at your pretty face sucking away at my cock since I first met you. Get over here and take my cock out."

Nikki was breathless from the display of dominance. She lets go of Matt and Cody's heads. "Sorry, boys. I gotta make the boss happy."

Nikki winked at me as she sauntered over in her panties to kneel before my friend Dan, because he just ordered her to.

She pulled the waist of his underwear down over his swollen brick of a cock., and it popped out so fast his massive cock spanks her in the place where her cheek and her eye meet.

"EEEEEW!!" She laughs gleefully; conspiratorially, as she grabs his shaft with one bold hand. "Honey, Look!" She smiles at me and squeezes his dick, massaging under the head with her thumb. Her other hand comes up to clear something from her eye. Nikki breaks down into rowdy fit of laughter. "I got his precum in my eye!" She laughs, bringing it up to her lips absentmindedly to taste it.

I licked my lips. To see her like that. Naked save for her panties, which were see-through and visibly soaked. On her knees, with Dan's giant cock barely accommodated by her delicate grip. Her tits poked out in two different directions, rosy from Cody and Matt groping and suckling them a moment ago, nipples at attention like little eraser buds. But her smile, and the look on her face —unashamed and lustful, in a state of bliss...

Nikki leans in and makes an O shape with her lips, breathing against the tip of his dick. Her lips were less than an inch away from the bulbous little helmet head, oozing with still more pre-come. She gives me this look. Potentially, a 'last chance to say stop' kind of look. Smiling at me. Taunting me. And loving me. Truly loving me. For accepting her nature. For wanting and needing her to surrender to her own slutty impulses. To enjoy them with her. To get the thoughts of cheating to leave her mind by simply accepting her reality —her truth— and saying 'yes' to the whole idea, instead of fighting against it. I'm sure many couples really couldn't consider any other sexual dynamic than steadfast monogamy, and great for them, but I needed someone who had different appetites, someone who understood and could reciprocate my own sexual triggers. And, it turned out, so did my baby.

I swear, looking in her eyes as, slightly glistening with remains of his precome already, her smile widens to accept his furiously hard organ into her mouth for the first time; as she exalts in her freedom to pursue pleasure without shame or reserve —looking into her eyes, smiling as her lips close around Dan's swollen monster, I felt us both connecting on this level of understanding. That it all made sense. That she was a slut and that I liked to watch her —even help her— to be the most slutty little hotwife she could be.

Suddenly she forced her face as far down on dan's dick as she could, and worked it there until she almost gagged on it, then slurped on his dick as she withdrew.

I said, totally serious, "God I love you, Nikki."

It was the most natural thing for me to say in that moment. She smiled at me so big, as she came up for air smacking her lips after and holding his cock ready to go again. Then she looked up at Dan, and at Matt and Cody, stroking their own dicks in their hands —all of my friends' dicks bigger than mine in one way or another—and looked back at me, and she just broke down laughing. Looked back at me and started laughing harder.

A thought appears in Nikki's eyes, and she shoves Dan's sausage back in her mouth, eyes twinkling.

"*I love you too, honey,* " she smiles at me, mumbling clumsily and muffled on a mouthful of my friend's cock.

My heart races, and my dick practically leaps as it tries to harden past the point it's already reached. She keeps falling in and out of this low horny chuckle.
She changes position; raises her ass up in the air and twitches it slowly. Releasing his cock from her mouth again with another smack of her lips, she tells me, "Take off my panties now, okay?"

Everyone else breaks out in hysterical laughter at the same time and all at once we all realize together that they're all laughing at me! It makes me feel powerless and comical, and it makes me feel like my wife is so sexy. And she is, and she's pursuing the greatest sexual fulfillment she can achieve, and right in front of me.

I can't help but smile, as the humor is inescapable from any perspective in the room. Even if the punchline of the joke is that they don't think I'm a man. But this IS me being a man. This is me TAKING control of my sexuality, and turning my wife into the ravenous, selfish and demeaning slut I know she wants to be.

I surrender to the truth of the situation, and I mash my face against my wife's ass, as she returns to sucking Dan's dick in her mouth. Humming on it while she looks back at me to the best of her ability.

I grab the waist of her panties, and drag them slowly down her hips, nuzzling her asshole with my nose as they come down to her thighs.

Nikki takes Dan's cock in her hand and starts jerking it quick, as she looks Cody in the eye and says lustily to me, "Malcom, you should ask Cody to lick my pussy for you."

She keeps her eyes locked on Cody's as she forces her mouth back down on Dan's cock. He's stroking her hair and telling her what a good slut she is, and how good his dick is going to feel when she gets it in her pussy.

"Hey, Cody," I say.

"yeah,"he says, moving forward.

"NO ," Nikki demands, yanking Dan's dick out of her mouth. "Make him SAY IT."

"Cody," I say, looking at the floor.

"—Look him in the eye when you ask him, Malcom."

I look up and ask my friend, sincerely, "will you lick Nikki's pussy?"

She looks back at us, tugging on Dan still.

Cody takes a step forward, rubs his hand over Nikki's glistening, meaty cunt lips; massages the mound as her ass moves against the pleasure.

"I don't know, Malcom," Cody says, getting into it. "It's already feeling pretty wet." He takes his dick In his hand and wags it at me and Nikki. "And this..."

I realize his dick is by far the biggest of all of ours. Wow. Like long, and big. Nikki looks at it hungrily.

"Cody please... fuck Nikki... for me."

"YES" she says, ass and pussy twitching in expectation.

Nikki groans, as Cody positions himself against her, rubbing the head of his massive erection against her pussy lips and tapping her clit.

"Oh fuck. Yeah. Fuck her now, Cody. Please."

I see Cody rock forward.

"Oh god," she says.

He puts the whole thing into her. Inch by inch, in one gradual thrust. Her eyes close tight for a moment. She squeals and gasps and twitches her hips and thighs as she adjusts to Cody's superior specimen of Manhood. And when he's pushed it up to the root and their hips groins are grinding against each other, she opens her eyes, slow —to look at me, with this smile of supreme ecstasy, fluttering into gasps and spasms, as she surrenders to this unprecedented pleasure from the deep places Cody's massive cock can touch which mine never can.

I looked from the juncture of their mating, up the trunk of my beautiful wife, as her body shuddered under the utter domination of Cody's giant cock. To her mouth, still working on sucking Dan's meat for all she was worth. She was so beautiful. I thought excitedly about watching my friends take turns with her. I imagined them all lined up behind her, passing her from dick to dick, and just plunging in and out in turns like that, over and over again. I was so in love with her. I wanted to see Nikki get stuffed with as much cock as she could handle.

"I want all three of you to fuck my wife tonight., alright? I want you to give Nikki as much cock as she can take."

Matt moves to stand next to Dan, and strokes her breasts with one hand as he offers his cock in the other. She takes ahold of it, and begins switching off between their cocks.

"See, Nikki and I have been talking. More and more honestly, I say"

"Oh, god. Fuck me Cody."

"And we've realized, through loving consideration and openness..."


"...That, not only is Nikki a slut, who has been fantasizing about being fucked by other men —including all of you, I might add—since before we even got MARRIED"

Nikki smiles at this, as Cody, pulls her by the hips to savagely fuck back against his cock again and again. She rubs her tit.

"...Not only is Nikki utterly hopeless in her craving for Other Men's Cocks, but I am completely turned on by thinking about her with Other. Men's. Cocks..."

Cody and Nikki are in a deep-rooted rhythm, now. She plays with Dan's and Matt's dicks in her hand for a moment.

"And so we decided that tonight was going to happen. About a month ago. That we were going to invite some of my friends over for her to service like a sex doll. And I can't speak for her, but judging by the look in her eyes she wants this to happen again at LEAST as much as I do. So just know that, from now on, until we tell you otherwise, Nikki is more than happy to be fondled, fingered or fucked by you any time you feel like it."

"OHHHH!!" Nikki groans as Cody digs into her snatch, hard. He starts to pull back. She says, "No, stay. Come in my pussy, Cody" She looks up at me, no longer teasing, but glazed over and entranced.

Cody spasms against my wife, for what seems like minutes —his come probably spraying all over inside her womb. She wasn't on any birth control. My god, what if he got her pregnant? I stroke myself at the thought. One stroke, and I erupt like a white geyser all over my hand.

Nikki goes off on her own shuddering, shrieking orgasm, so novel the feel of a bigger cock and a strange man's seed filling up her pussy. The pussy she promised would just be mine. Giving it to another man. And it made me proud to watch her. My sexy wife, a wanton and willing slut for other men. I was seriously just thinking about how many crazy scenes we were headed for, as we indulged together in her lust for other cock.

Her orgasm subsides and she looks up, at Dan and Matt "So how about this" —her ass tenderly mashed against Cody as she tugged on their cocks with her pretty little hands. "—I'm not on the pill, and one of you has come in me already, so how about you all come in me, and if I get pregnant, we'll just consider it Malcom's," She looks up at me; smiles and winks.

I feel my groin convulse with another orgasm but it's more like a dry heave. Dan wastes no time in coming around behind her. His cock, bigger than mine but smaller than Cody's, slides into her hole with a welcoming 'pop'. She sucks on Matt for a little longer, until Cody brings his softening cock to her to clean up with her mouth. Somehow he even seems to surge more come into her when she has him in her mouth.

She sucks on him dutifully a moment, then winks and gestures to me.

"Come here and kiss me, babe," she says, Cody's come visibly strung all over her mouth. I obey her without question. My heart races with excitement, as I taste the salty bouquet and feel the stringy semen mash into nothing between our lips and tongues.

What I didn't realize was she had an entire mouthful of it, and she spit it all against mine as we kissed. I gagged it down as she laughed at me.

"Tell me you love me," she said...

"I love you" I say to her. And I do. So much. I think our house is going to be the main one for poker night for the foreseeable future.

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