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Forced to Share

by Gary

08/04/2016 18:30 in cuckold

I would like to share some true and erotic tales of my experiences with my first De Facto (live in Girlfriend) from many years ago. She left an indelible mark on my psyche, I still think about her and what she did to me often, with mixed emotions. Her name was Andi, and she was something else. Way t

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Master Decides to Share

by Abrank

05/26/2016 22:01 in cheating

This is my first story. I welcome constructive criticism and I hope you enjoy. Let me know of if you like me to write more. ***** She stood in the parking lot next to her car feeling like a slut. Wearing the clothes he had picked the night before she couldn't help it. The skirt was way too short and

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