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A Busty Holiday with Mr. Johnson

by Gary

08/19/2016 00:33 in voyeur

DECEMBER 22 When Ted invited me to join his family for Christmas, I was thrilled. The Johnsons' Christmas party had become legendary to me. In a word, Ted told me, it was debauchery. They invite the whole neighborhood to their enormous estate, and all bets are off. Ted's described drunkenness and se

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Doctor's Cure Ch. 04

by Abrank

08/12/2016 12:51 in voyeur

Dr. Fred James continued working at his desk while Mrs. Daisy Blanding slept. She had endured an expertly administered super-orgasming that hovered somewhere between forced and voluntary, and was taking a well earned rest in the doctor's office. Daisy awoke in no more than fifteen minutes, but the a

white gold ankle bracelet doctor's cure

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