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To Be a Bull

by Abrank

08/20/2016 09:23 in oral

My feeling in dominance is not about forcing people to do things. There is no joy in exerting power over people per se. The joy is what they do for you because they do obey. I do not purposely humiliate or intimidate people to do what I say, but rather expect them to obey me of their own free will. Its about them respecting my position of power and willingly giving themselves to me for my pleasure. I know they are also coming to me to fulfill their fantasies and to have their pleasures, but everything in our meeting is center on them serving and pleasing me. When I speak with a new couple for the first time I ask them if they are willing to do as I say, and if they agree to serve me as I wish, then I continue the discussion. I have never had to reprimand or remind a couple that they said they would obey me. They just willingly submit to me, and all of us enjoy a great amount of pleasure.

Things "Bulls" Like

• I like fucking a married woman if her husband has no idea. It's great knowing I can convince her to cheat.

• I like watching the faces of husbands as they deal with the emotions of watching their wife get fucked by another man.

• I get off rubbing in a husband's face how slutty his wife is with me.

• I love seducing a married woman and making her husband a cuckold for the first time ever.

• I enjoy Cumming all over a married woman. It's like I'm marking my turf.

• I love keeping a married woman out overnight or taking her home with me. I know her husband is sitting awake, wondering what she's doing.

• I like fucking a wife in front of her husband and telling him

• what a good piece of ass she is, or how good her pussy feels.

• I like the first time a married woman sees my dick and tells me that I'm bigger than her husband.

• I like Cumming on a married woman's face knowing she has to clean up before she goes home, and Cumming in her mouth knowing it will mean I'm always a part of her.

• I enjoy seeing her wedding ring while I'm fucking her. It's a power trip fucking someone else's woman.

• I love hearing a married woman beg me to fuck her, because I know she doesn't get it at home.

• I love fucking a wife in their marriage bed.

• I love claiming another man's wife as MY slut or girlfriend.

• I like walking into a hotel to get a room with a married woman that her husband has paid for.

• I like hearing someone's wife thank me after I fuck her, or if its a couple I like hearing her husband thank me for fucking her.

• I like sending her husband to get me a beer or something while she sucks my dick.

• I like giving her to a friend to use and treat her like my property. They love that shit.

• I like telling her husband that his wife's pussy is mine now.

• I love when a wife tells me fantasies or experiences she's had that she's never told her husband about.

• I love when a married woman wants to do things with me that she doesn't do with her husband.

• I like to call a husband on speaker phone while I'm owning his wife in bed.

• I like to call a husband and tell him I'm done with his wife and to come pick her up.

• I like to take a married woman with me into a drug store, stand in line together and have her buy a box of condoms for us.

• I like coming in a wife's pussy while her husband watches and waits his turn.

• I like getting a wife to tell her husband how much bigger I feel inside her.

• I like to show up at a married woman's work place and pick her up for a lunch quickie with her coworkers watching her leave with me.

• I like to call a husband at work and tell him his wife is servicing me.

• I love to make her lose track of time so her husband comes home and catches us in the act.

• I like having a married woman tell me I was the best fuck she ever had, especially if it's right in front of her husband.

• I like to make a husband stand guard while I fuck his wife in a public place, or fuck a wife in the back of a car in a parking lot while her husband is in the driver seat.

• I get off trying to make a husband jealous while I fuck his wife.

• I enjoy feeling up a wife in a public place, where others might see her.

• I like introducing someone's wife to my friends, telling them she's my girlfriend.

• I dig the risk of knowing her husband might catch us.

• It's fun having a married woman tell her husband that she can't do without me.

• I get off big time fucking a married woman's ass in front of her husband.

• I like showing up unannounced and lead her off to the bedroom.

• I get off knowing that she might get caught but is willing to risk that to get laid.

• I love to go out with a wife and her husband to a bar or club, and have the whole place know it's me that she's going home with.

• I like when a wife I'm fucking tells her friends about us.

My First Time

I put an ad up in M4W on a free classified website a lot of years back after Fran and I divorced. I had no expectations. I was buzzed one night and thought what the hell and wrote an articulate, pretty funny ad in which I really just wanted to have some company.

Out of the responses I received, one really caught my eye. It was from a guy who told me right away he wasn't a woman but he and his long time girlfriend have been searching for someone like me. It was a long, well thought out email telling me all about them and their relationship and how they would like to find another person to add to their sex life. It was intriguing and very complimentary so I responded. There was NOTHING in the email to suggest that he was submissive at all or looking to find someone more to her alpha liking.

I described myself as being real laid back but masculine and assertive. He shared my responses and pictures with his girlfriend and they responded with pics of her. She was absolutely stunning. A total knockout. As hilarious as their emails were I was hoping for like a 6 or 7 but she was a 9. Very small and petite with a gorgeous frame on her. They gave me her number and we texted back and forth for a couple days before agreeing to dinner.

I was astonished to see that she was far more attractive in person than in her pictures. I got to thinking when I saw her that she was more than likely out of my league but I was going to give it my best shot anyway. We drank, conversed, and ate for a couple hours and headed out. I received several indications that she was into me but I was uncomfortable making any moves since this was essentially a feeling each other out date. We gave each other a hug and she said she had to call her boyfriend and tell him all about me.

He emailed me and said they both thought I was awesome and set up another single date. I again thought I was on some sort of interview so I was on my best behavior. We saw a movie and ate dinner at a nice restaurant. I never tried kissing her or putting an arm around her all night because I didn't want to ruin my chances. At the end of the night as I put her in her cab she leaned in for a kiss that I wasn't expecting at all and I completely botched it. 15 minutes later she called and said, that she would have let me take her home that night. We were both pretty buzzed after cocktails and she was coming on pretty strong. At one point she asked how big I was. Most guys LOVE to fucking lie about their dick size.

I'm not one of them. I figure if anything you undershoot it and then when it pops out of the underwear they are pleasantly surprised. Besides, 8.5 inches is nothing to scoff at when compared to most dudes. I told her and said it's the equivalent to when most guys probably tell her they are 9 or 10. She asked about my stamina and I told her I had no issues. She then requested a picture, which I've never been asked for in my life of my dick, but I thought fuck it and sent it to her. She was pleasantly surprised.

The boyfriend later emailed me that I misunderstood what their limitations were. I was free to go as far with her as I wanted when he wasn't around and if it helped I could pretend he doesn't even exit. He then called me on the phone and we laughed about how bad I botched the 2nd date and how I was going to have to redeem myself next time.

They invited me over to see the both of them last weekend. He cooked a VERY nice meal, we shared some mixed drinks, and sat down to watch a comedy. He jokingly pulled out some porn and said, "we could always watch this?" And we just laughed and settled on a lighthearted comedy. 15 minutes in or so she came and sat next to me and leaned in for a kiss. We had a long passionate kiss while he rubbed her all over and in between her thighs and she whispered to him to go down on her. He said "No he gets to first" and she kicked a leg up over his head and pushed him down.

It was pretty hot. As he went down on her we continued to make out and she rubbed my dick through my boxers. Throughout this I drank all 3 of our drinks. Every time I ran out he'd hand me one of theirs until they were all gone. He offered to go make another for me and left the room. She got between my legs and asked what I wanted. I picked her up and took her in the bedroom.

I laid her down and went down on her for 5-10 minutes and when he came in he just stood quietly in the corner, which I felt odd since I'd be trying to get a blowjob at least. She got up and went between my legs and gave me some AMAZING deep throat and put her ass in the air and called him over. Both made comments about how much bigger I was. He was probably rocking 5 inches hard. He got behind her and ate her out while she blew me. She eventually climbed on top of me and rode me and moved his face to her ass.

At one point my dick slipped out during her multiple orgasms and he quickly put it back in. Later we did reverse cowgirl while he licked her clit. Again my dick popped out (twice) during orgasms and he slid it back in. I've NEVER had male to male contact so this was new to me but the moment was so intense I just went with it. It was pretty amazing.

Eventually I was getting ready to cum and he told me she didn't want it inside that she loves it on her so I pulled out and shot it all over her, especially in her face. She had that glossy eyed, content slutty face that is just magical to see. He immediately dove in and fucked her and kissed her cum covered face and then shot another load on her.

I was asked to sleep in their bed and after we all fell asleep he slipped out and went to another room. She woke me up with more amazing head and we had sex again.

The best part wasn't how hot she was or how I became the alpha male in the room. The coolest part was how intimate and natural it all was. There was NEVER any awkwardness. They truly loved each other and were so into it the whole time and I loved being a part of it. She would lock eyes with him as I was fucking her and smiled and say naughty things like "Is this what you hoped for baby?

Do you like seeing his big dick in me?" At one point she struggled to take me all the way in missionary and he was encouraging her to take it all. She looked at him and said "really? You want me to take it all? No matter what?" And he kissed her and said yes no matter what. I thrust it deep and she had a orgasm on the spot.

Nothing was ever been mentioned about cuckolding but that's obviously what has happened and will continue to happen. I'm not into the humiliation aspect of stuff yet but he has made several comments in front of us about how much bigger and longer lasting I am. I'm enjoying the ride...

Sometimes Ya Just Have To Take It

I decided to drop in on a particularly delicious submissive married girl to give her a nice fuck and spanking. This girl is one of those whom I've known for five years or so when she first decided to cuckold her hubby to be. He is the type that some would consider a little dangerous in that his response to her dallying varies from ignoring it to "punishing" her. But in between those extremes he is the excited boy who is curious and eager and plays with himself in excitement over discovering that she has had the big black dick again.

He was at work; she was at home in a very simple sundress. She whispered "are you crazy?" as she let me in the house. She likes to pull away from me, feigning wanting to get away and loving it when I accept none of that and pull her over my lap for spanking.

She was saying, "don't leave marks!" and I would never do that, but it showed she was worried. I was gentle but thorough, spanking her cute little thirty-something butt and upper thighs for several minutes before pausing to check to see how wet she was. Her thighs were already moist.

We talked a long while, catching up on our lives and such. She isn't a happily married woman, discovering that what so many of her friends were telling her about this guy was true - that he is a cold manipulator. She still rarely has sex and her orgasms are only on her Magic Wand. But this guy provides financially and she will keep him till her girls are out of college.

Our relationship has been an excellent outlet for her - with him at first suspecting then accusing and then demonstrating how aroused he was to know that she had a guy who would tie her, spank her and stretch her cunt with a bigger dick. But we were pulled apart by inconvenient schedules, the needs of her job and her kids, and diminishing opportunities.

Today was perfect timing, he was hours away and the kids were in school and she was horny. She admitted that she needed to be fucked, and that she wanted my dick, and I just let her keep talking, nervously jabbering on about things. The conversation wavering from the porn she watched to the fun times we had. I just stood up and took both her wrists in my hand and led her into her family room, picked her up and laid her on the floor.

"Oh god, we can't" she was saying, as I dropped my shorts and kicked off my shoes.

But when I lifted her ankles up toward her head, pushing her feet back and getting between her legs she quieted and tried to hide her smile. When she felt my dick sawing in the wetness of her cunt lips she just closed her eyes. Her nipples betrayed her arousal, and I told her so. That seemed to push her over the edge and she was humping back against me, looking now at my black dick stroking outside her cunt.

She is very petite, and it always took a while to get my dick deep in her. This time it was even more difficult because it had been so long since she had been fucked at all. She was drooling her wetness on the floor and we had to put her sundress under her to catch the drips and keep the room from smelling of sex too much.

It took almost no time for her to orgasm once I was balls deep bumping her cervix and stretching her cunt. I pulled out and squirted on her belly, her legs still up on my shoulders. The sundress wiped up our cum as well.

I spanked her again, this time she was bent over the arm of her couch, spreading her legs so that I could spank her cunt. She used to be able to take more of that but the sensitivity was too much to take too much this time. Her Magic Wand brought her to the next orgasm still draped over the arm of the couch, my fingers plunging in as the wand banged against her clit.

The phone rang and it was the hubby - she swears he has a camera in the house. I left with a quick kiss as she picked up the phone.

My fingers still have her scent on them.

In a couple of days she will discreetly email and tell me about hubby's reaction - if he guesses or if she tells him - or if he really does have that camera.

Women Will Cheat

I got a text from this Woman and I returned the text and then She called me.

I told the Woman that I want to have a Meet and Greet first. So we had agreed to Meet and Greet at a Mutually agreed upon location.

We had met and talked and She wanted to go right away to Her House so I could Fuck Her. I had agreed to follow Her. She told me to just park around the corner from Her House, as to not have any neighbors who would be nosy to see and say something.

I walked up to Her House and She let Me in. We went upstairs to Her Bedroom and we started Kissing. She moved us closer to the Bed and She got a scrunche and put up her Long Dark Brown Hair so it wouldn't get in the way. Then she told Me to sit on the corner of the Bed and to just relax. She took off my pants and reached into Her purse and got out a condom. She started to Suck My dick and get Me Hard and then She put the condom on My dick with Just Her Mouth.

I was Totally enjoying Her Sucking My dick while She was rubbing my legs and inner thighs. And once in a while she would kiss my inner thighs and then Lick and Lightly Suck on My Balls before going back to Sucking My dick.

She stood up and got undressed and was a little shy about Her C-section Scar. I told Her Not to worry about it at all because I didn't care that She had that scar. That made Her sort of feel better about it.

Then She pulled off My Shirt and pushed me down on the Bed. She had a Nice Boob Job with a Little scarring around the Nipple. Other than that, Her Tits were Very Nice and Very Sensitive Nipples considering. I had complimented Her on Her Nice Boob Job and that made Her More relaxed and She really appreciated that compliment.

She was a little wet, but it was OK at first. When She took My dick and glided it into Her Super Tight Pussy, I wished that She would have been a little wetter before We started Fucking. I didn't have to wait long because she got a LOT Wetter quite quick.

She asked me to Suck and Nibble on Her Nipples. I gladly obliged Her request. That made Her start Fucking Me Like a Bucking Bronco. I had to have Her slow down or I would have blown my load right then and there.

She got off and had started to slowly Suck My dick again for a Minute before asking Me to get behind Her and Fuck Her Doggy.

When She got on all fours and put Her Pussy and Ass up in the air right in My face, I had commented on how Nice of an Ass that She had and then Shoved My dick Deep Inside of Her Pussy and started to Fuck Her with Slow, Long, and Deep strokes. By Fucking Her this way, she came twice. She was also playing with Her Clit and every now and then, She would grab onto My dick.

She had surprised Me when She was grabbing onto My dick while I was Fucking Her, She moved a little bit more forward and My dick came out of Her Pussy and She guided My dick Right into Her Ass and told Me to keep Fucking Her in Her Ass until I was Almost ready to Cum and then She wanted Me to tell Her just before I was going to Cum.

I didn't last too long in Her Ass because Her Ass was just about as tight as Her Pussy was. I told Her that I was just about ready to Cum, She had then jumped around and took off the condom and started Sucking My dick like Her Life Depended on it. While She was doing this, the house phone rang and Her Husband said that he was at the store and wanted to know if she wanted anything before he left to come back Home. She Never Stopped Sucking on My dick until After I Busted My Nut Down Her throat and She Sucked Every Last Drop that She could get and then She told Me that I had to get Dressed and get out before Her husband got there.

I got dressed and we kissed for a Minute and then she told me I should leave. I left the House and started walking to My car when I saw him pulling into the driveway. He was just about 5' and didn't look like he was intimidating in the least bit.

I was Just wondering if he knew what his Wife and I was doing not even 10 minutes earlier.

If and when She calls me again, I WILL GLADLY FUCK HER AGAIN!

A Couples Prospective

This is how I got involved with Shirley and Hubert I have decide to let them tell our story the way they saw it. So here we go I had them to put pen to paper and share how we met and where we are now.
Shirley told her husband that she felt really awkward, stood on her own at the edge of the room, she kept watching various good looking black men pairing off with younger women with fake boobs. She got to the point that she was about to phone for a taxi, when a middle aged white guy started talking to her. He told her that his wife was with a group of men up in the attic, he wasn't happy with it, but his wife doesn't give him any choice. He said he wasn't a cuck, like the other men in the room, but his wife would leave him if he didn't take her to these parties. He told my wife that the black guys, just used his wife as "cheap meat", but his wife couldn't see it. Shirley was really put off and wanted to leave.

She went to find Sylvia to let her know that she was going, in the first room she walked into she was shocked to see it full of people having sex in various positions, but she couldn't see Sylvia, after a few more rooms she found her with the guy she had been talking to earlier.

Sylvia was bent over a couch and Diamond was fucking her from behind, Shirley was about to leave them when Sylvia called her over and asked if she was OK. Shirley told her that she was leaving and Sylvia asked her to stay, Diamond just carried on fucking her as they talked. He eventually told Shirley to sit down, she did, but thought it strange that she was sitting next to her friend while she was being fucked.

Diamond withdrew from Sylvia's cunt and Shirley just stared at his dick, she said it was huge and very dark black, Diamond moved towards Shirley and offered his dick to her, she pulled back, but he held her head and before she realized the tip of his dick was trying to force it's way into her mouth. Sylvia told her to suck him a little so Shirley opened wide, she struggled to get him into her mouth, but he was very persistent. He managed to pull her top down and had her tits out of her bra and was squeezing her tits hard.

Diamond tried to get Shirley to deep throat him, but she was having difficulty, so he pulled out of her mouth and started to fuck Sylvia again, but he carried on playing with her tits, this really gets her going, she often says that her nipples are hardwired to her brain. Every so often he would withdraw his dick from Sylvia and offer it to Shirley, who by this time was so turned on that she just accepted it and didn't even realize that it was coated with Sylvia's cunt juices.

This was obviously turning Diamond on as he really started to pound Sylvia, she thought he was about to cum in Sylvia when he withdrew and started to shoot his spunk over Shirley's face, before finishing off in her mouth, he was still Cumming as he forced his dick down her throat until he was balls deep. She was gagging and thought she would pass out, but finally his dick stopped pulsing and he pulled out of her. He wiped his dick on Sylvia's panties and walked off.

Afterwards she felt humiliated, she had cum dripping from her face and in her hair, she had cum running out of her nose, her eyes were streaming and to cap it all she realized a group of men and women had been watching her. She got up and went to clean up in the bathroom, but even in there they were having sex, she did finally get cleaned up and Sylvia got her a drink.

Shirley told her that she really wanted to go and Sylvia agreed that they would when they finished their drink. A couple of younger black guys approached them and started chatting, she said they were very friendly and funny. They ended up going into a room with them, she ended up having sex whilst laying on her back next to Sylvia, both guys used condoms and didn't last very long. They had another drink and Shirley was starting to relax and enjoy herself. She still hadn't had an orgasm so was feeling really horny, she turned down a few guys that she thought were arrogant and a few that would only fuck bareback.

About 1 a.m. it was starting to quiet down, they were thinking about going when a new group of men arrived. As most of the women had already been paired off or had gone, Shirley and Sylvia were surrounded by about 10 men, they were all trying to hit on them, but Shirley was beginning to worry where this was heading. Slyvia went off with a couple of guys and then another 4 followed them. This left Shirley with 4 guys, they were trying to coax her into another room, she was starting to worry when they tried to grab her, when Diamond came out of nowhere said "leave her guys, you're scaring her off".

The guys left, leaving her Diamond who had saved her and his friend, he introduced his friend as George, he was a well built guy with a large beer belly and a virtually bald head, not usually Shirley's type, but she felt safe with them. They chatted for a while and Diamond asked her if she fancied some fun. She agreed and he took her hand and they went to find somewhere, she didn't realize at first that George had followed.

They stripped her and led her to a bed, Diamond was kneeling on the bed and guided his dick into Shirley's mouth, at the same time the other guy entered her pussy from behind, within a few minutes she was having her first orgasm enjoying the spit roasting she was receiving. It didn't take long for the guy fucking her to grunt and cum, she then realized that he hadn't used a condom, he got up and left.

Diamond turned her over and said "my turn now" she told him he had to use a condom, but he told her he never uses condoms and thrust into her, she tried to stop him, but he was very heavy and strong. She could really feel herself being stretched by him, but he fucked her hard and fast, she started having an orgasm and as soon as it subsided he pulled his dick out, it was covered in a white foam from the previous guys cum, she asked him to put it back in, but he made her beg for it.

He fucked her in various positions, during this time various guys came into the room and Diamond told her to suck them off and even stopped fucking her to let others finish off in her cunt . As soon as they pulled out Diamond would fill her again with his dick, he eventually ejaculated in her, before collapsing on the bed next to her. By this time she was really sore, but he asked her to suck him, she tried, but her jaw ached, his cock was covered in cum and was soft, but she said still very big.

She got up and after cleaning herself up and getting dressed, went to find Sylvia. She found her at the bar having a drink, Sylvia asked how she had got on, and Mandy told her she loved it, but was very sore. Shirley asked if Sylvia had taken on all 6 guys and she said that she had and more. Diamond walked over to them and offered them a lift home, it was 4am, after they had dropped Sylvia off, George asked for another blow job, they drove to picnic spot where he ended up fucking her again, even though she was sore she enjoyed it.

When he finally dropped her off at our house it was daylight, he told her he wanted to see her again and she said "maybe". He said "I know where you live now, so I hope that it's more than "maybe" They exchanged cell numbers and she got out of his car, she woke her husband as she came into the house, he asked if she had a good night and she just said "brilliant, but I'm really tired and want my bed" She stripped off and got into bed next to him, she smelt really strong of booze, cigarettes and cum. She fell asleep almost straight away, he tried to go down on her, but she turned over and pushed him away. he got his flashlight and went under the covers to try and inspect her, but she held her legs closed. he ended up having a jerk off and fell asleep.

The next day she slept most of the day at about 6pm she got up as I had made her some dinner, she was just starting to tell me about her night when she received a text, she finished her dinner and said she had to have a shower, she was going out. I checked her phone while she was in the shower (I Know I shouldn't) all it said was "I need you, pick you up at 7.30... Diamond. At 7.30pm my wife was waiting by the door, soon after he arrived, I tried to look out to see him, but he was in a black BMW with dark windows.

Just after midnight she returned home, she was in a really good mood and told me about the party, she didn't tell me all the details straight away, she only told me about Diamond and one other guy, but filled in the rest of the details over the next few months. She told me that evening Diamond had taken her to a bar that was predominantly black guys, they had then gone back to a friend of his, house where he fucked her again, but after she complained that she was still sore, he fucked her anally.

She let me lick her that night, I ended up Jacking off and Cumming over her cunt.They started to meet on a regular basis, but he wanted to share her with his mates, if she complained he wouldn't call her, she wasn't happy when he would tell her to go off with different black men at the bar while he played cards, but she loved the sex with him.

They met numerous times and sometimes he would come to our house. He wasn't what I was expecting, he was in his 50's, short hair, with a small beer belly. He would take my wife up to our bedroom while I waited and listened, on one of the occasions he called me into the bedroom. I was nude, but tried to cover myself as I was wearing my dick cage, he told me not to be embarrassed as he had been fucking white women in front of their husbands since he was 18.

He told me to lie on the bed so he could fuck my wife over me, she got on top in a 69 and I could see her cunt was red and swollen. He told me to hold her open, which I did, but he said "I told you to hold her open" and proceeded to pull her ass cheeks apart roughly, her cunt opened really wide and I thought it must hurt, but my wife didn't say anything.

He then entered her, when he was standing up, his dick didn't look that big, but from this angle it looked massive. He penetrated her fully and I couldn't see anything, but could feel his balls on my face, this is the moment I had fantasized about for years. I tried to lick her, but it was difficult with the movement as he was fucking her hard.

Every so often he would stop whilst at full penetration, which would push her forward and my nose would end up in the area between his balls and his ass, the smell was very musky, but for some reason a real turn on. He would then pull out of her and for a few seconds I could see her pussy, before he would start again.

My wife was Cumming whilst he was fucking her and was soaking my face with her juices. I wasn't long before he thrust hard into her and started to cum, she collapsed onto my chest and I ended up with my nose in his ass and his balls in my mouth, I couldn't breathe and I could feel his whole body pulsing as he ejaculated into her. Thankfully he withdrew from her and could breathe again, she was still lying on my chest and her cunt was wide open, but I couldn't see any cum, what I did notice was the heat, it was like her cunt was a furnace.

He then grabbed her thighs and pulled her up and onto my mouth, I licked her and could smell that distinctive smell of cum and her pussy, combined with his musky smell. As I licked his cum started to leak from her, I have eating her many times after others had fucked her, but was always some time later and there never seemed that much. I have eaten her straight after I have cum in her and it didn't seem that much, every time I thought I had got it all, more would trickle from her. She had a huge orgasm whilst I licked her and I actually felt pleased with myself.

Just when I thought we had finished, he entered her again, slowly and then pulled out, I couldn't believe that his dick was still hard (well semi-hard), his dick was covered with cum and more would drip from her, this time she was backing onto him, obviously wanting more. He entered her a few more times, before pulling out and started to press his dick against her ass, I was surprised how easily she opened up (she has always enjoyed anal), but I was a bit worried being under her, he seemed to get all the way in with ease and started to thrust, she was making "farting" noises as he fucked her and I tried to get out from under her. My wife pulled off him and let me out and said she wanted some time alone with Diamond, so I returned to the guest bedroom, I listened to them fuck for what seemed like ages, but in reality was less than 1/2 an hour, I was in a daze and fell asleep.

She met Diamond loads of times, but when he started sharing her with his friends and let them use her bareback, she was very happy and continued meeting him.

A Diamond For Jane's Birthday

Jane's husband Ron wanted to get her a special present so he got her a Diamond not just any Diamond but a very special black Diamond this is her story.

Hubby told me that we were going to dinner at a restaurant near the runway of the airport. It may seem a strange choice to some people, but we both love to watch planes land and take-off. I wore a sexy little pair of black fishnet stockings and some naughty black lingerie expecting that my husband would bring me back home afterwards and give me a good birthday fuck! But just as we arrived at the airport I received a call on my cell phone. The voice was no one I knew but he clearly knew me. The voice was deep and husky and completely in charge. He told me to go to the gift shop/restaurant, that he would be waiting to meet me. He said, "I know you will want to meet me, so don't keep me waiting Jane, I do not like to be kept waiting, and I expect your pussy to be wet. Do you understand?"

I almost dropped the phone, I was so turned on. I had no idea who this man was, not a clue about what he looked like, but all I could think about was hurrying to the gift shop and hoped I wasn't late. Was it a dream? It most certainly was a fantasy come true. My husband said, "Jane, where are you going?" "Gotta go," I said, " I have a date at the gift shop. Now!."

I realized now that hubby lagged behind as I walked quickly to the gift shop. He had set the whole date up and he wanted me to experience it all by myself... like a gift. When I arrived I knew my date immediately. He didn't wave or motion to me but I went right to him like a cat to catnip. He was a man to be noticed, a man that commanded attention. He was an incredibly sexy black man. I walked right up to him and said hi. He eyed me as if I were a puzzle he had to solve. If he was attracted to me he gave nothing away. "Sit down my little slut," he whispered in my ear, "I ordered you a glass of wine. Drink it. And while you do, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do to you tonight."

I sat, I drank, he told me how he planned to fuck me and to use me. It was almost more then I could stand, my pussy so wet now. Then, no sooner had I drained my glass than he was escorting me out the doors of the airport and into a rental car. I wasn't sure where my husband was, but I assumed it was part of the plan. The Bull drove me to a motel close by. He had a keycard and opened the door. Without a word he pushed me down onto the bed, spread my legs, and dove into my pussy, already soaked.

He expertly gnawed on my clit, using tongue, teeth, and fingers, only stopping to tell me how I would enjoy being his little whore. Before I knew what was happening I'd already cum twice. Then he began working on my pussy. First a few fingers, then his entire fist up inside me. "You like that, don't you," he teased, "I know all about slutty wives like you. I'm gonna fuck you in ways you only dreamed about. You may be hot, and a few guys have fucked you but nothing like I'm going to fuck you. You will be thanking your husband for this."

I was so hot I almost felt drugged. But anyone who has ever been that turned on knows exactly what I'm talking about, it's almost an out-of-body experience. The Bull stood up and ordered me to suck his huge black dick. He grabbed the back of my head and pushed his hard dick into my mouth. "That's it, take it deep baby!" I took his dick as deep down my throat as I could without gagging hoping to please him. As I sucked his dick he reached back behind me and began finger fucking my pussy and then he began to explore my tight asshole, finally pushing a finger in and out of each hole. I had a feeling I knew where this was going. He would expect to fuck my ass, and I assumed that he would not take no for an answer.

He lay back on the bed and told me to get on top of him and fuck him, now. I did as I was told. As I lowered my pussy onto his hard black dick he was so big and so very hard and penetrated my pussy deeper than It had ever been before. My carnal juices dripped down his dick and I moaned in ecstasy. "You like that, You like being my slut?" Go ahead, you do the fucking. Up and down on my big black dick." He slapped my ass cheeks hard like I was a race horse who needed motivation then he grabbed my hips and pulled me up and down on his hard dick till I got the rhythm and was the one fucking him.

"You like my big black dick? I knew you would. You are gonna make a great whore. And very soon, you got that? I will fuck you and train you how to be a good slut for black dick. When I call, you will come whenever I want you and I will fuck you and use your married white pussy and ass. I will be your master! Your husband will have a fine white married slut to pimp to all the brotha's in town. He will thank me for that!"

I had never been talked to like that and all my senses were exploding with those images in my head. I was in total heat and only wanted and needed to be fucked and used by as many black men as I my mind could conjure. I hoped my husband was listening and taking heed! "Now I'm gonna fuck you in the ass. Get on all fours. You got a problem with that?" I shook my head no and did as I was told. I had a little trepidation, taking such a huge dick up my ass. But I wasn't about to say no to him.

He pushed his big dick into my asshole and my entire body shuttered with pain and pleasure and I held on to the bedspread, trying to keep my balance as he began fucking my ass from behind. He held nothing back, fucking me anally from every position. "You had enough yet?" I shook my head no. I couldn't believe I was asking for more, and he actually let out a little laugh. "That's what I thought," he said. After a particularly hard pounding he finally pulled his dick out of my ass, turned me over and said, "Suck me off, whore. Do it right."

I wasn't sure what "right" meant, but I took him deep, I sucked his balls, and then I tasted his pre-cum rising to his penis head. I was so excited I could barely stand it, I was finally going to make this Bull cum! I truly was his submissive little whore now. This black bull made me realize who I was and what I was. Suddenly he shot his hot load all over my face and mouth. I swallowed quickly again to keep from gagging and then I licked the rest of his cum off my lips. My only regret was that there wasn't more!

Finally I lay back on the bed, completely spent, looking around as if just having come out of a trance. That's when I saw my husband sitting in a chair. "Happy Birthday, Jane," he said with a big grin." I smiled back weakly. The Black Bull held out his hand and said, "Hi Jane, I'm Diamond. Nice to meet you! And, Happy birthday, girl."

It was by far, without a doubt, the best birthday present I've ever had!

When A Cuckoldress Takes Charges

Dee and Mike where your normal while couple until she decided to cuckold her husband let us look at this from her point of view, let her tell you how we came to be.

A couple of weeks before I placed an ad on one of the Yahoo groups I frequented. I put a body shot picture up and got over 100 responses. One of the replies was from a black guy who happened to live in a neighboring City. After emails flying back and forth (he called himself Diamond - ;) ), explaining my situation I wanted to cuckold my husband. I agreed to meet him for a coffee, first on neutral ground and when I was sure he was ok and the man for me I asked him to call round for me the following evening when Mike would be home.
The night came and I felt sick with excitement. I'd got Mike to make me a lovely meal and buy some special champagne which I explained was for later. He looked excited. Then the door bell went. He looked at me, like he was thinking who the hell was that. He went to answer and I heard Diamond's voice saying he was invited, I called into the hallway "Oh let him in Mike, he's a good friend." Mike came back into the room with Diamond looking very confused.

I looked at him and said "This is Diamond, he'll be fucking me tonight Mike, now go and open that champagne for us will you." I could see an instant erection in Mike's trousers, he looked like he was completely knocked on his ass. He just went straight out and poured us some champagne. I told him to sit on the other side of the room while I sat on the sofa with Diamond, who was completely relaxed and acted like this was a regular thing for him.

I got cosy with Diamond and we drunk our champagne and chatted generally. I kept glancing over at Mike and he was visibly sweating. "Hey, darling" I said "Don't worry, this is what you always wanted isn't it?" He nodded, not that convincingly. I met his eyes "Well as I said before that doesn't matter to me now, this is what I want!" and with that I put my champagne glass down and leaned forward and kissed Diamond. He responded fast and pushed me back kissing me hard and feeling my legs and breasts. He then paused and pulled my t-shirt over my head, I reached round and unclasped my bra. My breasts fell onto him and felt amazing naked against that mans dark skin.

I pushed him back, undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled out a monster dick. It was doubled over in his trousers but free from restraint it was massive. I got to work with my tongue and mouth and it grew even further. I glanced at Mike and he was rubbing himself through his trousers. I stopped and immediately told him that he was going to get a major punishment for that.

He stopped and looked even more uncomfortable. I got back to sucking Diamond, he looked over at Mike and said "You like seeing your wife sucking on some black dick yeah?" Mike didn't respond. "Well you know what I'm gonna do now? huh? I'm going to take that white pussy and make it mine." and with that pushed me to the floor and flipped me over onto my knees, roughly pulled my panties down and slid his dick into my cunt. I was in heaven, I'd never known it so deep.

Every stroke was sending the most amazing tingling feelings from my pussy to my head. I was Cumming big time. A few minutes later in a state of delirium I was aware of Diamond grunting "There you go baby, have some of that. Hey fellow, I'm filling your wife right up. Every time you taste her pussy for the next month, you're gonna taste my dick." and with one final gasp he fell back on the sofa.

I was still shivering with desire, coated in sweat and looked over at Mike, he looked like he'd died and gone to heaven, looking on and seeing his wife having just been fucked good and proper by a black man, the ultimate cuckold fantasy. Well I hadn't finished with his fantasy come true just yet.

I saw one of the champagne glasses just beside my knee. I picked it up and placed it under my pussy. I pushed with my muscles and managed to squeeze out three massive globules of cum. The cum dripped down the side of the glass and came to rest of the top of the alcohol. I gave it a little shake and it frothed up. I got up and gave it to Mike. "Here you go, let's toast your new cuckold status."

I watched as he drunk it all down "Now Mike I want you to go upstairs to my bedroom and lay out your Armani suit on my bed. Then you can get to bed yourself in the spare room. Me and Diamond are going to be having some fun tonight. I want you to wear that suit for work tomorrow. I'll make sure you'll get to see lots of messy evidence on it throughout the day tomorrow. Let's hope no one notices." I kissed him on the cheek and felt fantastic. What a great new life this was going to be, what fun I was going to have and how lucky I was to have Mike as a husband who would be behind me (well underneath me) all the way.

Ladies Give Your Husband What He Wants You Will Be So Happy You Did

Asia and Don decide to try something new this was before I was introduced to them. I must say they are a happy loving couple and I have since spent many a night pleasuring Asia and Don as well as them pleasuring me. This is her story let her tell it.

When I was a young girl in high school I had an older guy for a friend. It just so happened that Dan was a DJ on a local station. We became friends after I use to call him for request. We developed a relationship and he and I met several times. He even came to my house and took me out to lunch and brought me presents. Dan was a very nice guy but he was a good bit older than me. He was also a black guy who I really liked a lot but it was not sexual.

After school I got married and I was also pregnant. My husband didn't take long he wanted to know about my past loves and all the details. What we did and how big they were. Then I was surprised when he started telling me that he wanted to see me with other guys. He tried to get me to suck the dick of one of his best friends. It didn't happen as I didn't know what to do. After several years went by our relationship was getting old. Yes we had sex and lots of it but I was going through the motions. I ended up sleeping with my first real boyfriend. My husband during sex always wanted me to tell me stories of me fucking other guys. One time we ended up talking about Art and he said that it was like the two of us had unfinished business and if we fucked he wouldn't be upset. So I took it to hart and I did just that. I started fucking Art two or three times a week.

My hubby didn't know what was going on at all. Then one day I get a phone call from Dan and he is in town and wants to see me. I called Don at work and asked him if it was ok. He said sure and asked what time would he be coming over. I figured around seven or so. The next thing I know Don comes home early and surprised me. He tells me that the reason he came home was so he could talk to me about something important. I asked what it was and he told me that he wanted to act out his favorite bedroom fantasy.

He thought with Dan coming over it was the perfect time for me to actually fuck a black guy. I said no but he followed me all over the house as I finished cleaning and pestered me relentlessly. Finally he told me that he would do or give me anything I wanted if I did. I asked him, " absolutely anything". He said absolutely anything. So I agreed to do it. I asked him if he had considered Dan and that he may not want to. Don told me that he thought Dan probably wanted to fuck me from the start.

As I finished the house work Don took our two daughters over to my mother's house to stay. When he returned I asked him what should I wear. Don picked out this multi colored dress that buttoned up the front from hem to the neck. He also picked out my very sexy pink lace panties and matching bra and no nylons but a pair of red high heels. Then he wanted me to use more makeup then I did normally making me look sexy but trashy. I did every thing he wanted. We also discussed what we would do. First we would sit with me across from Dan and exposing some leg. Then I would end up sitting next to him. Also Don said he wanted to make this like one of our stories we did during sex. He wanted to challenge Dan to a penis contest with the winner getting me. Don was really excited I must say I felt indifferent at first but the way he was turned on was hot.

The time arrived and I saw Dan standing at our front door. I jumped up and ran to the door. I was so happy to see him and I leaped into his arms and kissed him. Dan came in and he shook Don's hand and we then sat down. I asked Dan if he wanted anything to drink. He declined but thanked me. He told me how good I looked and we started catching up on what we both were doing. He asked where the girls were and I told him they were at their grandparents house. We continued to chat and I made sure he could see up my dress.

I think he was becoming uncomfortable and noticed Don's body language also. Finally he asked what's up. I told him right out that Don wanted to make his fantasy come true. Dan asked what his fantasy was and I told him. My husband wants to watch me with another man. And what is even more of a turn on would be interracial sex. Dan looked at both of us and asked if we were crazy. He asked me why would I do such a thing. I told him to please my husband and he is going to give me anything I desire if I do.

Then Don asked Dan if he wanted to fuck me since I was a 15 year old school girl. Dan said no and Don let him know he thought he wasn't being truthful. But Don did say that he hoped I would not have married so young as so he could have tried a relationship with me. I was surprised by his revelation. So Don asked Dan if he wanted to fuck me and Dan said only if I agreed because I wanted too. So I agreed and then I told him that my husband wanted to challenge him to a penis contest and the winner gets me. Don and Dan shook hands and I got up and then closed the front door as just the screen door was open. Don then made up the bed by opening up our sofa bed and I went to the kitchen and came back with a tape measure.

I had them stand side by side and told them when I count to three you are to drop your pants to the floor and I will pull your underwear down and measure. I looked at Don and asked him if he wanted to go through with this. He told me to get on with it and I said ok no turning back. I then counted, one, two, three! They both undid their pants and let them fall to the floor. I knelt in front of Don first and I slid his briefs down around his ankles. His rock hard penis stood straight out. I gave his dick several good strokes to make sure he was as hard as he could be. Then I measured his erect member and I announced," five and a half inches".

Ok Dan your turn now. I knelt in front of him and I slide his underwear down to the floor. I had closed my eyes as I did and when I opened them my eyes opened wide and declared him the winner. Don told me that I had to measure his dick. So I did but Dan was semi hard and I needed to stroke his big sexy black dick. He was now very hard and I measured him at eight and three quarters. Dan's cock was skinnier at the head and got wider and thicker as it went.

Don and Dan both stripped the rest of their clothes. I stayed on my knees and Don told me to suck Dan's huge black dick. I looked him in the eye and then I took Dan's big dick in my hands. I started by licking up and down his long shaft. Dan rubbed my hair and I took my one hand off so I could feels his ass. I couldn't believe what I was doing in our living room. I was actually on my knees sucking my friends very big dick. Dan was now the biggest dick I had ever sucked. I was so aroused sucking his huge penis while Don watched. I looked at him and he was stroking his little white pecker. Don asked me if Dan's dick tasted good.

Um yes good with it still in my mouth. I continued licking and sucking his beautiful black dick. Don was saying things like," oh baby suck that big dick." And , "Suck it good Asia, suck that huge black dick." Which I did until Dan helped me up and then he undid the buttons down the front of my dress. I stood before him with my dress open and Dan let it fall to the floor. I unsnapped my pink lace bra and dropped it to the floor. Dan began caressing and squeezing my big tits which were now leaking milk. I squeezed one and shot a stream of milk all down Dan's hairy chest and privates. He rubbed it all around and I shot some in his open mouth.

Dan picked me up and laid me on the bed he stroked my body and when he got to my panties he slid them off my ass and down my legs over my ankles and on the floor. Dan then started by parting my legs and fingering my wet hairy pussy. He told me that I was just as he had pictured and he marveled at my naked body before him. Dan then started using his tongue on me and it felt so good. I squeezed my tits as he licked my pussy and then I rubbed his head. I was so ready that after only a few minutes I pulled him towards me. Dan parted my legs wide at the knees fully exposing my now wet hairy pink pussy for the taking.

He rubbed his fingers in my clit while he stroked his long black shaft. I looked up and watched as he rubbed the tip back and forth between my lips. It felt so good and I watched as he slid inside me. Oh God! He felt so good. I never felt anything like this before. Fuck me Dan fuck me good, God give it to me. I looked over at Don and he came to my side and marveled at my pleasure as Dan let me have it. Don kept saying, " fuck my wife, fuck her good." Dan needed no encouragement as he filled my pussy full of his sexy hard Dick. We switched to doggy style for a while and Dan smacked my ass gently as he fed me that beautiful dick of his.

I was in heaven. I never knew how good a big dick could feel inside me or that I could even handle such a thing. Art's dick was only six and a half inches and I thought it felt good. But Dan took me to a whole new plane. He laid down and then I climbed on top of him and rode his wonderful penis. When I bottomed out I could feel how I was being stretched open by him and I was making lots of noise. Don rubbed my ass as I rode my black studs dick and we kissed as I was being fucked. Dan played with my tits and I let my long hair touch his chest and I bent down and made out with Dan while riding him. Then I bent way back and my tits were bouncing as I rode that big dick.

I climbed off and put my ass up in the air. I was so wet and Dan rubbed my pussy before sliding his big dick inside me. Don watched and stroked his little dick as Dan was now fucking me really hard. Dan looked at Don and said, " see how I am fucking Asia much better than you can. Look at how pleased she is being fucked by a man sized dick." Don stroked and told Dan to fuck me good and hard. Then Don rubbed the back of my head and asked me if I liked Dan's cock. I turned toward him and was moving back and forth as Dan pumped his thick dark dick hard into me and I answered him but my voice broke from the hard thrusting now taking place. OH GOD! OH! OH! UH! UH! OH MY!

It was like I was now totally outside myself and I was not sure what was going on around me. This felt so dam good I think I remember telling Dan to give it to me harder and for him to fill my pussy full of cum. Then I remember my body just like taking over and I was totally lost in the rhythm that Dan and I had become as one. I tell you what a feeling I was in Heaven here on earth.

Before I knew it I was having several orgasms at once and I felt as Dan's penis was about to fill my hot love box full of his baby juice. It felt so wonderful and I cried out very loud with pleasure. He continued with these very short fast jerking motion and he held me there bucking hard onto his wonderful dick. When he finally pulled out a stream of cum was running onto our sofa bed. He laid down and I snuggled next to him rubbing his chest.

Don laid down on the floor having long past blew his wad all over himself. He reached up for my hand and I held it. He asked me if I was pleased with Dan's dick. I nodded yes and he raised up and we kissed. After about fifteen minutes Don came up on the bed with us and he parted my legs. He played in all Don's seamen and licked my pussy while I rubbed his hair. Then he crawled between my legs and mounted me up. I could barely feel his dick from all the fluid and how much Dan stretched my pussy. But he continued to fuck me and I rubbed his little tight ass. Which I now considered his best feature and no longer his penis. I wondered what sex would be for us as I looked into his eyes.

I could see that he was now very happy also. I am glad I have a man who can share in my joy also. I also realized that after having our second child I was no longer on the pill and it was possible for me to get pregnant. While Don pumped on top of me I told him that I might be getting pregnant from this. He looked into my eyes and asked if I wanted to have Dan's baby. Before I even knew what I was saying I said yes in a very soft and content voice. I asked Don what he would think about it and he surprised me by saying he wanted me to have Dan's child. It wasn't long and Don shot his load of baby juice into me also.

Then Don laid next to me and we all fell asleep for a bit. When we woke it was night time. I was so wet and the sofa bed was really wet from all the seamen. I told Don to come lick it up and I forced his head into all the jiz and he lapped at it. Dan was ready to go at it again but I wasn't sure I was. He spread my legs and mounted me up weather I was ready or not. But once he started pumping again I was ok and ready for round two. But I tell you by the next morning I wasn't sure if I could walk again.

We had Dan spend the night and in the morning after Don left for work I took Dan up stairs to a dry bed. He fucked me for two and a half hours and I am sure all the neighbors on either side could hear us as I was so loud. The orgasms were so intense. After we finished Dan got dressed and I put on my little silky robe which came to the bottom of my ass. I walked him to the front door and stepped on to the landing and I know I was showing my naked bare ass reaching up to kiss him goodbye. Several of the neighbors were shooting me dirty looks cause they knew what I was doing and whom with.

What snobs they all are and all the comments the women make when I walk by but I know their husbands all wanted to fuck me. If they had been black and well hung I probably would have. I saw Dan when he would come to town every couple months. Don goes to work and Dan comes over and we had the greatest of times. Then Dan got married but I gave him a present by meeting him at a his hotel and spending the night fucking for hours and talking and fucking some more. I miss Dan's sexy ass and his awesome dick. He was wonderful fun a really great guy. I only wish I could have carried his child in me. This folks is where my friend Dan introduce me to Asis and Don The story continues another time.

Some People Just Want To Pay To Play

This story was told to me by and eighty year old man about how he shared his white wife with young black men and when I told him he could have done all this for free he said I know but I just wanted to please the misses. His story.

We are a mature couple, I am 66 and my wife is 60 but works out stays in shape and most people guess her to be in her 40s. She is a mental health counselor and I am retired. We live in a rural lake community in CA. I am not well endowed about 4" when it used to get hard and now have dysfunction problems and had suggested my wife take a more well endowed younger man to satisfy her needs because she is still a very hot woman.

She had admitted she had fucked black guys in high school and college and it turns me on to think about her having a black dick in her white pussy and had told her so. One evening when she was feeling horny and I wasn't able to get it up she completely surprised me and suggested I hire a black man to fuck her. I told her I didn't think there was a need for that, that I was sure there were plenty out there who would luv to fuck her without being paid. She said she didn't want the complications that might come with that and I could go through an escort service and probably get exactly what she wanted, with a health certificate so we didn't have to worry about disease.

I told her I would check into it and asked her what her specifications would be? She said someone dark skinned between 18 and 35, the younger the better, well built and well endowed 8 or 9 inches and thick. I have to admit this turned me on having my wife of over 20 years telling me she wanted a black man 1/3 my age and over twice my size to fuck her. I asked her if she wanted to have him meet us at a hotel? and she said no she wanted him to come here and fuck her in our marriage bed. I knew then she wasn't just wanting the sex but wanting to cuckold and humiliate me in the process. I didn't mind because I always knew my little white dick was useless and knew she had probably had much bigger from black men when she was young.
The next day I found and escort service on the net. called them and they said they had several young men we might be interested in and I had them email some pics of them for her to choose from. She chose a very handsome young man 22 and I called back and told them which one she was interested in. They said they would have them call me and we could make the arrangements.

He called within the hour and I told him she wished him to come to our home and bring a recent std test because she didn't want him to use a condom. She had confided in me that, that was what turned her on the most was being a happily married woman but letting a black man cum in her. He said he would be glad too but since we lived a ways out of the city there would be and hourly rate plus mileage. I thought it was a little expensive but agreed because I wanted my lovely wife to get what she wanted. We agreed on that Friday evening and I gave her the news and could tell she was excited and she could tell I was also, because she said, "you want to see me get fucked by a young black man, don't you?" I admitted I did.

She told me exactly what she wanted when he arrived, She said she was going to be in the bedroom laying on the bed naked and she wanted me to bring him back there and tell him she wanted him to address her as Mrs. Smith and there would be no hugging or kissing or foreplay she would apply lubricant before he came in and he was just to fuck her and leave. She said it would be just like I was paying him to breed her. She said she also wanted to hear me tell him to fuck her. Tell him to do what you are paying him for and to fuck your wife. She said she also wanted me to take out my dick so he could see it and know why I needed him to fuck her.

A few minutes before it was time for him to arrive she went into the bedroom and closed the door. When he arrived I told him what she wanted and asked to see the std test, it was from the day before and was negative so I showed him back to the bedroom, knocked on the door and told her gentleman was here. She told me to show him in and I opened the door and she was laying on the bed completely naked legs spread. She just smiled and said Hi, and said she was ready and for him to get undressed and do whatever he needed to do to get himself ready. He started undressing and told her seeing her like that he would be ready very shortly Mrs. Smith.

He undressed slid his boxers down and was half hard already. Her nor I either one could take our eyes off it and she started licking her lips and rubbing herself seeing his huge young black dick that she knew was soon going to be inside her. She told me to show him why she needed him to service her. He was stroking his huge dick looking at her and it was getting harder with each stroke and she was saying "oh god that is beautiful" as she watched him and rubbed herself .

I Had my little one hanging out now and told him he could see why she needed a real man to satisfy her. He just kind of smiled and snickered and I told him to go ahead and fuck my wife she needed it. She asked if it turned him on to hear her husband tell him to fuck his wife, he nodded and admitted it did She told him it turned her on hearing it too. All the time rubbing her pussy and watching him stroke his long dick. She asked him if it turned him on to fuck a married white woman. He just said "oh yeah". She told him we had been married over 20 years and she hadn't had anyone but me in that time. She told him he would be giving her so much more right in front of me and she said she wanted me to see her taking it.

She said "come here and fuck me, give me that big black dick I need it." he climbed between her thick white thighs and she reached down and guided it in and I wasn't even touching my dick but seeing his huge 22 yr old. black dick going in my 60 yr old wife's white pussy made me cum all over the carpet. She gasped as he slid it in her and he worked it in her slowly at first giving her a little more with each stroke, she was moaning "fuck me. oh god yes, just fuck me." He was saying "you like having my black dick in you don't you Mrs. Smith?" She just nodded her head wildly and said "oh yes, oh god yes."

He said "you like being fucked by a black man, don't you Mrs. Smith?" She said" yes I can't help it I do." She had her legs spread as wide as possible now taking him all and he was fucking her hard. He said "you like getting your married white pussy stretched by my black dick don't you Mrs. Smith." she was just moaning "oh yes, oh yes" breathlessly. He was pumping her hard and fast now and was soon telling her he was going to cum in her. He told her to pull her legs back so he could get in her deep. He said "do you want this black man's sperm deep in your married womb Mrs. Smith?" She was screaming now. "give it to me, give it to me, cum in me right in front of my husband, I want it, I need it!" I watched as he shot it deep in my wife and she came over and over again until they finally lay exhausted in each other's arms.

I knew then it was money well spent and I would probably be spending a lot more.

How Far Would Go For Some Candy?

Hi there,

My name is Ben, and it's my humble pleasure meeting you. I am a white man in my early fifties residing in Cape City. I read through your profile page over at ILOVEINTERRACIAL erotic site, and believe you're just the right person I'm searching for.

My wife's name is Candy, and she's thirty-five, blond, and very beautiful. Though for some years now I've been unable to pleasure her as much as I'd love to. I would like to ask for your assistance in this. If by chance you could get back at me through the above email address so we could discuss more of what I have to say.

Thanks for your time,


Diamond replied to the man, stating that he too was glad to meet him, and if perhaps they could continue their correspondence before signing off and logging out of the system.

The white man was evidently serious about wanting him to come over and pay them a visit as well as to become his wife's boyfriend, and he was willing to sponsor Diamond's trip over.

For the next ongoing weeks they had corresponded back and forth with each other. The man's wife had thrown questions at him, mostly regarding his dick size and what sort of erotic trick he intend on meting out on her once he came over. Diamond had replied to her emails with more than enough detail to keep her and her husband's thoughts satisfied.

The plane touched down on the runway and thirty minutes later he was making his way into the airport along with the other travelers. There were people standing by the entryway waiting for those who had arrived, some of them carried placards with name stenciled on them. One of such placards, Diamond quickly noticed, bore his name. He approached the white couple standing together holding up the placard and they shook hands when they noticed it was him. The husband, Ben, helped him with his luggage while Candy, his wife, wrapped an arm around Diamond's, and together they made their way out of the airport's front doors to their awaiting car. Diamond and Candy sat in the backseat while Ben drove.

"So, how was the trip?" Ben inquired through the overhead mirror.

"It was all right," Diamond, replied. He had one had grasping Candy's meaty thigh just as she too had one over his crotch, feeling over his burgeoning erection. Their lips clashed in a kiss while their hands fumbled over each other's body as if they couldn't wait to begin before they got to their home.

They got stuck in traffic along the way, but Diamond was unmindful of it, even unconcerned about ogling the scenery of the city around him. His mind was centered on nothing else except the buxom blond beauty that was seated next to him. The husband watched them periodically through the overhead mirror as Diamond rested on the seat while Candy unzipped his jeans and went on to attack his dick.

She sucked him slowly yet purposeful, wanting to savor the taste of her first time of taking in a black dick. She gave a purr of approval and then drove her head back to work. Diamond reached his hand into her skirt and felt her nakedness that was there. In the last email she'd sent to him before he boarded his flight she'd promised that she would be coming to greet him at the airport without wearing any panties. Diamond couldn't have been any happier.

She went on sucking him and he couldn't help groaning from the pleasure of feeling the wetness of her lips over his shaft even as he went on stabbing two of his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Ben smiled at him through the overhead mirror. "She's a good dick sucker, ain't she?"

"She really is," Diamond agreed.

Diamond couldn't stem down the tidal wave he felt when he suddenly ejaculated into her mouth. Candy gobbled up everything he had to offer, licking up the trail of cum that still dribbled out of the head of his dick.

"You dick is really big," she commented before smacking her lips. "And you taste very good too." She turned to her husband. "Honey, take us home, please. I can't wait to have his big black dick inside of me."

"I can't wait, too."

They were there in less than ten minutes. Candy jumped out of the vehicle even before her husband had brought it to a halt in their driveway and practically dragged Diamond out of the car to the house while Ben was left with bringing in his luggage. They headed straight for the bedroom, both of them struggling to get up the stairs as they had their arms fighting for hold over each other, their tongues flicking over each other's lips.

Inside the bedroom, Candy threw Diamond on the bed and jumped on him. She kissed him all over while her hands worked on tearing apart his shirt. Diamond helped her out of hers as well; they fought over each other like two dominant lions, neither wanting to back down for the other. Diamond flipped her over on the bed and in one smooth motion pulled her skirt off her legs. Candy was still trying to fight for control even as he planted his head over her pussy and began nibbling on her pink wet flesh. It was then that Candy finally began to relax as she was soon moaning out her lust and caressing his head while her hips shoved her pussy into his face.

"Ohhh ...Uhhhh-Ohhhh ... don't stop ... Diamond, please don't stop ... Uhhh ..."

Diamond flicked his tongue into every crevice, probing her pussy even further with two of his fingers. Later he inserted his finger into her asshole while his lips still remained locked on the juicy flesh of her clitoris. This sent Candy up the roof and she gave an exquisite cry for joy as she too felt herself arrive at early climax.

Ben stepped into the room, having deposited Diamond's bags in their guest bedroom where he would be staying with them, and quietly pulled over a chair and sat down watching his wife's black lover peruse her pussy. A while later, after her climax had worn off, she undressed him completely, getting a total view of his shaft along with his large testicles. She went on sucking him; her fingers kneaded his balls one after the other while she did.

She turned to grin at her husband, stroking her lover's dick while she did. "Honey, looks like I've got myself a new set of toy's here. You're going to have to take a back seat from here on."

Ben unzipped his pants and began stroking his dick, totally mesmerized by the sight of Diamond's tool. Truly American black men were equipped with bigger dick's than could ever be found in Europe.

Diamond pushed her off him and had her on her knees on the bed. He searched for the opening of her pussy with the head of his dick. Finding it, he teased her for a moment when he rubbed it against her labia before eventually driving it inside. The feeling was totally wonderful; the moist velvety of her pussy's flesh wrapped around his shaft was breathtaking. Diamond gritted his teeth, wanting to savor his first taste of white pussy in another land as gradually pulled his dick out of her and then drove it back in again, making her cry out for more.

Diamond's initial intention had been to take things nice and slow with her, but from the animalistic way with which she had attacked him, he seriously wanted to give her all the hammering that he could, make her know she was with a mature black dick, and not some pussy-whipped fellow like that of her old man. He grasped her ass hard and gave it a couple of smacks that left red welts on her flesh as he began feeding her pussy hard and fast with his dick. It wasn't long before the bed springs too were groaning aloud from their afternoon fucking.

"Oh ... Oh ... Oohhhh ... Oohhh ... oh fuck me ... FUCK ME GOOD!" Candy cried aloud as she felt the impact of Diamond's dick hammering her with vicious abandon, coupled with his hand smacking her butt. She was totally enjoying every bit of it and more; this was all what she'd been demanding from her husband when they first moved down to this part of the world.

"Ohh ... fuck me, Diamond!" she gasped. "Oh God, you're fucking me so good!"

Diamond pulled out of her and made her lie on her back, her legs raised over his shoulder as he drove his now slippery dick back into her widened pussy. God, it felt so good. Diamond shut his eyes and as he drove his dick in and out of her, widening his legs to get more room as he went on slamming into her harder and deeper. Ben left his chair and came and stood beside them, savoring his wife who was busy moaning out her cries.

They went on fucking like this for some minutes. Candy climaxed again before Diamond's turn finally came and he blew his wad over her abdomen, leaving a haphazard trail of his semen over her body. He fell on the other side of the bed, catching his breath, and watched as Ben came over and lapped his semen cleanly off his wife's body.

When he was finished, Ben reached across and shook his hand. "Welcome to the family, Diamond."

Sometimes It's Starts With Just The Wife Then

The way these things work is strange it can start many ways the wife, the husband and sometimes both as a couple fantasies are new things to try some you will love others not so much but what do you gain by not trying to live out what's in your mine? Sometimes you don't even know what you like until it happens.

It wasn't till past nine before the taxi dropped him off in front of his home. He pressed the door bell but no one came to answer. Digging into his jacket pocket, he fished out his home key and let himself inside.

Didi wasn't at home. He expected she wouldn't - being all alone in a house can be unnerving - though he so much would have preferred seeing her right now.

He went up the stairs to the bedroom, dropped his bags inside the closet and then undressed before heading into the bathroom to take a shower. Ten minutes later, still in his robe, drying his hair, he was speculating on whether he should get himself something to eat or just leave it till tomorrow morning when he heard the sound of the front door coming open and then slamming close.

There was the sound of his wife laughing, followed by the baritone of a man's voice. Confusion was the first thing that raced across Peter's mind as quietly he stepped out of the bedroom and went and stood by the corridor and looked downstairs. Didi wasn't alone. There was a black guy with her and they were kissing and canoodling against each other. Peter felt like exploding, but before he could make any sudden reaction, he noticed they were both coming up the stairs towards where he was. He turned and hurried back into the bedroom and was just in time to hide himself inside the closet when the door burst open and in his wife and whoever the man was that she had brought with her.

"Oh Diamond, you're such a naughty creature," Didi was still busy laughing.

"You wouldn't be with me if you didn't like me any other way," the man called Diamond replied.

From slit openings in the closet's door, Peter could see the entire bedroom from where he hid and he watched his wife, decked out in some inappropriate evening dress, being seduced by the athletic black man who now held her close to him and was feeling his hands over her body while she went on laughing, from all evidence, enjoying the feel of the man's hands over her body.

"Where did you say your man went to, and when will he be returning?" Diamond asked.

"He went to Denver," Didi answered, turning around to rub her ass against Diamond's crotch. "And he won't be back till tomorrow."

"This is some risk we're taking. We should have gone over to my place instead."

"Yeah right, and hope that one of your other girls won't come knocking? No, I prefer you doing me here again ... at least for tonight."

Diamond made her bend over, pushed up her skirt and gave her ass a slap.

"Oh yeah!" Didi grunted while still touching her toes. "Go on, do it again - smack my butt hard."

Diamond repeated his action, making her cry aloud. Peter, to his amazing surprise, noticed that she didn't have on any underwear. He ought to be angry, furiously angry, seeing his wife with another man - daring to bring another man to their home. He so wanted to jump out of the closet and surprise them ... but surprise them with what and how? Best wait and continue to watch.

His hand went to cradle his erection which was starting to come alive within his robe.

He watched as the black man, still bending his wife before him, unzipped his pants and unearthed his huge dick from within. It was so massive, Peter's jaw fell open as his eyes took in the sight of it. Was that thing going to go right into his wife? This was something he very much needed to see and he licked his lips with anticipation.

Diamond rubbed the head of his dick against Didi's ass, making her wet with eagerness, before pushing it right into her pussy. Didi raised her head and gave a throaty groan; her hands reached behind and squeezed Diamond's legs as she felt his sword penetrate through the pink wet recess of her cunt. Gently, Diamond withdrew his dick slowly, and then pushed it back in again, making Didi squeal aloud once more.

"Ohhh God!" Didi moaned in ecstasy. "I can't tell you how good your dick feels in me."

Diamond grunted as a reply and went on fucking her gently, further widening the walls of her pussy, each time pushing his shaft further inside her. Peter watched all of this with numbing glee. He was getting excited by the minute, as now he was busy stroking his dick while spying the bull hammering his wife.

After a couple more strokes Diamond pulled out from her, as Didi willingly slumped to the floor, gasping; His dick was now decorated with her cum. She came on her knees and first licked his shaft clean before sucking him. Diamond forced her head down on his dick, wanting her to take him whole. Peter obviously was by now aware that this wasn't their first outing together, but he just about gasped when he saw his lovely wife suck on the black man's huge member like it was something she loved and desired. The desire though was apparent, as Peter could very much see for himself.

Didi muttered something to Diamond, but from where Peter hid, he couldn't very well make out whatever it was. However, upon her saying it, Diamond pulled her to her feet and together they both fell on the bed. They did a bit of cat-fighting while each struggled to get the other's clothes off.

Diamond's pants were still hanging on his ankles when Didi mounted him. Peter got a perfect view of her round, shapely ass from behind and stared as she inserted the black man's huge dick right between her legs into her love zone. In no time she was bouncing up and down on him hard, making the bed springs compress and quiver under their weight. The sound of her butt slamming against his thighs reverberated around the room and as well in her hubby's ear as he listened to her cursing and moaning at the same time; much of what she said was exciting gibberish.
"Ohh ... God, fuck ... I want ... uh - uh - uh - goo - goo - Ohhh ... gimme me your dick ... Ohhh ... gimme ... uhh-ooo-hhhh ... SHIT!"

On and on she went, crying like a midnight owl as Diamond quickened his pace, slamming his dick harder and faster under her plum ass. Peter was so mesmerized by the way his dick went in and out of his wife's pussy like a rod of steel, he went on stroking his dick in tandem with their fucking; in his mind he cried out for the black man to go ahead and fuck her harder. Diamond it seems must have read his mind as he grasped each ample half moon of his wife's ass and went on banging her hard enough to make her reach for the bed's headboard and cry out in pleasure.

As suddenly as he had started, Diamond pushed her off him and in a swift motion, dragged her towards him. This time they were facing the window overlooking the street, as Diamond now came on top of her while her legs dangled over his shoulder.

"Oh my God, Diamond," Didi gasped in excitement, "I want you to fuck me like this every time ... all the time. Come on, give me your dick - Ooohhh ... shit!"

Her last words died in her throat as Diamond's dick returned to her pussy. peter watched the muscles in his shoulders and ass contract each time he drove his cock in and out of her.

"Yeah, you is one slutty housewife, ain't you?" Diamond said to her.

"Oh yeah, that's what I am," Didi replied through the midst of her groans. "I'm a slutty bitch!"

"You like the way I'm fucking you?"

"Oh ... oh yes ... I love it ... ohhh ... it feels so good! Next time, I want you to come around when Peter's around and fuck me silly!"

"You think he wouldn't mind?"

"Right now I don't bloody well care what he minds." She reached for the back of his hips and pulled him further into her, wanting to take in every inch of his dick into her pussy hole. Each time his dick hammered into her, she thought she could see stars.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh God fuck me harder! ... Ohhhh ... FUCK ME!"

Diamond went on slamming into her like a horse. He rested over her while his hands buried under her ass, holding her up, fucking her while she screeched her orgasmic pleasure into his ear. When finally his own turn came, she told him to cum right inside of her, and he did just that. He gave three consecutive forceful grunts, hitting his hips against hers as he felt his semen shoot its way into her womb, before collapsing beside her. Didi cradled his head on her shoulder, kissing him and thanking him for a wonderful ride.

Excuse me, would you mind if I sit down?"

Diamond was seated at the counter of a bar located not too far from where he worked, holding a drink to his lips, about to take a sip from it when the white man's voice spoke to him. Diamond muttered his accent and the man, between mid to late forties with a weary-looking face, draped his jacket over the backrest of the high stool beside Diamond before plopping himself on it. He ordered a glass of Bacardi and told the bartender to refill Diamond's glass.

"Can I help you with something?" Diamond asked after the bartender had given them their drinks.

"My name is Peter," he shook hands with Diamond. "Peter Homes. We haven't met before - not in person - though we both have a mutual friend in common."

"And just who might that mutual friend of ours be?"

Peter was silent for a moment, and then he leaned closer to him and said: "My wife, Didi. The same lady whom you've been fucking behind my back for over a month now."

It was enough to make Diamond lower his glass on the counter. He turned in his stool and gave the man a serious look. "So what you here for? Out to get your pint of blood?"

"I wouldn't have bought you a drink if that's what I had in mind. And anyway, there's no need to get all tensed up - I'm here for friendship, nothing more." Peter paused to take a sip off his drink before continuing. "You recall the last time you were at my home?"

Diamond shook his head. "It's so far back, I can't recall."

"It was a Wednesday, one week ago. You came in with my wife and banged her in our bedroom. Remember now?"

"Oh yeah ... yeah, I do." Diamond couldn't help but make small laughter from recalling the memory. "Man, I'll tell you something - your wife's a real slut. No offence though."

"None taken. To tell the truth, I never once knew how much of a slut she was ... not until that evening when I watched the both of you."

Diamond looked at him with surprise. "No way. She said you'd gone off to Denver and won't be back till the following day."

Peter nodded. "That was what I'd expected, except things didn't work out well, so I returned home the day before. I hid in the closet and watched the both of you go at it. How come you haven't been around the house since?"

Diamond shrugged. "No time. Got other white sluts lurking around that want a taste of the black dick." He took another sip of his drink. "So anyway, you've bought a drink - thank you. What do you really want?"

"Didie's been missing you, sort of. I'd like for you to come by and fuck her one more time, except this time, I'd like to be there."

"To watch, to join in, or both?"

"I'd much prefer watching this first time."

"She put you up to this, didn't she?"

"In a way, she did. Didi can be most persuasive when she wants to be. So how about it?"

Diamond laughed, and drained the rest of his drink in one go before turning to face his new-found friend. "No problem on my end. All you have to do is name the day."

"How about today - right now - if you're up for it."

"It's going to be a tough one. I'm going to have to get some clearance from my boss first."

"It's no problem, I can wait."

"Catch you here soon." Diamond left the bar and hurried off to his place of work. Forty minutes later he was out in the street, heading back towards the bar. Peter was already in his car and honked his horn for Diamond to come over and jump in.

"How did it go with your boss?" Peter asked.

"Told her I had run's."

Peter laughed and started his car.

Didi had been pacing the living room for the past couple of minutes, each time stopping to peep out through the window curtain at the front street, wanting to see her husband return home with her lover in tow. Except for the transparent negligee and thigh-length stockings and pump high heels, she wasn't wearing anything else.

It wasn't long before Peter arrived, and he and Diamond stepped out of the car and approached the front door. Didi made sure everything about herself was in place before opening the door and letting them both in.

Her attention turned immediately towards Diamond, leaving her husband to close the door behind them. The two of them right away started kissing each other, fumbling to grasp for each other's body. Didi told Diamond how much she had missed him since, and inquired why he hadn't bothered calling all this time.

"Sorry babe, had too much work to do. Though if it wasn't for your man here, I doubt if I'd be here today."

"I know, I sent him to come fetch you for me. So now that you're here," she began taking off her negligee, "let's get on down to business."

Her negligee fell to the ground just as Diamond came and scooped her into his arms, grasping and fondling her thick ass from behind while he smothered her lips and tits with kisses. Peter too was busy undressing, and when he was through, took a seat on one of the couch's and began stroking his dick while at the same time raptly watching.

Diamond turned her around and then bent her over on a sofa with her ass facing him. He gave her ass a couple of spanks, loving the feel of his palm groping it, before then burying his face between her half moons, digging his tongue on her outstretched pussy. Slurping his tongue in, out, and around her labia; Didi couldn't stem down the tide of her moans.

"Go on, get your dick out, I'm so wet," she muttered with her eyes half shut. "Take your dick and fuck me right now."

"Whatever the lady says," Diamond raised his head and in less than a minute had his jeans down to his ankles. Peter came forward to watch as Diamond inserted his thick dick between his wife's pussy walls, heard her squirm and then groan aloud as he penetrated her orifice.

"Go on, fuck that pussy," Didi said over her shoulder. "Fuck it like you haven't fucked it in a long while."

Diamond's fingers dug into the flesh of her waist and slammed his dick in and out of her as hard as he could. Didi moaned aloud her delight, feeling the full brunt of his dick inside her. Peter watched with unabashed glee at the sight of Diamond's dick hammering his wife with brute force. Diamond reached forward and grasped a handful of her hair, pulling her head back while his other hand slapped her ass, turning it red. Didi was so taken over by the fucking, she wished he wouldn't ever stop.

"Ohhh God!" she moaned. "Oh God, you sure know how to fuck me well and good! My God, I've really missed your dick!"

The globes of her ass bounced and slammed into his dick each time Diamond hammered into her. He held one of her legs up and went on fucking her from the side. Didi grinned at Peter, who remained in his seat as a mere spectator. She began to taunt him.

"How do you like me now, honey?" she mumbled between grunts. "You like the way he's fucking me? You know you'll never get to fuck my pussy the way he does."

Then they changed position. Diamond sat on the couch while Didi came on top of him, though with her back towards him. Diamond allowed her to do the work, letting her bounce up and down his shaft as hard as she could. Didi flung her hair either way with high-driven passion. She leaned forward with both hands touching the ground, letting Diamond carry her ass up and down smack on his dick. They went on like that till eventually Didi slipped off him and slumped to the floor. She lay there for a moment breathing heavily, and muttering: "Goddamn! What a dick!"

Diamond got to his feet and pulled her towards him. Her legs opened aside and she now rested on her upper back with her gaping pussy staring up at him. Diamond lowered himself a bit and dripped his dick in and out of her as if he was prospecting for oil.

"Uhggh! ... Uhggh! ... Uhggh! ..." Didi grunted from each effort, feeling the curved head of Diamond's prick pierce her womb down to her throat. Diamond reached down for her arms and carried her up. Balancing her thighs around his waist, he pounded her hard and good. Didi yelped and groaned and wrapped her arms around his neck thigh as her body went through another shattering orgasmic climax. Dimond miraculously still held her in the air when she felt his cum shoot inside of her.

Both of them collapsed on the sofa, totally spent. A while later Peter went into the kitchen, looked into the fridge and took out an already opened bottle of French wine. He carried along three glasses to the living room, poured a sizable amount of wine in each glass and handed two to Diamond and his wife.

"Here's to our good health," Peter announced as the three of them clinked their glasses and took a sip of the tasty wine.

"Man, that was really something," Peter said to Diamond. "When Didi told me of how well you used to bang her, I knew I just had to see it for myself."

"I'm glad you enjoyed the show," Diamond grinned.

"Yeah," Didi said to her hubby. "But next time darling, don't forget to bring a camera along."

Peter was just rechecking through some important memos in his office computer that he was about sending off to the head office in New York City when his cell phone started ringing. It was almost break hour, and much of the office was emptying out for lunch. He glanced at the number and saw that it was his wife's phone calling him. He pressed down on the ANS button and said 'Hello darling," into it. But instead of his wife's voice answering him, what he got instead was the sound of her moaning aloud at the other end. It sounded more like someone was fucking her big time, and even as he sat there listening to her begging whomever it was to give it to her hard and deep, he knew without a doubt who that somebody was.

Diamond. He's back in my house again.

Eventually his wife came to the phone, moaning with excitement: "Honey ... Oh God, Diamond and his friend are fucking me big time! Oh Gawwd! They're fucking me so DAMN GOOD!"

She shrieked into his ear like a crazed banshee. Peter too was getting excited just from listening to her. In the background there came the voice of someone telling to stop screaming and to go on take this dick.

"Come on, bitch," the man's voice said. "Go on and take that dick! I know you like it. Tell your husband how much you're enjoying it. Go on, tell him."

"Oh God, I want that dick in me so bad," she groaned into the phone. Peter felt a hand on his crotch and wasn't surprised to feel a growing erection. His wife went on speaking into his ear. "I love that dick ...Awww ... I love that black dick! Oh yeah ... Ohhh ... fuck me with that dick!"

Peter couldn't take it anymore. Still holding the phone to his ear, he got up and went to his office door and turned the key to lock it. Glad that now was out of the way, he hurriedly unzipped his trouser with his free hand and pulled out his erect dick and began stroking it. He was still captivated by the fucking that was reaching him from home through his wife's phone into his ear. He half shut his eyes increasing the tempo of his stroking as in his mind's eye he imagined what Diamond and whichever friend he'd brought along were doing to his Didi right now. He pictured Diamond hammering her from behind while his friend choked her mouth with his dick.

Such a sweet thing it was ... he was starting to moan, jacking off his dick, feeling himself approach a hair trigger. When finally he came, semen spurted out of his dick and splattered over his pants. He sat himself on his chair, breathing heavy; his phone had fallen out of his hand and landed on the ground. He picked it up and saw that his wife no longer was calling him. He so much wanted to be there, seeing her getting her pussy and ass fucked. It was a fantasy of his he'd always been looking forward to.

He glanced at his watch, was shocked to see that in almost a half hour's time, lunch would be over. He spoke to his secretary via his intercom and told that he was feeling a bit ill and would be taking off from work right away. He rounded up with what he'd been doing before his wife had called, after which he packed up his briefcase, cleaned off the stain of cum that was on his pants, and after putting himself in order, left his office.

It took him five minutes to leave his office and get to the office garage to pick up his car. It took him some twenty-five minutes to drive from his place of work to his home. There was a Corvette parked in his driveway; he recognised it as Diamond's ride. He parked his car behind the Corvette, got out and approached the front door of his home with excitement ringing through his skipping heart. He'd wanted to call to alert his wife and her lover that he was on his way home, but figured it best to be surprised.

Peter stepped into the living room of his home. On the floor and couch were several clothes, most belonging to guys, and littered on the centre table were bottles of beer and some glasses. Obviously they'd had some side fun prior to the main event. As he approached the stairs, he could hear what sounded like Didi's voice moaning aloud, along with the groaning sound of the bed. As he got to the landing, he took off his jacket and started unbuttoning his shirt. He was halfway out of it when he pushed the bedroom door open and stepped into another world.

Didi his wife lay on the bed totally engrossed in the black dick of the stranger whom she was sucking. Peter had never set eyes on the man before, but reasoned he was a friend of Diamond's. Diamond was seated on a chair by the side of the bed with his back facing the window, naked, sipping a beer; his black dick dangled between his thighs like an anaconda snake. Both Diamond and his friend looked up at Peter as he walked into the room a second or two before Didi followed suit, neither of them were surprised to see it was him. She was dressed in her slutty outfit with a pair of 'fuck-me' high heels on her feet. She held unto the other man's dick in her hand while looking at him smiling; her lips were wet with saliva and her thick hair was dishevelled.

"Hi there honey," she said to him. "We were kind of hopping you'd be on your way."

"Hey there Peter," Diamond said to him, getting up to shake his hand after which he introduced him to his friend. "This here's Trey. I'd told him all about your slut wife, and figured he'd join in the party."

"Pleasure meeting you, Trey," Peter said.

"Likewise," Trey replied before returning to pressing his wife's head upon his dick. "Come on, you bitch! Go on sucking that black dick!"

Peter finished taking off the remainder of his clothes and then came to the bed to lick his wife's pussy which already was laden with cum. Peter pressed his face and nose upon his wife's pussy, slurped his tongue over her pink flesh while she massaged his head. Diamond came to her other side still holding unto his bottle of beer and offered her his dick as well. He dripped some of the beer unto his shaft and gave it once again for Didi to clean up.

"Alright baby," Diamond said, "time for another round."

He had Peter lie on the bed before her while Didi came to be on her arms and knees and went ahead sucking her husband's little dick while Diamond inserted his shaft into her pussy and started hammering her like mad. He grabbed a fistful of Didi's hair and pulled it back while she cried out from the hard fucking he was meting unto her. Diamond went on fucking even when she eventually collapsed over her husband. Peter watched with fascination as he did push-ups over his wife's back, his lengthy shaft coming in and going out over the large mound that was her ass.

"Go on suck your wimp husband's dick," Diamond grabbed her hair and forced her face over Peter's crotch till her mouth once again found his dick. "Yeah, go on keep sucking that dick, while I pound this meaty ass of yours." He gave her butt a loud spank. Didi muttered a groan; Diamond grasped her by the waist and continued pounding down on her pussy. Trey stood behind him, stroking his shaft, waiting his turn.

Diamond called out: "Tag!" and then pulled out of Didi's pussy, making way for his friend to come take his turn.

Trey jumped on the bed beside Peter and pulled her away from her husband's dick to come straddle him. Didi reached a hand between her legs and pushed Trey's dick into her pussy which was pretty sore by now. Trey's hands grasped her ass, smacking it repeatedly while he went on firing his dick in and out of that pussy. Didi rode him like a horse, loving the rhythm of their fucking as it took her high into the clouds. Peter lay beside them, stroking his weenie dick and watched as Diamond approached the bed with a little bottle lube oil in his hand. He came to the bed and Trey called a halt to his fucking as he rubbed some of the oil over Didi's bottom. He inserted a finger into her anus, giving it a good lubrication. When he felt it good enough, he came into a crouch and pushed the head of his cock into Didi's puckered hole.

Didi squeezed her face and groaned through gritted teeth. "Awwww ... God! Awww ... God! OhmyGodohmyGodohmyGod!"

Her legs shook all over, she slapped her hands on the bed as both men began fucking her asshole and pussy at the same time, filling her up unlike anyway she'd ever been filled before ... and loving it. It felt so good, she nearly screamed out when he climaxed again and again.

Diamond pulled out of her tight hole and lay back as Trey resumed fucking her with vigour till eventually he ejaculated his load in her pussy. Didi fell off him and Diamond indicated at Peter to do his solemn duty. Peter understood and came forward to lap Trey's cum off his wife's pussy. When he was done, he gave way for Diamond to come over, hang Didi's legs upon his shoulder and pound her pussy once more. Didi had been moaning and groaning since her lover and his friend came to visit her in the morning hour, and even now she could hardly recognise her own voice.
"Ohhh ... Ohhh ... shit!" she cried out, noting that her lover was about to cum any second from now. Diamond knotted his face into a grim frown and groaned aloud as he too shot his load into her pussy. Peter didn't wait for him to pull out completely before coming forward to lick her up. Even as Diamond pulled his slowly growing limp Dick out of her, Peter saw that he was still dripping semen and planted his lips over Diamond's dick. Diamond sat back and allowed him to suck his dick, after which Peter returned to licking his wife's pussy.

"Oh yeah," Didi muttered. "You're such a loving husband."

Peter looked at his wife with love in his eyes, so glad that she's let him in on today's experience.

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