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Shanti's Sexual Odyssey

by Abrank

08/21/2016 15:20 in cuckold

Shanti had always been quite adventurous when sex was any part of the equation. As a result, the young woman was considered the absolute essence of sex by nearly all of her sexual partners. Shanti would suck a man's cock as if her life depended on it then swallow his sperm like it was her last meal.

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Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 02

by Abrank

08/06/2016 09:28 in voyeur

Vish was just 19 years and was already into major times with women and sex -- all ages, he fucked all including the across the road tailor's daughter Suma who loved sucking his dick in the backyard where they had the cow shed -- he made her bend and swallow his prick and release the pent up sperm in

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Shanti's Sexual Odyssey Ch. 03

by Goose

07/04/2016 15:57 in oral

Suhas was a famous businessman and had accounts in all the accounts but loved the bank where Shanti worked – she was his attraction and he had a big role in turning her into a paid whore, the Bank Manager Sumit himself a recipient of Shanti in all forms, offered her to Suhas as a 'gift' for the mult

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