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Reading Her e-Male Ch. 02

by Gary

08/21/2016 06:48 in voyeur

"Oh my god," Stephanie sighed, as slid her fingers in and out of her swollen pussy, "that feels so-o-o-o fucking GOOD."

Stephanie sat back in the office chair, naked, with her feet resting on the seat so her legs and knees splayed like a butterfly. Her hand was covering her ginger mound, with her index and middle finger moving deftly through her glistening pussy. Her thumb worked on her clit with the expert force of a woman who knew how to pleasure herself since her early teens.

I stared at my tablet screen, witnessing my wife masturbating on the webcam. I was kneeling on the floor, stroking my cock like a desperate sophomore who'd just spied his first set of tits in the high school locker rooms. God, what a sight.

"Yeah, baby, keep going. You look fantastic," I said.

Then a message appeared on the screen.

morbidcock92: You look incredible. I wish I could jump through that screen and fuck you raw, baby.

My reverie was broken by the text, which was from Dave, the man who she was masturbating for in a private session on her new-found joy, a popular mutual masturbation webcam site. He watched her special shows for him roughly every 4-5 days from the vantage point of his home in Dallas, while she played with herself in our office at night after the kids were in bed. And unbeknownst to them, I had been watching the entire proceedings for about 8 weeks as one of the site mods from my office downtown, where I pretended to be working late.

Steph grinned, and bit her lip as she determinedly gave her pussy a proper workout.

morbidcock92: Fuck, can you see how fucking hard you made me? I don't know if I can keep up much longer.

Me neither. I was good at holding my orgasm, but I was starting to get close after only 30 minutes.

She laughed, and then leaned forward and typed, "want me to take it up a notch?"

A notch? This was already hot. Since the day I discovered their texts online after they reconnected as old high-school sweethearts, I was run through about every emotional turmoil you could imagine one feels when you discover your wife of 18 years is sexually fascinated with someone else, with her old beau, no less. Despite the stress (or perhaps due in large part to it) my body reacted by being more turned on than I ever had been during our marriage. Reading their dirty texts on Facebook and their emails was better than any porn.

But when I discovered that they were meeting in secret on a commonly known masturbation portal, on which anyone with enough time and experience could be a mod - bingo! I had become a voyeur to her inner fantasies. I could log on and view their chats with abandon and little risk of being caught. The emotional and physical payoff was so gratifying for me that I made excuses to be conveniently caught away at work whenever I got wind of their next rendezvous.

morbidcock92: A notch? Jesus, baby, you already carved up the whole fucking stick! Alright, bring it.

She winked at the camera, and grabbed a towel she had kept handy. She folded it over, laid it carefully on the chair, and then walked over to a bureau in the corner.

Mmm, don't be too long baby.

I slowed down my stroke, and caught my breath. I knew that whatever would happen would take a while to culminate in what would be a stunning climax for her - and me. Also Dave, but that didn't matter now.

Not to say that I felt a high degree of unease. My wife was cheating on me. At first it was flirty, then lascivious texts being passed back and forth, which went on for months, which really got my gall because I discovered it only towards the end of the summer, when they'd been talking this way in private since late spring. And now they were masturbating online. The tryst of choice for people who can't grab a private jet and fly off to Dallas on a whim, or up here.

morbidcock92: What you got in there, Steph? The whole world wants to know...

At least, being able to view this affair from a safe distance, without going through the humiliation of hiring a private detective or having an all-out confrontation that would kill our years-long relationship, offered me a sense of being in control. In a way, I was.

She opened the top drawer, and pulled out a silvery object on a ring that she hooked her finger into and twirled about as she walked back to the desk. Her 38DD tits jiggled as joyfully as she seemed to skip across the room.

morbidcock92: The fuck is that? That's no vibrator.

Steph grinned, and held it up. It was some kind of a dildo, but not like the ones she normally kept. It was 3-4 inches in length, made of stainless steel. The tip of it was bulbous like an exaggerated cock head, with a ring at the bottom of a curved, tapered shaft that one could hold with two fingers. Almost like it was meant to keep from falling into your...holy cow, it was an anal dildo!

Boy, she was full of surprises tonight! She never did anal with me. My fingers were non grata to her little brown hole, and she never let any talk happen about using toys down there! My heart began to pound.

morbidcock92: Where do you want to put that thing then?

Despite my revelatory self-knowledge that I was mentally controlling things (or at least, exercising self-control), and the high degree of sexual intensity I experienced as well, the pain of feeling betrayed and the feelings of jealousy re-emerged every time I logged on to watch my wife get off on her fantasy with another man. But the pleasure was too unbelievably for me good to pass up, and I held my breath and hit the enter button to become a voyeur once again.

Why did I like this so much? Because in a way, it was like listening to her and watching her for the very first time again.

Stephanie gave a wicked smile, and kissed the tip. Then she slid the stainless steel toy down her chin, her neck, in between her breasts. She rubbed it slowly over one nipple, then another. Back down to her belly button, then lower down her torso to her thatch of red pubic hair. She stopped, cocked an eye at the camera to make sure David was looking, and then rubbed it in small circles over her labia and just outside the top of her slit, against her clitoris.

Then she brought it back to her mouth and gave it a real slow, sensual suck, looking innocently at the camera like a little girl with a candy sucker. Then she pulled it out of her mouth with a popping sound, brought it back down and eased it into her pussy. She sighed as it entered, and laughed. "A little bit cold tonight"

morbidcock92: Well you're making ME hot. Look!

She nodded appreciatively. By the way she stared at the screen ahead I could only guess David was very well endowed, and making as good a show as she was for us. I didn't dare type in the chat window, despite the fact that morbidcock92 and ScarlettCarpet were unaware that a mod was in the room with them during their private sesh. If asked, I could have said I was just scanning accounts to keep lurkers and trolls away, but basically I laid low, hoping I'd go unseen.

She began to move the plug in and out of her pussy, very slowly, obviously enjoying the effect of her show on Dave. She'd close her eyes and moan, pretending to get off like a porn model would in a softcore solo video. Then she'd look up, grin and mouth "huh?" obviously fishing for compliments.

morbidcock92: Fuck, baby. I can't get enough of that. I'm so fucking hard now. More!

Steph stroked her clitoris as she frigged her pussy. She began to look flushed, which meant that she was shifting gears from playing to getting serious about her own pleasure.

I looked at my tablet propped on a book reader easel I kept on my desk for long reference material sessions. I had one elbow propped on the desk, the other working my cock. My desk faced the door to my office, which I had locked. I kept the volume low in case the cleaning crew were to walk by at this time. Fortunately no-one had. But I was getting into it myself, and I occasionally looked around the room to keep my wits together so I could be ready if a guard or somebody else walked in. But nobody did, so I enjoyed the show and pumped away.

She began to rotate the plug in circles inside her pussy, pressing it hard against the walls of her vulva where the nerve endings were concentrated. She bit her lip whenever she experienced a tiny jolt of pleasure.

morbidcock92: You're a beautiful, sexy girl. Keep playing with that pussy for me.

I couldn't hear Dave, definitely didn't care for seeing him on webcam either, although I could have chosen that option as a mod. But his texts kept coming rapidly as Steph toyed away, sometimes so much that I wondered if he had time to hold his dick at all. He was trying to be encouraging, but...

Thank you. Now shut up and let me do this ;-) Steph typed suddenly.

morbidcock92: Sry baby.

She blew a kiss, and then pulled the plug from her pussy. Its stainless steel body gleamed in the dim light, and the slick pussy juice on it gave it a soft glow.

Now that was fun, I thought, but that's not really where an anal plug goes...oh shit.

Steph gave the camera a lascivious wink, and then she sat further back into her seat, easing her ass forward until you could see both her pussy and her little asshole. She licked the tip slowly, like an ice cream cone. I wished I could have tasted it right then. I imagined her offering it to me to inhale its scent, suck on the knob for her, and then lower it down to her...

morbidcock92: Whatcha doing now, baby? Oh fuck that's gonna be amazing.

Then Stephanie began to caress her asshole, prodding it gently, getting it ready. Yet she purposely delayed it as long as she could, which served to unnerve both Dave, and me as well. Finally, she closed her eyes and pushed the plug slowly and carefully into her anus, which blossomed as it opened to receive the silvery sex toy's head. As she strained to stay relaxed while she fed it into her nether regions, she moaned softly.

Finally, with a sigh, she pushed it past the sphincter, and the shaft slid inside her up to the ring, which she held onto with her fingers. She drew a deep breath of relief and pleasure, and the real game could now begin

She pulled the shaft of the toy forward until you could see the bottom side of the head begin to show , and her rectum started to expand again. Then she'd smile and push it back in, twisting the handle as the curved knob massaged the inside of her ass. With the other hand, she gripped her ass cheek and spread it to provide a better view.

morbidcock92: WOW. BABY, WOW. You're so good. Have you been practicing?

"First time," Steph mouthed, and then went back to work.

morbidcock92: God, tonight's just full of surprises, huh? I thought.

Steph continued to pleasure her ass, slowly, deliberately, and sensually. She ignored Dave's online banter as she focused on giving herself pleasure. This is where I always found her looking her most beautiful, just immersed in the sensations she felt in the immediate moment.

I found my cock was regaining control of the situation, and not in a good way. I picked up my pace and began to stroke carefully, matching Steph's rhythm on the screen. The pleasure began to build and build, and deep within by pelvis I felt the heat of my orgasm beginning to build. Like stoking a proper fire, I kept jerking my cock with slow, intense movements. Even that wasn't enough, though, to keep the sensation from climbing quickly to a peak, because tonight Stephanie was on a roll with showing off her ass play for the first time.

Stephanie began to moan "ohhh...fucckkk..." and she began to increase the speed, pistoning her rectum like a steam train leaving the station and getting faster with every plunge of the dildo. Her skin began to flush, and she responded to the excitement by increasing her focus to her entire body. She used her free hand to stroke her breasts, caress her nipples, then pick up a breast to suck on...

At last, she returned her hand to her pubic region, and began to massage her pussy, this time with increasing force and speed. Her breath began to get sharper, and she panted as the pleasure started to fill her body, like alcohol providing warmth after a cold day.

"Oh god. Oh god. Oh god..." Steph grunted, and she took the shaft of the plug, pulling on it until it swelled past the sphincter, then erupting from her asshole with a 'pop'. She gasped for breath. Her rectum stayed open, and immediately she plunged the toy back into her ass and twisted hard. She moaned and sputtered as she repeated this again and again, emitting tiny cries as she popped the plug from her ass. Her fingers kept up with stimulating her clit, which she coaxed and coaxed into greater plateaus of sexual ecstasy.

morbidcock92: Jesus, baby...I'm gonna cum. I can't hold on much longer...Dave pleaded on the chat room window.

Steph paid no attention, but she was not too far behind Dave's dwindling stamina. " can't believe this...ohhh fucck this is too much..." she exclaimed.

All of a sudden she bit down on her lip, breathing heavily through her nose and whimpering like a puppy. She kept the head of the plug lodged firmly in her tight sphincter so you could see it twisting with her hand movements. "Oh FUCK. Yes yes yes yes yesssss..." Her other kept its frantic pace on her clit.

My colon felt like a fire was raging next door in my perineum, boiling the contents of my prostate and balls. I held on and prayed this would end before my cock would go Krakatoa all over my hand.

Stephanie's legs started to shake uncontrollably. Her nipples were erect like pillars, and she rubbed them furiously before returning to her clitoris.

At last she groaned, "FUCK, no...god...FUCK...oh, oh, oh...OHHHHhhhh!!" She tugged at the plug one last time and it popped out just as she began to cum. Her rectum and pussy twitched uncontrollably for about teen seconds, and she lurched forward in her chair as her orgasm came in successive spasms. "Oh, shit. Fuck oh fuck oh fuck."

Then she covered her mouth like a child caught swearing, and she began to sob quietly into her hand, breathing heavily through her nose as her spasms subsided. My cock, which I held onto like an animal tamer, finally got the better of its master and spewed what seemed like gallons of white, sticky cum all up onto my chest and stomach. I fell over to the side, kicking the office chair by accident, and waited for my body to calm down.

morbidcock92: Steph, are you okay?

morbidcock92: Steph?

Stephanie looked up slowly, panting. After some deliberation she nodded her head, and a faint smile appeared.

morbidcock92: Oh my god. I've never seen a girl cum like that!!

Neither did I.

Stephanie wiped up the dildo, and placed it and the towel on the desk in front of her, off-camera. She then reached for a robe, and tied it on her.

I always wondered how that would feel. I was scared at first, but I really got into it. I never knew it would be so intense, she wrote.

morbidcock92: Well, I certainly did not expect this much of a show. I'm gonna be thinking about this for at least a few years.

Steph laughed, and tossed her hair.

They chatted for a few more minutes, then said goodnight and logged off the chat room. Meanwhile I got dressed, and waited the necessary 15 minutes before I'd get in the car to arrive just after she'd fallen asleep.

As I drove home, I thought about how things had played out over the last 8 weeks since I discovered my wife flirting with her old flame, and their first webcam rendezvous. Their meetings had now settled into a comfortable frequency, and with my help they were able to meet more often. As time went on their sexual antics became more fearless, and Stephanie acquired an experimental persona, enjoying her freedom to explore without the mental constraints of a marriage and its social obligations.

During that time I had become more comfortable seeing my wife getting off, even if it wasn't necessarily with, or for, me. I found the espionage, which I'd dabbled in over the years, to be a pleasant kink that could now manifest itself properly.

So it seemed natural that if they wanted to get freaky on the internet, and I wasn't bothered much by it anymore, why not help it along and enjoy the benefits? So I'd routinely scan my wife's emails and texts, looking for the next message that Dave or she wanted to meet, and then somehow, coincidentally, I'd be working late again.

But the free peep shows couldn't last if they met too often - I suspected that they would soon tire of this erotic formula, as I often did in my own explorations in porn. Also, if I made it too convenient for them all the time, they might get suspicious. So I needed to agitate things a little.

I came home, and saw my wife asleep on the bed. She looked peaceful and calm. She sometimes joked with me that it baffled her how the kids looked like angels asleep when all day they had been hell on wheels, whiny and arguing...arguing. That's it. "Trust me honey," I whispered. "I'm doing this for your own good."

* * * * * * *

A few days later, it was getting close to when David would send his text asking if she wanted to meet that evening or sometime soon. While Steph was chilling in the living room, I sneaked into our bedroom and found her phone. I checked her emails, her IM, and then Facebook. There it was, in that ridiculous pseudonym account of his, "Jack Kafania"...

Jack Kafania: I'm really, really horny thinking about our last time. How about Saturday?

Stephanie: Saturday? Not husband will most likely be at home. I'll let you know. I'm really pent up thinking about you stroking yourself while I cum. Xoxo

Saturday? I couldn't make up a work excuse on a weekend night! Steph wasn't scheduled for anything and neither was I...

"Honey, I got a call from Frank this afternoon," I said over dinner. "He wants to have me and the guys over for poker night on Saturday. You got anything going on then?"

"Me? No," she said, smiling. "Enjoy yourself then. Don't lose too much cash, and work on your poker face. Everyone says you have the worst tells."

Yeah, right, I thought.

"Thanks, babe. I owe you one."

That night, she texted Dave:

Stephanie: Looks like we're on! He got called into a poker game. I can't wait I'm so wet ...

OK; it's on like Donkey Kong, I thought. And now, time for the dilemma.

On Saturday afternoon, I went into my bedroom, put my phone on the charger by my bed, turned on the chat app, and put the volume all the way down. Then, I flipped it so the screen faced away from the bed, and leaned my phone against the alarm clock. Then, I grabbed my tablet from the nightstand, and gave my phone a call. I looked at my tablet's screen to see that my phone camera was properly angled, and made a few adjustments. From the vantage point of my dresser, I had a decent view of the bed. Satisfied, I went to the kitchen to give Steph the "bad news".

"Hey honey, I've got a problem. Frank's wife is sick, so we can't have the poker game at his house. Is it alright if we have it here instead?"

A brief look of fear crossed Stephanie's face. Then she said, expressionless, "ugh...probably. I can't stand the smell of cigars and beer until 2am. Maybe I can call Kath and see what she's up, she's away for the weekend. Uh, I'll figure something out. Go ahead," she sighed.

"Honey, is something wrong? If there is, just tell me and I'll cancel."

"No, nothing's wrong. I'll figure out something."

Fuck, this wasn't going to work. I expected her to react more. She hated cigar nights, and I thought she'd defend her right to a peaceful Saturday night a bit harder, especially with what she had planned. Well, I couldn't have her cancel with Dave. Time to kick it up a notch.

"Thanks, honey. I'm glad you could accommodate us. I know you hate it every time I invite the guys over at the last minute..."

Her eyebrows furrowed. "Wait a minute, you already invited them?"

"Uh...yeah," I said.

" weren't really asking me if it was okay. This was a done deal, right?"

"Yeah..." I said. Boy she hated it when I sprung things on her like that! This was going to be good. "Uh...what's wrong?"

"Oh nothing," she began to fume. "It's just real fun to be stuck in a house with a bunch of guys smoking cigars and talking bullshit until dawn, and I have nowhere to get away to. Thanks for checking in with me on this. Why on earth couldn't Joe or Bob volunteer their places? At least they got dens!"

"Oh is that it?" I said. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't think about asking them. But I can't really back out of it now."

"Oh, great," Stephanie spat out. "What the hell am I going to do? I'm not going to go to the movies alone!"

I tried to rub her shoulder. She flinched and turned away. She was mad, good and proper. And now, the indignant response.

"Hey, what gives? Look, I'm sorry I forgot to ask you first. Frank was about to cancel out of consideration for his wife. The other guys could have volunteered, but I thought of it first. I guess I was excited and not really thinking it through."

"You got that right."

"Come on now! You do the same with your girlfriends and their book club, and I accommodate you guys and make myself scarce! And I always keep the place ventilated and do all the clean up afterwards. You won't even know we're here at all. I know that it bothers you when I spring news like this, but don't you see how unfair this is?"

"Fine, do what the hell you like! I just hate cigars, that's all!" And she stomped upstairs and slammed the bedroom door.

Five minutes later, I tiptoed up to our bedroom, and gingerly tried the doorknob. It was locked. I went to the den and checked my laptop screen.

Stephanie was laying on the bed, fuming. I knew that when I ruined her plans, all she'd be able to think about was a) how selfish and stupid I was, and b) how horny she was. A couple minutes later, she rolled over to her dresser, opened the drawer, and pulled out her vibrator. Time for her to resolve problem B!

She lay back in the middle of the bed, stretched out, undid the button on her jeans and pulled the zipper down. Then she turned on the vibrator and slid it in between her panties. On with the show...

But there was something I hadn't factored: from my camera's viewpoint on the nightstand, I could only see her body from the torso down, and her jeans were on. Well, fuck! At least, I'd get to see her doing something sexy anyway. Better hone your camera skills for next time.

Steph held the vibrator in place for a few minutes, and occasionally wiggled it around. But she wasn't showing any ostensible signs of arousal. After a while, she pulled the vibrator away and put it to the side. Oh no! Is she quitting? Please don't quit...

Then she pulled down on her jeans. Aha, getting comfortable? They were rather tight - they passed her rear end, but hung halfway on her hips. She lifted her knees and tried again with the vibrator, but no luck.

Frustrated, she wriggled on the bed until she was 180 degrees from where she began, right at the edge of the foot. She wrestled with her pants furiously, willing them to slide down her calves - who the hell wears tight jeans around the house on a Saturday? - until they were down around her ankles. She pulled them off and heaved them off the bead furiously.

Then she slipped off her panties, snapped the elastic band in her hands like a rubber band gun, and they flew over the edge of the bed, landing on her jeans. She kept her oversize t-shirt on. Then she grabbed the vibrator again, spread her legs, propped her knees up, and laid back for another try.

Now I could see her properly, her sex exposed, with the silvery vibrator moving over her red minge. She started slowly, warming up, her other hand rubbing her bush over her mons. Well, that's more like it! I thought. Lucky me.

I had no sound, though, since I had turned the volume down on my phone. Didn't matter...since I enjoyed my porn on the sly, whenever I could, I kept the volume at a minimum so I could hear the good parts and avoid the dialogue. The body language matters more, anyway. And judging by the argument we'd had, I knew she'd be very expressive in fucking her troubles away.

Now she was getting into it. She eased the vibrator's tip in between her labia, moving it in gentle circles. Then she placed it over her clitoris and rubbed it up and down, slowly and deliberately. Her other hand stroked her thigh, her belly, the mound of red hair, which she caressed lovingly. Then she reached up and began to clutch her breast, rubbing it through the t-shirt.

Steph suddenly sat up, and set the dildo down again. She wrestled the t-shirt off her head, and tossed it to the floor. She looked quickly at the door to make sure it was locked. Then she leaned forward and grabbed pillows from the head of the bed, and arranged them behind her against the footboard. She sat back down, and I could now see her face and breasts in addition to her pussy.

My cock began to get hard. I love looking at a woman naked, and I could stare all day at her legs, ass, stomach, back, pubic region, hair, face, eyes...but the minute I can see her breasts, even just the tops peeking out through the neckline of a t-shirt, gown, or a blouse in a business ensemble, I am helpless. It's what activates the ancient, biological switch in my brain for conquest, reproduction of the species, and survival of the fittest. I am Darwinian. I am primed and ready to fuck.

I stroked my cock through my jeans, but not too hard as I didn't want to ruin my chance to spy on my wife's session with Dave later on, and have a killer orgasm before bed. This was like a really good, unexpected prelude that I wanted to retain in my memory to get my juices flowing for the main event.

Stephanie, however, was not holding back. She leaned forward, grabbing her tit and twisting the nipple, and moving the vibrator in and out, and onto her clit. She twisted the end of the cylinder, cranking up the RPMs to the maximum, and returned to work.

Steph furiously moved the vibrator around, body tensed and ankles dug firmly into the duvet. Although there was no sound, I could make out her lip movements and imagined what I'd heard over our nearly two decades of sex: "mmmmmmmhhh," as she'd press her lips firmly together and lift her head. "Oooohhh. Ohhhh...yeahhhh..." as she'd hit a good spot.

She kept making movements with her mouth, and now her breathing became short. "Unh, unh, unh, unh...oh yeah...mmmphh...yes..." She moved the vibrator faster and faster, and now exclusively focused on her clit with her free hand while she let the dildo fuck her hard.

Then Stephanie twitched, and her face twisted into a moaning frown, eyes shut tight and teeth clenched. She was about to come. I stopped stroking my cock to focus on the beauty of the moment I had been able to capture that I'd never seen. My beautiful wife, orgasming the way she wanted to, with no inhibitions or worries about being seen by anyone, just her and her alone.

"Ohhhh...fuuuuckkk..." I could make out her saying. "Mmmph...mmm...uh-huh. Mmmpphh...oh yeah, oh yeah...mmmm..." her face became more intense, and I could tell her moaning was getting louder. "mmm...mmmm...MMMphh...MMMMMM!!

Her body began to shake as she drilled the vibrator into her vagina and held it inside for dear life. She twisted left and right, and her mouth opened as she panted furiously. Then she yelled audibly "OHHH...OH SHIIIT!!" which carried down the hallway. Even though I could see her on the tablet, I still looked up.

Stephanie pulled out the vibrator, switched it off, and panted for about a half a minute. Then she came to her senses and realized how loud she had gotten. Knowing I was in the house, she looked up, looked at the door, and then quickly rolled off the bed. She grabbed her clothes and dressed quickly, then unlocked the door and peeked outside. Relieved that no-one was around in the immediate vicinity, she closed the door and returned to the bed.

I let her rest for a minute or two. Now it was time to make everything better. I went up to our room, and softly I knocked on the bedroom door.

A voice answered, a slight panic in her throat. "Yes, who is it?"

"Honey, it's me. May I come in?"


I opened the door. Stephanie was lying on the bed, reading a book, trying to appear nonchalant. Her face still had the flush of someone who had recently had an orgasm.

"Hi baby," I said.

"Hi. What's up?"

I debated asking her if everything was okay, I had heard a noise and thought she might be hurt, but I decided against embarrassing her. I acted cool.

"I just got back from the store to get some beer and things for the night." She looked relieved that I hadn't been around to hear her.

"Oh, really? I was just resting."

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" Her eyes betrayed a small panic, as if she wondered if I really had been out while she was coming like a teenager.


"Hey listen," I said. "I'm sorry. I should have asked you, and I forgot. That's on me, and I know how much you hate that. I won't let that happen again."

"Okay," she sighed. She looked rather embarrassed from her own display of temper.

"Also, good news: I talked to Bob, and he was perfectly fine about hosting it at his house. So we're going there tonight instead."

She looked up, surprised. "What?" A look of dread crossed her face. "Wait, you didn't tell them I didn't want it, did you? Oh god, they're going to think it's me."

I moved around the room to my dresser, and turned to face her on the bed. I reached behind my back and grabbed my phone, pulling the charger plug and slipping it deftly in my back pocket. She wasn't looking directly at me and didn't notice, and so, relieved, I kept playing it cool. "No, of course not," I said. "I didn't tell him anything, and he didn't ask. Anyway, it's on me, remember? I'm just sorry for not thinking this through, and I really feel bad that you had no place to go."

Steph smiled sheepishly. "Thanks, honey."

The day was saved!

* * * * * * *

After we had dinner and the kids were in bed, I went into the walk-in closet to get changed. As I was just about to put on a fresh pair of jeans, I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around, and saw Stephanie wearing a sweater, with her bare legs coming out underneath. I couldn't tell if she was wearing anything else, but it wasn't too hard to guess.

"Oh hi," I said, feeling somewhat surprised.

"Hi," she purred. "Need a little good luck kiss before your game tonight?"

"Why, sure, I don't mind one," I said. She came nearer to me and put her arms around my neck.

"Also, I wanted to say I'm sorry for my temper this afternoon. You're right; I do change things at the last minute far more than you, and you're very nice about it. That wasn't fair of me."

"That's all right, honey," I said.

"I was just taken aback, and I hadn't any plans to fall back on. But thank you for changing things again. I really appreciate it."

"No problem," I said. "Now, what was this about a good luck kiss?"

She kissed me, and opened her mouth. Her tongue began to explore my lips, teeth and the tip of my tongue. Her hands rubbed my shoulders and shoulder blades as she embraced me. Boy, I thought. She hasn't kissed me like that except when she wanted to seduce me.

Steph's hands moved slowly down my back, until they came to my butt. She lifted up my shirt, slid her hands through the waistband of my underpants, placed both of them on my ass and began to squeeze. My cock, already stiffening from the sensuality of her kiss, was straining against my briefs, pinned to my leg, dying to be set free. She rubbed against it and smiled.

"Oh my, what have we here?" Stephanie exclaimed in mock surprise. "Are you doing okay in there? No?" her hands began to rub up and down the underside of my shaft.

She moved one hand gently up and down my abdomen, which sent chills throughout my body. With the other, she began to cradle my balls, and they tightened up until they felt like two walnuts.

Three fingers began to gently stroke my perineum, back and forth. Steph unbuttoned my dress shirt halfway up from the bottom, and began kissing my belly button, moving down my pelvis but stopping short of my underwear.

Oh my god. That's amazing, I thought. How long is she going to keep this up?

My wife was an expert with teasing me. I wasn't too keen on it in our early years, since I was always dying to get to the main event, and she was delaying with the inevitable. But as we grew in our relationship over time, it was obvious that straight up fucking was really boring, so I came around and really enjoyed it as part of our sexual repertoire. She'd delay, delay, tease...then delay some more. And when I'd beg her "please...please baby...fuck me..." she'd get even more merciless.

And just about when you could touch a peacock feather to my dick and I'd blast my load, she'd relent and take my cock for a real ride.

"Let's come out and play, shall we?" And with that, she knelt down in front of me, pulled down the waistband, and gently fed the entire length of my cock into her mouth.

"Ohhhh, fuck," I exclaimed as the warmth of her mouth and tongue surrounded my aching, swollen prick.

Is that why sex is so amazing? When we feel the body heat of another human being taking our sexuality inside and internalizing it? In a way, it can be an act of love when you show another human body as much affection as you would give yourself. And while the times you take someone's body to pleasure yourself are certainly thrilling, the comfort of feeling pure sensuality with a partner is an uplifting feeling like no other.

While Stephanie was driving me crazy with all her expert foreplay, I certainly felt the latter tonight. Even knowing that she had plans to meet Dave later online, I knew that in this moment of time she was mine and mine alone, and I hers.

"Baby, you know how much I missed this...oh fuck that's wonderful," I moaned.

Her tongue was like velvet. It glided up and down the underside, wrapped lovingly around the glans, and flicked rapidly over the meatus. One hand held my shaft for support, the other my testicles, which she gently caressed like Baoding balls. I was lost in the purest form of meditation I ever felt. I gently held her head and caressed her hair as she brought my cock to near-climax, then slowed down, then brought me back harder than before.

I pulled out of her mouth, and let her lick me, from the balls to the tip of my cock. Then I pulled her up to face me, and I kissed her deeply.

She smiled her little-girl smile. "Don't you want more?"

"You bet I do," I said, and then I turned her around quickly and leaned her against the wall, like a cop with a perp. She drew her breath in sharply. I spread her ankles apart with my feet, wider than shoulder width. She turned her head around to look at me.

"Are you going to arrest me, officer?"

"You have the right to remain silent," I said, and I turned her head forward again. "I think we may need a strip search here."

I began to pat her down along her torso, feeling no bra under her sweater. I made a quick pass on her arms and shoulders, then moved to her torso again, down to her ass, and then up again to her breasts, which I cupped briefly in my hands. Then I made my way down to her ass and felt under the sweater, and felt bare flesh. I squeezed her cheeks slowly and firmly, then let my hands crawl up the front, feeling her belly, the underside of her breasts, and then caressed both of them firmly in my hands. My cock began to rub against her ass cheeks, and she wiggled them slowly as I humped her through the cleft of her buttocks. Her nipples began to harden with my touch.

I moved my hands down her abdomen again, drew them to the sides of her hips, stepped back and began to pat down the legs, then rubbed them firmly, up and down, until I got to her ankles. I then proceeded to rub her left leg up to the middle of her thigh, then repeated with her right leg, moving gradually upward.

I changed legs, moving higher and higher until my hands came up to the inside of her thighs and just underneath her pussy. I felt her labia, rubbing it gently in a slow circle. I didn't know how Stephanie would be after her orgasm earlier in the day, but she was moist to the touch. She wiggled with pleasure, which was my signal to continue.

I continued to rub her pussy and inner thighs, and kissed her ass checks gently. I could feel her heat emanating from her little treasure box, and her aroma began to grow stronger and stronger, mixing with the pheromones in her pubic hair as she got wetter and wetter with moisture. My finger gently found its way into her willing pussy, and I stroked the topside of her love canal, feeling the folds, and caressing the point of flesh that was her G-spot.

At this she moaned, "oh god. Baby, don't stop, and she panted and drove her ass onto my hand. I pumped harder and gripped her ass check with my free hand as I began to nuzzle the crack of her ass. I removed my hand from her pussy, and she moaned with disappointment. I then grabbed her ass with both hands and spread her cheeks apart until I could see her sex up close.

I moved my face down underneath Steph's legs and buried my face into her pussy. She offered no resistance, gasping as I licked her around her outer lips, and lapped at her insides, tasting the tangy lubrication that was oozing steadily and beginning to trickle down her legs. My hand found its way to her clit, and I rubbed it, alternating between gentle circles and hard flicks. She tensed with pleasure and moaned louder, breathing quickly as she clutched at the closet wall for support.

My cock was leaking precum like crazy now, and I jerked it slowly while I ate Stephanie out. I wanted desperately to place the head of my prick at her swelling lips and ram it inside her, but I wanted to prolong things and tease her the way she had with me previously.

I moved my tongue up from her clit, zig-zagging her labia, up to her perineum and gave her perineum a good workover, then buried my face in her ass and went straight for her pretty pink asshole. I licked the perimeter, running my tongue across the ridges of her sphincter, and then worked at it like I did when I would lick her clit. I stiffened my tongue, and began to dive into her anus, wriggling it as I pressed past the muscular ring.

"What are you..." she asked in surprise, then "oohhhhhh," as my finger made its way back to her pussy. I moved it around, wiggling it rapidly, then pulled it out and worked on her clit. I repeated this several times as I was rimming her, and Steph gasped in pleasure with every change I brought up in my routine.

"Jesus, where'd you learn to do that??" Steph panted, and pushed her ass further into my face. I guess the shock of watching her masturbate online to her old lover had made me competitive, and in doing so became more creative in our foreplay.

Suddenly, she buckled her hips, and let out a throaty "stop...stop..."

"What's the matter?" I asked.
She held her pose and said, "I want you to fuck me."

"What's that?"

"You heard me," she said. "I want you to fuck me."

"Maybe. You'd better show me how much you want it."

"Do I have to beg?" she whined.


"Please, please...please...I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me so badly, and I need you to fuck me right now."


"Yes, goddammit! I want you to fuck me! Please take your dick and ram it in me!! Fuck me baby, now!!"

I stood up, and wiped my mouth. "Well, I guess if you insist..." I placed the tip of my throbbing meat on her pussy lips and rubbed them gently on the edges, then against the clit in upward strokes. I wanted to tease her as badly as she could tease me.

It worked. "Stop it! Please! Quit teasing me right now and just FUCK ME!"

I prodded the inside of her pussy, and pushed it in gently. She didn't need any help, she was so slick from all my oral work that I slid easily, burying myself up to the hilt. I was ready to cum, but I wanted to give her the fuck of her life, and give her something she wouldn't forget when she met her online fantasy later on. I grabbed her ass and held tight, signaling she was in for some exercise.

But I didn't move just yet. I stood still, holding my cock deep in her pussy, hard as a flagpole. She looked behind me questioningly, as if to signal "well?" I just grinned and held her fanny in place while her breathing became heavier and heavier.

"Ste-e-e-ve? on...fuck" Steph moaned.

"What's the matter?" I said, smiling. Oh, this was gonna get good.

"Don't just stand there...! I need you so bad! Baby, please, I need you to fuck me!" she whimpered.

I looked at her back. Her lovely red, curly hair spilled down over her shoulders and draped like curtains over her tits.

"Hmmm..." I mumbled. " you want me to fuck you?"

"Goddammit," she grunted, and tried to buck her ass onto my prick. But I held her in place.

"Stephanie?" What kind of language is that?"

"Mmmpphh...I'm sorry."


"Really bad."

"Really bad?"

"Oh god...yes, ohhh...really bad. I need it now."

"Hmmm...I'm not sure I'm convinced," I said.

Then she started to do what I loved so much. She slowly pushed her ass back onto my dick, and ground her ass on me in a hard, slow circle. She was so fucking wet, and my cock tingled with pleasure with every small motion.

My skin was flushed with heat. We were so pent up from the anticipation, teasing and foreplay that had we been in our teens, we'd pound away like jackrabbits and be done in a split second. But we knew each other's bodies, and we learned that slow, deliberate sex was our key to heightened pleasure, which culminated in a mutual orgasm that left us nearly fainting from our well-practiced agony.

I ground back, panting, pressing my pelvis against her until I could feel her firm, pillowy ass smashed up against my navel. I twisted my hips side to side so that my cock could feel the tight muscular walls of her pussy rubbing on my shaft, squeezing it, milking me and making every vein and bump pop out.

I gripped her ass hard, my palms making a red handprint where I held her, and guided her pussy around on my dick as she ground on me. Now it was time for us to fuck.

I eased back and forth, slowly, allowing myself to revel in every sensual pleasure I could feel: her ass on my pelvis, the ridges on the inner vestibule of her vagina, her pubic hair lightly brushing my shaft as I entered and exited. Stephanie's heaving body, her soft gasps that matched the intensity of my thrusts, the swelling of my cockhead as I would let it slip out, then feed it back into her pussy...

Stephanie was insatiable. She purred with pleasure like a kitten, then moaned the faster I fucked away. I let go of her ass with one hand, and ran it up her stomach, past her rib cage and over the surface of her breast, feeling the nipple harden to my touch. I lightly rubbed it as I fucked her, and her body's swaying motion allowed it to bounce into my cupped palm and graze against the skin, and the loops and whorls of my fingertips brushing like feathers on her areola.

Steph became a women transformed with every passing moment. Pleasure surged through her body, and she pushed against the wall to take in every inch of my dick as it hit the end of her love canal. She reached behind me and grabbed my hips whenever she could, pulling me closer to her while we fucked.

Then I pulled out, backed up and sat cross-legged on the floor, motioning her to join me. She followed suit, and facing me, lowered herself on my glowing rail spike of a cock. She began to bounce, slowly at first, then more quickly, with tiny hopping motions like a girl on a pogo stick. She moaned "ah...ah...ahh...ah..." as she bobbed on my penis. All I could do was take in the incredible sight of her bouncing breasts, her abdomen, my cock enveloped in her pussy and lost inside her glorious thatch of ginger. I leaned forward and kissed her neck, her earlobes, nose and forehead, and she lifted my chin up to her lips and took my mouth with hers in a long embrace, our tongues entwining and devouring each other.

I grabbed at Stephanie's ass while she fucked me cowgirl style, and gave them playful slaps. She laughed and drove herself harder on my cock. She wriggled her ass furiously and grabbed my shoulders as she wailed "oh Steven, Steven, Steve, yes...oh baby...Ste-e-e-ve...oh fuck me fuck me fuck me...aaaaaahhhh..." All I could do was hold on and pray she wouldn't fall over from the effort.

I motioned her to stop and made her lie on her back. Then, I pulled away and lowered my head onto her pussy and dove in. I attacked every inch of her sopping wet snatch, lapping up her juices and rubbing my face around her wet, matted pubic hair. I licked the tiny love flaps of her inner lips, pulling them with my own, slurping at them and letting them pop out of my mouth. Then I placed my mouth over her clit and sucked hard, holding it inside my pursed lips and flicking my tongue over the poor, swollen little man who had long stopped hiding in the boat. I laughed inwardly as that image flooded my mind.

As I ate her out, I reached my hand up between her thighs and over her abdomen to her breasts and began to squeeze her tits, first one, then the other, kneading them and caressing them like a wriggling puppy. I moved my fingers to her mouth and let her suck on them, then brought them down to her nipples and rolled them around in my slippery digits.

"!" Stephanie yelled, and she bucked her hips to meet my face as I plowed away at her delicious, juicy twat. "That's so amazing...I'm gonna cum...I'm cumming, I'm cumming baby! I'm CUMMM-ING!" and she writhed uncontrollably, her pelvis rubbing all over my face and covering me with juice. Then she gasped "stop, stop, stop...please Steven that is so intense..."

I pulled my face away, got up and motioned for her to flip over. She got on her knees and lifted her ass to me, spreading her pussy wide for my cock to doggy-fuck her. I slid right in and began to ram away, the need to cum so great in me that I would do anything to have the heavenly sensation of exploding inside Stephanie. My orgasm started to build like a slow-burning campfire that would soon ignite an entire forest.

But something else hit me at that moment to add to that fire. The knowledge that my wife had begin to engage in an affair with another man had made me want to reclaim what I had pursued and competed for years ago, and rightfully felt was still mine - her love for me, sexually and intimately. And I was turned on from seeing her regain her youthful lust, but now that I had regained mine I wanted her back. And I wanted to feel some sense of retribution as well. So in my passion, I felt fury. And I let it all out that night with Stephanie.

I began to slam my pelvis against her ass as hard as I could while I fucked her while all my might. My strokes quickened, and soon the slap-slap-slap of our bodies became louder and louder, and the force of my cock caused Stephanie to gasp and moan again with newfound pleasure. I wanted my orgasm, but would I give her another in the bargain...well, why not?

I heaved myself on her torso, forcing her down to the floor until she was pinned by my bodyweight. I drilled away and the slapping sounded like a basketball on a hardwood court. With the frequency of a pile driver I drove my cock into her and she cried "ungghh...ungghh...ungghh..." partially from the force of my body and partly from the pleasure she experienced from being helpless and taken by me for the first time in years.

" yess...oh baby, I'm gonna cum again...yes, please...aahhh..." she moaned gutturally. Then with a loud cry, she came again, and I felt every muscle of her pussy and ass clench around my cock, ready to take my load and hold it in until I had given her every milky drop.

That did it. I was beyond all control and needed to cum. My balls tightened up, and I began to shake involuntarily. All of a sudden the indescribable sensation of orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks combined with touching a loose wire in a wall socket. My body began to spasm and heave, and my cock urgently let forth a stream of cum with every jolt, spurting into her cave and filling every crevice.

Finally, I had drained myself to the point where my urethra ached and couldn't take any more. I lay on top of Stephanie, both of us panting desperately for fresh oxygen. My cock remained hard, swollen from its extended use, and after what seemed like minutes, began to soften. I pulled out slowly, regretting every second I was no longer inside my Stephanie.

She sat up, gasping, staring at me in utter wonder and disbelief. Then she laughed incredulously. "What in the world got into you tonight??"

I laughed. "I just wanted you so badly."

She broke into a happy smile I hadn't seen in a long time. "I'm so glad you did."

I reached out to her, and she came to my arms. I held her for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow of an amazing, furious fuck. I thought briefly how I wished I didn't need to have seen what I had been missing with Stephanie all these years the way I did...but now that I had experienced the need to compete again, and learned new sexual kinks in the bargain, who was I to complain? Did I really want to ruin everything by confronting her over something we both let happen?

After all, I wasn't really mad at anyone else except me. Well, maybe her somewhat, but I needed more time to address my side of the situation. And I guessed I needed time to examine the situation a bit more, and see how it developed...or how it could develop to everybody's benefit. And why fuck with a good thing?

I got up, and began to get dressed.

"Where are you going?" Steph asked.

"I...uh...need to get to that poker game," I said.

She remembered, and tried to hide a smile. "You have fun. Love you."

"You're gonna be OK?" I asked.

"I'll be quite fine," she said.

"I can't wait to see you again," I said. That won't be long now, I thought.

She smiled, like someone who thinks they know something somebody else doesn't. I smiled back, like someone who knows for sure.

To Be Continued

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