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Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 02

by Abrank

08/06/2016 02:28 in voyeur

Vish was just 19 years and was already into major times with women and sex -- all ages, he fucked all including the across the road tailor's daughter Suma who loved sucking his dick in the backyard where they had the cow shed -- he made her bend and swallow his prick and release the pent up sperm into her mouth, down her throat. He was eyeing his aunt Shanti -- her mother's sister. She was his next target and he wanted her badly -- she was sex incarnate and everytime he saw her with Sridhar -- the lousy husband, Vish wanted to tie him up and fuck his wife right in front of him.

It did not take much time -- Shanti seduced him on the Lori day while they all went out to participate with the North Indians down the road -- she was wearing a nice Kaftan and nothing beneath and stood aside along with her siblings and right infront he was watching her -- she watched him and slowly the eyes saw the smoke between them turn opaque and in no time the function was over. Shanti was alone that night and Vish was aware -- he did not want to lose this chance.

"I have to go far -- can someone drop me home ", she quipped well within his hearing distance.

His mother Aishwarya immediately shouted, "Vish -- drop Aunty home and stay there tonight and come back in the morning."

*How he's grown*, Shanti thought to herself as she sat behind the young man on his bike. She traced the contours of his deep, well-muscled chest with her fingertips. His body had filled out wonderfully. The weak thinness of his boyhood had metamorphosed into superbly sculpted musculature befitting his aquiline, clean-shaven features and gentle eyes.

They reached home and the guard leered at her and his mind told him that the boy will fuck his aunt -- Shanti was a sex goddess and men drooled over the slut even in a blanket draped around her -- they could strip her naked.

That night she did him in -- and it was not long before -- in the kitchen while she was trying to make some coffee for him -- he came and cupped her boobs and she slapped him and he held her hands to the wall and kissed her back as a retaliation and she came from the fake and allowed herself to submit -- only after throwing all rights and wrongs of such relationships which had no impact on him and actually even on her-they had no influence -- she had fucked his father silly so many times -- his sister was their sex slave -- our own Madhavi and if things went okay, Shanti was going to make the brother fuck the sister in front of her in this house.

It was 6 months and their affair was steady and going good.

His lovemaking had improved immeasurably. She smiled to herself at the memory of what he had done to her and made her do to him; a6 months ago, he had not possessed such strength, such stamina, such staying power. Now he could fuck masterfully, alternating between a savagely demanding ram-fucking and a gentle, intense stoking of his lover's passion. The combination was like fire and ice, and his lovers were ecstatic. Shanti kissed her handsome young nephew tenderly, her tongue slithering between his lips.

Vish was an intensely handsome young man. He had a square, masculine jaw, a strong, aquiline nose, deep-set eyes, short, thick hair. His chest was well-defined and muscled, the belly hard and flat. Broad shoulders, padded with muscle, sliced in a sharp V to a narrow waist and high hips. The torso was smooth and hairless all over.

A thin gold chain glinted around his neck. His arms and legs were curved with muscle. Between his legs, ten inches long when erect, and correspondingly thick, his uncircumcised penis was an instrument of joy.

Over time, he had learned to use his body with great skill and dexterity. He was doing so now, and Shanti was going wild. Much older than him, she had retained her looks and figure and was often mistaken for a woman several years younger. Her oval face was cute, with a pert nose, slightly hooded eyes, a rosebud mouth with sensual lips. Her skin was fair and smooth as cream, and her hair was silky and long. Her breasts were full and shapely, with stiff and stubby nipples in puckered aureoles. Her buttocks were firmly rounded, her belly firm. Her arms and legs were firm and shapely. She wore earrings, a gold wedding band, a thin gold necklace, gold bangles and a long black-beaded *mangalsutra* with a diamond studded pendant.

Vish's hips rocked slowly back and forth, pumping evenly. He fucked her cunt unhurriedly, standing on the floor beside the bed on which Shanti lay naked with her hips at the edge. Her legs were splayed wide, her feet locked about his hips. He bent over her, forcing her legs wide and high with his hands. His cock went slowly in and out of her cunt and he grinned, his handsome face flushed. The gold chain slithered on his chest as he watched her writhe and moan in ecstasy beneath him. He loved fucking his aunts, Chitra and Shanti.

They were wonderful in bed and had taught him much. The incestuous nature of their relationship didn't trouble any of them. Now he fondled Shanti's swollen breasts and she arched with a loud gasp, her hands flying down to caress his balls and thick shaft. She spread her cunt-lips further open to receive him. Her breasts squeezed together as her shoulders hunched. He caressed her hard clitoris and stroked her belly and thighs and cunt and breasts. Gripping her hips, he swung his buttocks in slow circles, grinding down into her.

"OHHHHH Vish yes ... OHHHH god yes ... fuck me baby yes oh UHHH oHHH uhhhh OHHH uhh Vish-Vish-Vish uhh OHHHH uhh OHH," she called, her cries rising.

Her young nephew flexed his buttocks and swung his hips rhythmically. Her face jerked to one side, contorting with sexual excitement, her white teeth bared and her back arched steeply. His thrusts rolled her body up onto the small of her back, jerking and snapping. Her breasts bounced as he began to move faster. "C'mon ... take it ... mm, yeh ... ohhh yeh ... take it bitch ... take it!" Vish gasped.

"Ohhhh yes ... that's it ... mmm yeh ... ohhh yeh ... do it lover ... do it ... fuck me good baby mm OHHH yeh ohhh yes yes ..." Shanti replied.

He went into hard, and she sucked in her breath with a loud hiss.

"OHHH Vish OHHHH uhhh Vish uhhhhh OHHH uhhh - OHHH," she moaned deliriously. "Ohhhh god baby yes ... ohhh that feels so good ... mmmm yeh ... that's it baby ... yes ... do it ... do it Vish ... ohhhh uhh OHHH uhh OHHH uhh OHHH I want you babe Yes uhhh OHHHH yes-yes-yes!"

"Take it uhhhhh yeh ohhh god yeh yeh ... take it ... take it all you whore take it!" Vish growled, exciting her with his language. "C'mon you slut ... take it ... take it whore ... take it OHHH fuck OHHHHH yeh OHHHHH uhh OH!"

Shanti's cunt convulsed and contracted like a hot, wet suction device on Vish's dark, throbbing, vein-ridged tool. He swung his hips, and she moaned louder as he churned her cunt using his cock like a pestle. Her hips rolled under his, and her back arched and fell, arched and fell. Her head jerked from side to side. Her lips were parted, her eyes closed. She ran her tongue sensuously over her upper lip. She squeezed and rolled her breasts under her hands. His cock was wonderful, its thick veins pumping blood and rasping against her gorged clitoris. In and out, in and out, he went, abruptly changing the tempo to a furious "inoutinoutinoutinout", making her whimper and cry out loudly in sheer delight. Abruptly, he slowed again, then hit a rapid-fire stroke without warning, slowed, quickened, slowed and quickened, slowed and quickened, slowed again. Shanti cried out deliriously, her body whipping and writhing and thrashing on the bed in front of him. Vish chuckled softly and squeezed her breasts. She moaned. Slowly, he eased his cock out of her. His body glistened with sweat. He breathed heavily through flared nostrils, not yet panting.

Vish felt good. He had the stamina, the control. He could fuck her for a long time yet before he came. He squeezed his penis into her cunt again and Shanti arched steeply under him, gasping and moaning her pleasure. Laughing at her reaction, in complete control of himself, Vish slid his hands up her body and squeezed her swollen breasts. His penis surged into her flesh, driving in deeper and deeper till he was fully embedded in her slit. Shanti groaned, her head arched to one side, her hips arched up in exquisite tension. His penis was heavenly inside her, hot and hard and thick and heavy.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Come on, Vish, fuck me! Fuck my cunt ... Ohhh baby yes! Ohhh yes ... Mmm ... yes ... ohh that's so good ... yes ... fuck me!"

Chuckling at her fervid, obscene love-calls, Vish fucked his aunt slowly, with immense enjoyment. Her cunt was hot and tight and it convulsed powerfully on his throbbing penis. She had considerable experience and she controlled the contracting of her cunt muscles in a steady, erotic rhythm, gyrating her hips gently in tight circles to caress his aroused shaft. He flexed his buttocks and slid into her flesh again with a soft sigh, swinging his hips and entering her from all angles. Shanti kissed him hungrily. His buttocks rose and his great cock slid up and out, paused, then squeezed steadily into her flesh again, squelching and scrunching softly through her sodden cunt-flesh.Vish got onto the bed on his back with his hips at the edge, his legs hanging over. Shanti swung a leg across his hips and straddled his crotch, her back to him. Taking his penis in her hands, she positioned herself over it. With a loud, rattling gasp, she sank her hips onto his upright penis. Beneath her, Vish gasped as her hot cunt engulfed his cock. Moaning, she writhed ecstatically on the burning member between her legs, her face flushed with lust, her body shining with sex-sweat. Her hips swung erotically in tight circles, spiraling down onto his penis till it was embedded in her cunt-flesh.

"OHHHH baby YESSSS!" she gasped, her buttocks flexing, her hips grinding round and round. "Yes! Ohhh god yes, Vish, yes!"

He slid his hands under her buttocks and she bent forward, her legs folded beneath her, her hands on his knees. They began to move together. Her back swung and curved and bent like a bowstring as he pumped his hips under her, thrusting his cock into her hot, wet cunt. Her buttocks rose and fell, going steeply up and down, up and down, up and down, a good eight inches or more each time, their groins scrunching wetly together. Her cunt-lips slid up the rigid, throbbing, vein-ridged shaft of his cock and jerked down again. Her face turned up, her lips parted, her eyes fluttered and she panted and moaned deliriously in bliss as hot fires spread through her body. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and she squeezed them in excitement, crushing them in her hands. Holding her buttocks, he pulled them open and pressed a fingertip to her anus. She moaned, writhing on his cock.

"Oh-uhhh-OH-uhhhOh-uhhh-OHHH-uhhh," she cried. "Fuck me, Vish, fuck me!"

"Yeh! Take it! Take it! Take it! Take my cock, bitch! Take it all! Come on, whore, come on, come on, come on OHHHHH yeh!"

In bed, she was no longer his aunt, and he used no honorific in addressing her. Now she was a woman to be bedded well and fucked hard, like a gutter-whore.

Trembling and whimpering, her cunt convulsing feverishly on his penis, Shanti bucked up and down on her nephew's swollen penis, her head arched back, her lips wide, her eyes half- shut, moaning like a slut. Her breasts jiggled and bounced with their motions, and she squeezed them hard in her hands, rolling her palms over her rigid nipples, moaning obscenities. Reaching down, she squeezed his heavy balls and fingered his shaft.

They slowed and she rose off his penis and, turning around to face him, impaled her cunt on his cock once again. Bending forward, she thrust her tongue greedily into his mouth, grinding her hips on his. Moaning thickly, leaning forward on outstretched arms, she began to rock and jerk up and down on his cock. He groaned and moved with her, thrusting his enormous penis into her again and again. Her cunt slid up and down the length of this cock, which appeared and vanished between the creamy lobes of her buttocks. She flexed them rapidly over his penis, her cunt contracting powerfully on it and he gasped and thrust up hard into her. She moaned and rocked faster and faster. Her breasts jiggled and bounced and her necklaces danced and tossed this way and that. She flung her face back and he squeezed her breasts hard. She moaned obscenely to him to fuck her harder. Faster and faster they moved, their bodies jerking hungrily. Craning his neck, he squeezed her breasts together and sucked sharply on both nipples at once. Shanti hissed in joy.

"Yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Vish ... fuck my cunt ... Ohhhh yes!" Shanti cried.

Vish gripped her buttocks and rocked her rapidly up and down on his pumping hips. Pulling her buttocks open, he pressed his fingertip to her anus. Instantly, she gasped, her cunt grinding down hungrily onto his penis.

"Vish ... use the dildo ... the long, thin one ..." she muttered.

Her nephew understood at once. He picked up a slim, nine-inch long, pre-lubricated rubber dildo and pressed the conical head to her anus. Shanti paused, tense, her buttocks split open as he pressed it to her rectum.

"Now," she gasped. "Shove it in, Vish!"

His finger tightened and he slid the dildo through into herrear-channel. Shanti's head whipped back and she cried out, her lipstearing wide in a rictus of joy, tendons popping in her neck. The dildo and his penis were separated by the merest membrane of flesh.

"OHHHHHHHH! OHHH NIR-UHHHHVOHGOD YES OHHHH YES!" she cried. Shanti's cunt slammed down on his penis, convulsing frenetically. Vish gasped, arching into her. She moaned. Her buttocks and hips trembled and writhed.

"More," she panted. "More, Vish! Put it all in! Quickly! OHHHHHHHHHH!"

Vish sucked sharply on her swaying breasts as he forced the dildo deeper and deeper into her anus. Exercising control, he held himself still under her. Shanti began to move, her hips swaying and rolling and rocking and bucking over his lap. Keeping his hips rock- steady, letting her move, Vish slowly slid the dildo out of her anus. Shanti gasped sharply, her face contorting at the sudden release of pressure. Her cunt slammed down on his penis and instantly, Vish forced the dildo deep into her anus.


Vish chuckled at her joyous, lusty shriek. Her anus and cunt convulsed frenetically on the dildo and his penis.

"Like it?" he growled. "Like it, bitch? Like having it in both your ass and cunt, hah?"

"Yes ... Ohhhh ... yes yes yes," she moaned feverishly, kissing his face.

"Then come on, whore ... take it ... take it all!" Vish began to move under her, pumping his hips up and down, driving his cock in and out of her heaving, writhing cunt, while he stroked the dildo smoothly in and out of her anus. Shanti was delirious with joy. Her head snapped back and forth, and her body jerked and bounced in a frenzy over his, her breasts bouncing violently. Her moans and gasps were loud and lewd. Vish slapped her swinging, pendulous breasts lightly with the back of his free hand and she hissed in delight and lowered them to his mouth.

Prolonging the pleasure, they slowed and he eased the dildo out of her anus. Shanti whimpered and slid off his penis. Gasping and panting, she slid down to kneel on the floor and buried her face in his crotch. Vish grunted happily and spread his legs. Her mouth was warm and moist and her tongue was electric and hungry. She sucked his cock greedily, licking the cock-head rapidly, probing his glans with her tongue-tip. The sensation was exquisite and extraordinary. Vish moved her head over his lap with one hand.

"Mmm ... yeh ... suck it, bitch ... suck my cock, Shanti ... suck it ... yeh ... that's good ... yeh ... mm ... suck it all, slut ... come on!" he murmured happily.

Vish craned his head to look at her and smiled at the sight. Her head bobbed rapidly over his lap, her fingers curled lovingly around his erect penis, pumping it deftly. Her lips were clamped about his cock-head and good part of his shaft, and her face was distended with the size of his cock. Her tongue worked his penis incessantly and adroitly, curling and swirling around his bulbous cock-head, probing the glans. She scraped his shaft delicately with her teeth, making him grunt in pleasure. Her eyes flicked up and she saw him watching her and smiled, her eyes dancing mischievously. Pausing briefly, Shanti looped her long *mangalsutra* and gold necklace several times around his penis. Now her head was pinned to his crotch. Vish groaned as she took his cock in her mouth again and he felt the sharp rasp of her necklaces on his cock-head and shaft.

"Stop," he gasped. "Enough, Shanti ... stop!"

Shanti paused, giggling and gently unwound the necklaces. Sliding upward, kissing and licking his hard belly, tonguing his navel, she squeezed her breasts around his throbbing shaft. Vish groaned and flopped back. Her hard nipples raked his shaft and the warmth of the breast-sheath made him tremble with pleasure. She masturbated his penis deftly with her breasts, occasionally licking and sucking his cock-head. Gasping, his chest heaving, Vish pulled her up over him. Her breasts scraped against his lean, muscular body and they kissed, her tongue roving hungrily in his mouth. He fondled her swollen breasts tenderly as her hips squirmed and writhed against his. She groped for his cock, moving it between her thighs and quickly slipped into her cunt. Vish chuckled, smiling with pleasure. She grinned down at him, kissing his nose and eyes, tonguing his ear, her hips rocking gently over his, her cunt slithering up and down his shaft.

"This is wonderful," she murmured, bending her head to suck on his nipple. "I love your body, Vish ... and your cock ..."

He laughed, caressing her smooth, firm back and buttocks, gently teasing them apart to finger her anus, fondling her thighs and breasts. She squirmed and writhed over him. "I want to lick your slit, babe," he murmured, kissing her. "Come on." Gently, Vish rolled over, his big, thick penis still in her cunt. She laughed, her body under his and caressed his wide shoulders and deep chest sensuously. His hips rocked gently back and forth, his penis glistening as it stroked and pumped gently in and out of her cunt. Her hips writhed and bounced in unison with his prick.

Slowly, he eased out of her cunt and, bending his head, dragged his tongue over one breast. Shanti murmured happily, closing her eyes. His tongue flicked at her rigid nipple, moved to the other, returned to the first. Squeezing the warm, turgid flesh in his hand, he sucked on her breast and Shanti groaned softly, erotically caressing the other breast under her open palm. He moved to the other breast, swirling his tongue over her puckered aureole, scraping the hard nipple across his teeth and gums and the roof of his mouth and Shanti hissed softly in pleasure. Twining his fingers in her necklaces, he rasped them across her nipples, making her gasp and arch sharply in delight. Her fingers entwined in his hair and she clenched his head to her chest. Squeezing her breasts together, he plied both nipples simultaneously with his tongue, nibbling gently on them. Shanti arched, groaning her pleasure and then gasped loudly as he dragged her necklaces between his teeth and rolled them with his tongue over her rigid breast-tips.

"Yes!" she murmured. "Oh yes!"

Still sucking and nibbling her nipples and breasts, he slid his fingers down over her belly to her crotch. Her legs opened wide. He dragged his finger down her slit and masturbated her gently and deftly, knuckling her gorged clitoris. Shanti trembled, her hipswrithing against his hand. Vish released her breasts and slowly moved downward, swirling his tongue through her navel, descending lower to nuzzle her crotch. Shanti pulled her cunt-lips open for him.
"Come on, Vish," she groaned softly. "Lick my slit!"

Vish pulled her cunt-lips open and his tongue rippled through her soggy but extremely sweaty and moist cunt and Shanti moaned thickly, arching her back, her hands flying to her breasts in excitement. His tongue felt wonderful, thick and heavy and it darted and flickered in and out of her cunt, rapping at the hard knob of her clitoris. He shoved his face in deeper and sucked on her clitoris. Shanti gasped, gripping his head and moving it round and round between her thighs, her hips writhing ecstatically.

"Ohhhhh! OHhhhh yes, Vish! Ohhhh god yes!" she gasped. "Ohhh Vish yes! Oh ma unhhh yes!"

Shanti's young nephew tongue-fucked her expertly, Leisurely exploring her moist cunt with his tongue, he drove his lovely aunt towards an orgasm. His tongue flickered and darted this way and that in her cunt-flesh. Her cries were sharp and striking. Her loins lurched and writhed eagerly under his head and her face flipped from side to side, contorted with lust.

"Ohhh god Vish yes! Ohhh baby yes ... ohhhh that's so good, my lover, yes!" she gaspe , squeezing her breasts hard in her hands.

Shanti's cries grew sharper and Vish sensed her orgasm. He continued plying his tongue in her slit till she was frantic, her body jerking and snapping eagerly back and forth on the bed, her breasts bouncing gently. She pinched and twirled her throbbing nipples and hissed joyously, a hand flat on the base of her belly, which was sucked inward with tension. Her face was suffused with lust, her lips in a wide 'O', her eyes closed, her nostrils dilated. The sensations between her thighs were overpowering. She soared towards another orgasm.

"Come on come on come on Vish ... come on ... Ohhh yes ... Ohhh I am your slut your slave yes! Ohhh unhhhh Ohhh ... Unhhhhh Ohhhh yes! Ohhhh god yes!" she cried.

Just as she was about to come, he stopped and lifted his head. Shanti gasped in shock and disbelief, panting and moaning, cursing him savagely, pleading for release. Vish laughed.

"Not so fast, bitch," he chuckled. "I'm going to fuck your brains out, whore!"

Rising to his feet, he flipped her over onto her front, her knees on the edge of the bed, her hips and buttocks raised high so that he could fuck her cunt from behind. She bent forward on her forearms, her breasts swinging, and moaned aloud as he squeezed his penis between her buttocks and into her cunt.

"OHHHH yes!" she gasped as the heat of his penis surged into her flesh. "Fuck me, Vish ... fuck me hard! Ohhh god I want it! I want it all!"

Vish grunted as her cunt convulsed on his throbbing penis. Flexing his buttocks, he slid it deeper still into her flesh, and deeper still, till his thighs and balls were pressed against her buttocks and his cock was fully embedded in her moist warmth. Beneath him, Shanti whimpered deliriously, her buttocks swaying and writhing and squirming greedily against his thighs. He slid his hands up her smooth, lovely back and cupped her pendulous breasts. Shanti groaned softly.

He began to fuck her slowly and unhurriedly, holding her breasts, flexing and unflexing his buttocks rhythmically, moving his throbbing penis in and out of her cunt-flesh in long, smooth strokes. His cock distended her cunt-lips and went into her with a squeeze, pulled out a good eight inches, then spiraled in again as he rolled and swung his hips gently. "Take it, whore Shanti ... take it!" he grunted, his lips hot on the nape of her neck.

Shanti twisted her face and he kissed her roughly, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, squeezing her breasts, pressing his thighs to her buttocks. Her cunt was hot and wet and tight and enveloped his penis like a glove. He buried himself inside her and paused.

"God, you're good," she gasped. "You're so good ..."

He laughed softly and moved again and she struggled at the counterpane in delight. Now he went in with a roll, paused, slid out, paused, went in with a quicker, faster twist then came out, paused, went in, came out, paused, went in, paused came out, paused. "OHHHhh yeh OHHH god yes ohhh yes ohhh uhh OHHH uhh OHHHH uhh OHHHH uhh OHHHHHHHHH uhhh!" Shanti whimpered

"MMM, yeh...ohhhh god yeh ... take it ohhh yeh ... take it .." he gasped.

He began to move faster. Shanti moaned and rocked under him, her swollen, pendulous breasts and necklaces swinging and tossing. Vish straightened, his hands on her hips and began to move her body up and down, jerking her cunt back and forth along the length of his shaft as he pumped his hips steadily at her buttocks.

"Harder!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder, Vish! Come on! Do it! Do it to me! Give it to me, Vish! Take me! Ohhhhhh yes! Ohhhhh god yes! OHHH unhhh OH OH OH OHHH!"

Vish moved even faster, plunging deeply into her cunt, steadily increasing the tempo till he was pounding furiously into her, ramming his cock in and out of her cunt. Her body rocked and jerked and swung under his, her breasts jiggled back and forth, her necklaces flapping wildly. He squeezed her turgid breasts and tugged at her rigid nipples. Shanti's face contorted in a rictus of passion. Suddenly, he hammered his hips at her in a series of wild, savage, ramming thrusts.


He was insatiable. Shanti felt dizzy with lust. On and on he went, ploughing in and out of her, plundering her body, thrusting rapidly in and out of her flesh, his thighs slapping against her buttocks, his penis squelching and grinding in and out, in and out, in and out.

"Take it ... ohhhh yes ... take it ... take it, whore, take it!" he growled softly.

Gripping her thighs, he pulled them down and she fell forward on her front with a gasp. Vish bent deeply over her and hit a furious, ram-fucking stroke, his buttocks pounding violently over hers, his cock pistoning savagely up and down, up and down, in and out of her cunt. Shanti's face was turned to one side and her gasps were sharp and staccato. The huge penis burned and throbbed and seared as it plunged in and out of her cunt.

"Take it! Take my cock! Take it you fuckin' bitch! Take it!" he called.

Now their lust was uncontainable and both were aching for the sweet relief of an orgasm. Vish moved up onto the bed, turning her over under him and slid his cock into her cunt again and immediately began fucking her rapidly, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips snapping and swinging back and forth.

Shanti groaned joyfully, arching her back, spreading her legs, kissing and caressing his face and torso. His penis was hot andhard and felt wonderful as it pistoned and drove powerfully in and out of her convulsing cunt. Faster and faster they went, their bodies crashing and rocking together and at last, with an unexpected cry, Shanti had an orgasm, her back cambering, the breath hissing from her throat. Vish flung his head back and moaned, rocking into her hard several times, his hips twitching at hers.

At the last minute, he pulled himself out of her and, moving up, straddled her face, pushing his penis into her mouth. She sucked it hungrily and, within seconds, groaning, he came, shooting his jizz into her mouth and spattering her face and breasts with his gunk and Shanti moaned softly, a wide smile of pleasure creasing her face as she jerked his cock for more. She swallowed his gunk, licking her lips, still sucking her cock.

Vish grinned and moved between her legs again. His penis was still hard. With a sigh of pleasure, he squeezed it slowly into her cunt again. Shanti groaned and pulled his head down to hers and kissed him.

"Now," she said. "Fuck me all over again, Vish. Fuck me hard! This time, I want it in my ass!"

She lifted her legs high, her hands under her knees, rolling her buttocks up. Her anus opened in invitation. Vish bent over and pressed his cock-head to her asshole. She tensed, then moaned deliriousl

"Come on, Vish ... shove it in! Fuck my butt!" she gasped.

Vish smiled down at her. She really was an incredible mistress.

"After you suck my cock some more, whore," he grunted. "First give me head!"

The ripping of the Ass in the next instalment, wait till then my dear readers.

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